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  • katladyt_ 1d

    Ever wish
    you could be loved
    the way
    you deserve to be loved?

  • katladyt_ 3d

    Modern-Day Cinderella

    An image catches her eye, casually she scrolls
    A woman, in an antique lace gown and corset
    Captured in pensive thought, and perusing, with carefully gloved hands
    She exudes elegance. A quiet, calmness and an element of romance
    Oh, if only she were a modern-day Cinderella
    Feeling beautiful and chosen
    Dressed to the nines in a stunning blue gown and shoes
    Grateful and blessed, she would be secure in her own skin, and unafraid of her imperfections. Accepted and loved for who she was, just as she was
    Sharing a simple and happy life with her modern-day Prince Charming
    There would be no worries about having to rush off before midnight, or that the stagecoach might turn into a pumpkin, or that the gown
    would turn into a smock and apron
    Honesty and vulnerability would be staples in their relationship. As well as mutual trust, respect, forgiveness and understanding
    A true commitment. And a lasting, soul-binding love
    That feels like a fairytale

  • katladyt_ 3d


    If you can't
    be honest

    How do you
    being honest
    with anyone

  • katladyt_ 1w


    How can I not hold blame
    in part for the situation you ended up in?
    In reality, you were accused,
    you denied, and then were left to live with the consequences of protecting us both
    I was partly the cause
    How can I not be somewhat to blame?
    I feel guilt
    You feel shame
    We both need to embrace healing
    We both need to forgive and find mercy
    And then we will both find peace

  • katladyt_ 1w


    Her accusations had taken their toll
    The fights were hostile and neverending
    He endured the abuse everyday
    Sadly, it became the norm
    He was breaking
    He was becoming a shell of a man
    Beaten down by the woman he thought he loved
    Soon, he would be almost unrecognizable
    One night, the fight was off the charts
    She grabbed him by the collar
    He couldn't take it anymore
    She demanded an answer
    He didn't have one that was satisfactory
    The moment she laid her hands on him
    He knew
    The only way out was to leave
    So he did

  • katladyt_ 1w

    ❄ Walking Wounded ❄

    She awakened to a delightful sunrise
    Its rays streaming through bare branches
    Glazing the blanket of freshly fallen snow like frosting on a cake
    She contemplated staying inside, warm and cozy with her hot tea and fuzzy slippers
    Canadian winters often seem like they will never end
    So much so that by February, one might consider bribing the groundhog into not seeing his shadow, and then spring will come early
    She knew the fresh air and exercise would be a healthy choice, for both her mind and body.
    Booted and bundled up, she braced herself as she opened the door to the white, wintry welcome
    It was cold
    Very cold
    But off she trotted
    The view of the lake was like walking into a Winter Wonderland, perfectly snow-covered and picturesque
    The wind was raw, and biting at her nose and cheeks as she approached the water's edge
    She felt a chill in her bones, and the familiar, frozen grip still clenching her heart...
    He awoke this morning to another eight or nine inches of snow fallen overnight
    Today was shaping up to be another busy day working-from-home, and that meant another round of routine maintenance with the snow shovel over his lunch hour
    By the time night fell, another six inches covered the ground
    Relatively typical for a northern Ontario city
    But still, a total accumulation of about two feet in less than two days
    That is a lot of snow
    He pulled on his snow gear and touque, and met his trusty comrade at the door
    Pushing the snow across the driveway was fine, but it soon became increasingly harder to lift the heavy snow higher up the bank
    That's when the weight of it all surrounded him
    The depth of the banks deepened his thoughts, and a once familiar heaviness that consumed him a year ago, triggered him now
    As he shoveled, he recalled the long, bitterly cold walk in the dark that night
    It was a long, unexpected haul, and a frigid trek in minus 25 degrees celcius, without the windchill
    A nasty, narcissistic fight led to a definitive decision, and a desperate escape
    One that left him alone, with his angry tears, his tattered heart, no keys, and no other choice
    So he walked for miles that night
    In the brutal cold
    With an unknown destination...

    These two have been walking wounded
    Each of them hundreds of miles apart and yet, they know and share each other's stories
    The heavy loads and losses on their hearts
    The weight of unpredictability and uncertainty
    The frozen steps taken on their journeys, not knowing where those steps will lead
    The only thing for certain is that they are healing
    And wrestling
    Perhaps one day, their two paths will join
    And they will walk side by side
    With hands and hearts entwined

  • katladyt_ 3w

    F*ck You

    F*ck you
    for moving on
    while you still
    have feelings for me

    And F*ck me
    for caring
    that you still did

  • katladyt_ 3w

    Separate Lives

    That Phil Collins 80's ballad,
    Playing over in my head
    Clamoring with thoughts of you and her,
    And the sharing of your bed

    Damn that thoughtful gift I'd sent,
    Intent to helping you sleep better
    But now, oh how alluring
    The scent enticing her to enter

    Your claim that "we have separate lives"
    Permits your feelings true, to hinder
    So, did you wash the bed sheets clean
    Or does the lavender field still linger?

  • katladyt_ 3w


    I sense reservation in your words
    An attempt to not
    get caught up in it all again
    I too must remind myself daily,
    sometimes several times a day, 
    That I need to leave you be,
    Let you process your grief,
    Lick your own wounds
    For what she did to you,
    You, in a sense, also did to me
    And though my heart
    wants to offer comfort
    This time
    It knows better

  • katladyt_ 4w

    The truth is still complicated