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  • kavya3805 15w


    Not all storms come to disrupt your life.
    Some come to clear your path.

  • kavya3805 15w

    The broken will always
    be able to love harder
    than most.

    Once you have been
    in the dark
    you learn to appreciate
    everything that shines

  • kavya3805 16w


    Dear stress
    Let's break up.

  • kavya3805 17w


    Failure is the
    to begin
    again more
    _Henry Ford

  • kavya3805 17w


    Some people feel the rain.
    Others just get wet.

  • kavya3805 17w


    You talked to me during
    your free time,and i made
    myself free to talk to you.
    See the difference.
    But then ....

  • kavya3805 17w


    Live the
    Life that
    People write
    Novels about.

  • kavya3805 17w

    Make it happen

    Some people want it to happen,
    Some wish it would happen,
    While some make it happen.
    Choice is yours...

  • kavya3805 17w

    Be happy

    Happy people focus on what they have.
    Unhappy people focus on what's missing.

  • kavya3805 18w


    It's okay if your parents
    don't understand smartphones.
    There was a time
    when you didn't know
    How to walk . They helped.