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  • kavyavuppala 5w

    Silent screams

    Voice in head
    Turning into noise
    Screaming anguish
    Hovering all over
    Breaking you to the core
    and then receding into silence
    Like all that never happened...ever

  • kavyavuppala 5w

    Most people want the other person to fit into their box of thought...

  • kavyavuppala 5w

    How you take your failure in the present decides your chances of success in the future...

  • kavyavuppala 7w

    Let go of your disappointments,
    Learn from your mistakes
    Don't be afraid to start a new journey
    And most importantly don't forget to enjoy the simple yet happy moments on the way

  • kavyavuppala 8w

    Maybe stupidity is the new wisdom

  • kavyavuppala 8w

    Sometimes it's the silence that makes me understand and feel the emotions better, than words

  • kavyavuppala 11w

    These days it had become common to have endless arguments which reach nowhere regarding, literally any topic. Some people just don't understand that everyone is unique and can have different viewpoints.
    Recently, I happened to overhear a conversation between two persons about a movie they have watched and what started as a conversation turned into more or less an argument. Each one of them is arguing how the other person is wrong and should change his opinion about the movie and so on, completely ignoring the fact that movie-watching is a personal experience.
    I personally think that in such situations it would be nice if we all can agree to disagree

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    Grow Up

    Two persons can have different opinions regarding something and still can be respectful of each other's choices instead of waging an endless verbal war

  • kavyavuppala 11w


    Sometimes thoughts are filled with so many words but they just don't agree to form sentences

  • kavyavuppala 11w

    Creepy stares, Ugly Catcalls
    Verbal Abuse, Inappropriate touching
    Became a part of a women's life
    How saddening is this?
    Her screams are deafening
    Her agony is unbearable
    Rapes, sexual assaults, child abuse...where are we going as a society?
    Something needs to be done
    Moral education is more important than anything in the current scenario
    Some men see women as a mere sexual object and that sick mentality needs to be changed
    Making laws is not enough but implementing them and providing immediate justice is needed
    As a woman, I just wish that someday I could feel completely safe at any place, and any time...

  • kavyavuppala 11w

    My Universe

    Switching between reality and imagination,
    I created a whole universe inside my head
    where I take shelter from the
    harshness and bitterness of the real world...
    That universe has stories of love,
    Snippets of hope and
    moments of faith
    which bring me the courage and belief
    to face the reality before me
    and to spark the power within me