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  • kasturi_kashyap 2d

    It hurts the most when you are betrayed by your best friend

  • kasturi_kashyap 13w

    May be we just found forever at the wrong time , and someday if it is operable , time will pull us back together again ...

  • kasturi_kashyap 21w

    I appreciate my first love
    For opening my eyes ,
    and showing me the beauty
    that i was missing .

    But i feel like my second love
    will hurt my first love
    Because the way you broke me ,
    and tore my heart and
    made me lock myself up
    Deep in my heart

    But then again ,
    anyone who is willing to
    Search for me in the maze
    That is myself must really
    Care about me ,
    So may be getting my heart
    Broken wasn't such a bad thing
    After all

  • kasturi_kashyap 45w

    It's being the first sight

    At first sight I wanted you
    but you turned the other cheek
    my whole life you tugged at my heart strings
    only to leave it dangling as nai
    for horny dogs .
    At first sight -they say-is when you know
    But only fools fall for you
    and i have learned the hard way to be smart .
    I refuse to be wrong
    Just because you think to be right
    And suddenly you reply :
    At first sight you weren't ready
    Your whole life you set yourself up,
    I wasn't the culprit .
    I would try to lead you
    and you'd fall astray .
    Now that you have stopped searching
    I can find you .
    At first sight -they say-is when you know
    This is true
    But i am not just a feeling
    I am a verb that has to be in constant motion
    I am not a person, place or thing
    I am omnipresent
    and lightly on your shoulder
    I am LOVE

  • kasturi_kashyap 89w

    She was slowly falling in love
    and I couldn't save her .
    I watched as he pulled her in by the waist
    and sighted "I love you",
    into the hollow of her neck .

    I remember how she'd tell me
    with her eyes shining like diamonds
    " I love him . It's always him "
    And so , with a deep conviction in her heart she poured every last drop into him
    And left nothing for herself.

    When he left , the light died in her eyes
    shadowed by a quiet defeat and
    thorns stuck in her wrist ..

    Now, she tells me
    "There will come a time in your life ,
    when you will realise that 'stay'
    is one of the saddest word
    you will ever utter ."

  • kasturi_kashyap 102w


    why do you love me so much , oh Lord ?
    What is it about me ?
    I am a crumb a flesh on a clot of dirt
    In your vast universe .
    Will I not return to ashes, to dust ?
    You still gave me everything , why ?
    What did I do to deserve this ?
    May be I am not made for all these
    If one thing makes me human ,
    I hurt myself and others .
    But trust me God I have never cheated anyone .
    God is love .it remains a mystery to me . without you a desolation fills my soul .
    Things become dull and dead .

    Oh Lord , let me see you once .
    Come quickly my Lord. Do not tarry .
    My soul thirts for you to see you .
    Let me see you once...