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  • kaz_ishmael 2w

    Stupid heart

    The blood that flows to my heart
    Seems to have stopped
    And now it’s just leaking out
    Dripping drop by drop

    My heart is no longer whole
    It has been cut to pieces
    But still life is clinging on to it
    All between the bleeding creases

    My heart has stop beating
    Stall like a broken engine
    There’s no emotions left in it
    But still Love keeps on breathing

    My mind, body and soul
    Has given up the desire as well
    I am a lifeless lonely man
    Living in my own world of hell

    I hate love for holding on
    I wish it would just leave and go
    Everyday it’s just reminding me
    Of how much I’m missing her so

    She knows how much I’m suffering
    But still she let my heart squeeze
    She left behind a sad man
    Begging for mercy down on my knees

    She stepped on my bleeding heart
    Sinking deep with her sharpen heel
    And with her beautiful angelic face
    Laughs at the agony I feel

    My soul has left and deserted me
    Hiding inside between the cemetery gates
    Even the grim reaper won’t come for me
    Saying it’s not my turn I have to wait

    My tears refuse to fall any more
    Turning its back on my pain
    Saying” you keep taking it you stupid fool
    I am not going to waste for you again

    But still with the strength that remains
    My heart loves her even more
    And I rather die at her feet
    Cause she was all I am living for

  • kaz_ishmael 2w

    Water in the sky

    Young love is real love
    the unexpected eruption of the heart
    Stardust and lonely nights
    Whenever new romance is start

    His heart was like a drum
    When he asked her out that day
    He didn’t expect her to say yes
    But that’s just what she says

    After a romantic movie
    The cloud overhead look dark
    They stopped for pizza
    And a stroll in the park

    Thunder like rolling barrels
    She covered her ears
    The noise was so loud
    she felt uncomfortable being out there

    he asks to hold her hands
    as they shelters on a tree
    and at that moment there was no place
    that they both would rather be

    It's just the rain, he said to her
    As she looked up at the sky
    lightning starts to strike
    As the clouds went rolling by

    He put her hands in his hands
    They held each other tight
    Neither wanting to let go
    Throughout the stormy night

    Many years have passed after that night
    Some with obstacles and some of joy
    One day he asks her to become his wife
    And they had a baby boy

    Dad whats that, he asked his father
    Feeling water from the sky on his head
    He smiled down at his little son
    It's just the rain, he said

    One night she was late from work
    He waited anxiously all night
    Wondering what was going on
    Wondered if she was alright

    At 4 a.m. the phone rang
    They said there had been a horrible crash
    Nobody saw it coming
    The police said It had happened in a flash

    Standing by her casket
    He held his little boy's hand
    "Where's mom," he asked
    He was too young to understand

    Dad, why are your eyes wet?
    The little boy looked up and said
    He quickly wiped the tears away
    It the water from the sky, he said

  • kaz_ishmael 6w


    I don’t know your name
    And I never saw your face
    I don’t know her religion
    Or her nationality or her race

    I don’t know how tall she is
    Or the clothes she likes to wear
    I don’t know the color
    Or the length of her hair

    Don’t know if she’s overweight
    Or if she is really thin
    If she’s an only child
    Or if she has siblings

    She is a stranger
    That I know nothing off
    But I don’t need to see her
    To know that she's the one I love

    I never heard her voice
    I don’t know what it sounds like
    I don’t know if she can drive
    Or if she ever learns to ride a bike

    Don’t know if she wears glasses
    or the size of her feet
    I don’t even know the foods
    That she likes to eat

    And I wonder if she likes ice cream
    Or does she like cakes
    And when she wakes in the morning
    Does she eat corn flakes

    She’s a stranger
    Just a total mystery
    That’s how I know
    that She’s the one for me

    We've been chatting for a long time
    And we touch the heart of each other
    We never ask about our race, religion or other
    We felt love in our heart, so nothing else matters

    I don’t know if she cooks
    Or if she like arts and crafts
    Don’t know if she tells funny jokes
    To make every her family laughs

    I wonder if she likes sports
    And who is her favorite football team
    Or what colors she likes to wear
    Red, yellow, blue or green

    I don’t know if she likes dresses
    Made of cotton or lace
    Or if she goes on social media
    Like Facebook, Twitter, or my space

    She’s a complete stranger
    Of whom I have no clue
    So I just want to say to her
    stranger I love you

  • kaz_ishmael 6w

    I believe in you

    Do you believe in miracles
    Do you believe in love
    Do you believe in magic
    And in angels up above?

    Do you believe in happiness
    Or do you think its phrase
    Would you believe it has not
    Never come to me in all my years?

    Do you believe in fairy tales
    In snow white and Cinderella
    Do you believe in evolution
    And that we all came from a gorilla?

    Do you believe in mermaids
    and that all the legends are true
    For whatever you believe in
    I will always believe in you

    Do you believe there’re unicorns
    Pixy dust, Wendy and peter pan
    Do you believe that a spider bite
    Can turn you into spider man?

    What about Alice in wonder land
    And hickory duck with the clocks
    The ginger bread man and prince charming
    And the bears and Goldie locks

    Do you believe in Rapunzel
    and that she really had long hair
    And what about jack and the beanstalk
    The Big bad wolf and baby bear?

    Do you believe in superman
    And little red riding hood too
    No matter what you believe in
    I will always believe in you

    Snow white and the seven dwarfs
    Puss in boots and tinker bell
    Do you believe in Pinocchio
    The woodcutter and Hansel and Gretel

    Ali Baba and the fourthy thieves
    The pied piper of Hamelin
    The little mermaid in the sea
    And the flying carpet with jasmine

    Sleeping beauty and the beast
    The secret name of Rumpelstiltskin
    The frog prince and three little pigs
    Thumbelina and the ugly ducklings

    The hunch back of Notre dame
    And the beautiful Esmerelda
    robin hood and Joan of arc
    and the phantom of the opera

    No matter what you believe in
    and no matter what you do
    I give you all of my love
    and I will always believe in you

  • kaz_ishmael 6w

    Lost love

    Once there was a fire burning
    and we both felt the spark
    but the fire has dimmed now
    and it no longer glows in the dark

    I have always been honest to her
    But now I know, the truth would make her cry
    But if I keep it hidden from her
    Then technically I won't have to tell a lie

    But before she finds out
    I have to bring that magic back
    And we all know that looking for love
    Is like looking for a needle in a haystack

    So how do I find back my love for her
    How do I start the fire lighting again
    because if she knows, that I have lost it
    then her heart would really be broken

    but I don’t know where I drop it
    it fell somewhere and it didn't even make a sound
    All I know is that when she reaches for love
    It’s wont to be where it belongs

    And how do I explain this to her then
    and don't break her heart
    How will she survive this?
    If her world starts falling apart

    I have always loved her
    More than words can ever say
    Then one day I try to tell her, I love you
    But the words just went away

    Can anyone please tell me?
    Tell me where can I find some love?
    because she’s here next to me sleeping
    And I know it’s what she’s dreaming of

    I never mean to hurt her
    And I don’t want us to end this way
    If this world has so much love
    Please tell me, where can’t I find some today?

    She knows that I always keep it for her
    So she never had a fear
    And today when she asks me for it
    the love just was not there

    And I know she’s going to hate me now
    Because she loves me so much
    And she will feel the coldness between us
    Every time that we touch

    So could anybody please help me
    Because I think I’m in the hole too deep
    I need to find back her love “ ASAP”
    Before she awakes from her sleep

    I try to grow love in my heart again
    But the seeds are to dry
    So please 'do you know anyone
    With some love that I can buy

    I’m running out of options
    And I think I’m getting a little desperate
    Because If I don’t find the love I once had
    and she awakes then it would be much too late

    I have always loved her
    More than word can ever say
    But today for no reason
    that love left and went away

    and now for the rest of my life
    I will be carrying the world of guilt on my shoulder
    Because when she awakes
    and finds out she doesn’t have the love
    I once give her
    today will be the last time, I will ever get to hold her

  • kaz_ishmael 6w

    One bad Apple

    In times of disasters
    People bond together
    Working hand in hand
    To help each other

    And they don't see race or color
    They are strangers without a name
    Their main goal is to help the unfortunate
    Because we all are the same

    It is our duty as a human being
    To stand for a fallen brother and a sister
    And we will work tirelessly to get it done
    Carrying cuts, bruises, and blisters

    It’s the only time that hate and racism
    Cease to exist in people's heart
    When in time of human compassion
    Racism and hate and prejudice can play no part

    One love with support and encouragement
    Is all that you will find
    Disasters bring out the goodness in people
    Everyone is compassionate and kind

    And when we take the hands of those in need
    You hug them as if they are your own
    Giving them hope and comfort that it's going to be okay,
    They are going back home

    This is the only time love overcome hate
    It’s the only time no one sees the color of your skin
    It takes these unfortunate events
    For people to realize we are all the same within

    Then after its back to the original sin
    Racism, the superior race, and bigotry,
    The same old crazy shit again
    That plagues and flairs up again in every community

    There are bad apples in every race we all know that
    And we also know that one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch
    So why do some people still follow fools
    And drink the cool aide for tea, dinner, and lunch

    It's not right for me to pay for your crime
    It's not fair for the father to pay for the crimes of his son
    This is common sense, simple logic common sense
    You can’t pay for another has done

    You can't hate an entire race
    You can’t an entire generation
    You just cannot hate all
    For the crimes of one

    The guilty will pays for their crimes
    And taken away from society
    It’s what we demand from the authorities
    We demand to be able to live in peace and stability

    Disasters bring out the best in all of us
    Brings out the true way god that intended for us to live
    And we can harness that feeling and carry it in our hearts
    Then there would be so much love to give

    I could never understand how people
    Would go to church, stand next to each other and pray
    And then comes out
    And start spreading hate the same day

    We are told that from Adam and eve the human race started
    And after the great flood,
    We are the decedents of Noah
    So, which means we all carry the same blood

    You are my brother and sister
    And I am yours too
    One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch
    We all know that is true

    Thousands of heroes and sheroes
    Lost their lives on nine eleven
    Blacks, whites Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis
    There was no race or the color of your face
    It only braves men and woman saving their fellow men

    Their names will be called every year
    when star-spangled banner plays
    and the flag of our nation fly at half-mast
    remembering those that give their lives on that day

  • kaz_ishmael 8w

    Human race

    There is hate amongst the human race
    They don’t like each other’s face
    And they blame the color on the surface
    But this is a darn disgrace

    Because we travel on the same road
    Sometimes we help with each other load
    But we have to be careful of devices that explode
    Because not all humans carried the bro code

    But we can change our course
    although the bridge has already been crossed
    or we will be wondering lost
    And in the end, will be exhaust

    and we have to love our neighbors
    It’s the only way to bear the fruits of our labors
    Close our ears to the word’s of traitors
    A pure heart owes no favors

    Life is a journey uncertain and long
    To make it easy I sing a Bob Marley song
    Sometimes the strains of life can be strong
    But to the human race, we all belong

    The people I know in the world
    All carry a heart of gold
    Black, white, young and old
    They are the substance of all story that I’ve told

    Everyone gets burned in the fire
    And hang their clothes on the wire
    Kindness doesn’t have a date to expire
    And you can’t sell hate if you have no buyer

    And as the morning brings a new day
    A lot of people will lose their way
    And fools would follow a fool who’s going astray
    And then the innocent ones will pay

    Knowledge will fade in the wind
    From the minds that want to sin
    They will use excuse to begin
    Accepted losers can never win

    Don’t follow fools
    that wants you to break the rules
    be stubborn as a mule
    following stupid is not cool

    ride your horse
    feel your force
    Jesus died on the cross
    But still, the human race is lost

    Even the ones with crowns
    Will end up in the ground
    While the sun comes up and the sun goes down
    The human race will continue fighting like clowns

  • kaz_ishmael 9w

    Some kind of magic

    This girl I love has me so crazy
    Some of my friends say that I’m a stupidly
    and It must be some kind of obeah she is working
    That has me going so crazy

    So, I ask her what kind of magic she's using
    Because I am falling in love with you really bad
    And I don’t want her to stop doing it
    Because it’s the best feelings I ever had

    and I tell them boys in 2nd street that I love her
    and they say that her father is a Shango man
    They say everyone is afraid of her father
    So nobody does mess around with that woman

    But I don’t know why she chooses to love me
    and for me to come and join the family
    but I know she didn’t have to work any obeah
    Because I think she is nice and pretty

    But I don’t know the truth
    If her father is an Obeah man
    Maybe he just let people know that to keep
    the boys away from his daughter
    That is just all part of his plan

    Well I don’t care if he does black magic
    Or if he is an obeah man or Papa Shango
    I love his daughter
    And I going to ask to marry her tomorrow

    Some men do be afraid to eat food by a woman's house
    because they don’t know if they work Obeah on the food or not
    But the way that I love this girl, if she gives any food
    I will be eating out the whole pot

    My brother Azad said to me, that he likes the girl too
    But she father curse him up one time
    and how her father even calls Ste Madeleine police
    Who said “the boy didn’t commit no crime”

    One time my sister in law Shirley catch her husband roger Watching her
    She quarrels with him the whole day
    and then on Friday when he comes home from work
    She takes away all is pay

    Riad does only pass in front of the house
    To see her sitting in the gallery
    And he not wearing any t-shirt too
    He showing off his tattoos for her to see

    But she father saw Riad one day
    And said “he will put an obeah light on his head
    Since then he never passes by her house again
    now he is passing up in First Street instead

    So, all those boys say that I’m crazy
    asking me If I don’t like my life
    they say “Kaz you have to be a real mad man
    To ask that man for his daughter to be my wife

    But when I see the girl in the market
    We fell in love at first sight
    And from the same rice cake, she was eating
    She gives me to take a bite

    So today I am playing brave
    And I am going to talk to the father man to man
    Its either he worked Obeah and turn me into a donkey
    Or will get to put a ring on his daughter's hand

    She has a brother and little sister too
    They come and hold the dog by the front gate
    The father says he will deal with me just now
    So I just sit in the front step and wait

    Then I went inside the house when he calls me
    and they all sit down around the table
    I know either I walk out of here a happy man
    Or I walk out with a lot of trouble

    I told him that I love your daughter
    And I would like her to be my wife
    And I promise to love and cherish her
    For the rest of her life

    Then he asks me where I am working
    I say by Ram Mohess tailoring establishment, I work there I am a tailor
    And I also have my private tailor shop
    And I plan to go live in America

    Then he asks about my parents, and when I tell him who my father is
    I was shocked when he said yes to our wedding plans
    He said that he knows that I’m a good boy
    Because my father was the perfect gentleman

    She looks is so nice in her wedding dress
    so I fall in love with her all over again
    Everyone comes to celebrate our wedding
    And My cousin Osman is the DJ playing

  • kaz_ishmael 10w


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    Girl, I don’t know your name
    Saw you in the park playing a game
    And from that day I’m not the same
    Deep in my heart, you start a flame

    Girl, I think about you all of the time
    You’re always on my mind
    Girl no matter what I do
    Morning, noon and night I think of you

    Cupid with his arrow takes his aim
    And in my heart love stake its claim
    And this wild lion is now tame
    My love for you I now exclaim

    Girl from the time I see your face
    My heart begins to race
    Feels like I’m floating in out of space
    Shouting I love you all over the place

    Girl, you caught me like a bird
    And I don’t want to leave your cage
    Just like a book or a bottle of wine
    Perfections come only when it age

    Girl now in heaven angels are few
    Because down to earth God sent you
    Marry me and say I do
    Will cook for you and make bar be Que

    Girl every word I say is true
    Will always be in love with you
    For as long as the sky is blue
    And the morning brings mystic dew

    Girl, you better tell your, family
    That they must get used to seeing me
    Cause every day will be in your gallery
    Begging them for you to marry me

    You're like an apple I want to bite
    You're like the moon in the night
    You’re the sun that shines so bright
    Girl everything about you is out of sight

    Girl please gives me a chance
    To fill your life with love and romance
    Don’t have to worry bout finance
    Take you for dinner to Paris in France

    Girl whatever weather’s on the chart
    Will never pause to restart
    Will love you till death do us part
    And even then you will never leave my heart

  • kaz_ishmael 10w

    At a wishing well

    Here comes a brand new morning
    From a full blue moon
    And the birds are out singing
    And all the flowers are in bloom

    I hear the children laughter
    As they play so joyfully
    So much happiness
    But there is none for me

    But it’s my own fault
    I fell in love with an angel
    I try to reach her in heaven
    But I tripped and fell

    yes I try to reach her in heaven
    but I fell into hell

    I see the colorful rainbows
    Shines across the sea
    It brings joy to others
    But none for me

    Here I stand on the edge
    And watch the parade

    They say the sun shines for all
    But that's not true
    I haven't felt any love
    When I needed too

    Here I stand on the edge
    And watch the parade

    But it’s my own fault
    I fell in love with an angel
    And she left me standing
    At a wishing well

    Yes she left me standing
    At a wishing well

    They say when the sun shines
    It shines for all to see
    But in my darken life
    It never shines on me

    But it’s my own fault
    I fell in love with an angel
    And she left me standing
    At a wishing well

    Yes she left me standing
    At a wishing well

    I guess I must move along now
    And see what the future brings
    They say that it’s never over
    Until the fat lady sings

    And as I make my journey
    Through this lonely world
    I will always carry my love
    For a special Trinidadian girl

    Yes I will always carry my love
    For a special Trinidadian girl

    But it's my own fault
    I fell in love with an angel
    And she left me stranded
    At a wishing well

    Yes she left me stranded
    At a wishing well