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  • kdandme 5w


    The fragment of her life
    Remains obscure
    But Her eyes
    Had given an insight
    Of what it may have been like

  • kdandme 12w

    Again ?

    Don’t relive those
    Sweet memories
    in your mind
    which are making
    your life Bitter

  • kdandme 13w

    That night trees shed tears with me
    Long after the rain had stopped

    That season the leaves lift their abodes
    Long after the season of fall

    That year the flowers dropped early
    long before the dusk would befall

    They mourned for me, with me in my loss
    I was not left alone to drown in my sorrow

  • kdandme 14w


    It's funny when people say 'true love'
    As if LovE need an adjective to be meaningful
    As if there is an opposite to it

    Love is absolute
    whole, as certain as death

  • kdandme 15w

    Imminent 'O'16

    Thre are night
    when I look at the sky with no tears but
    Hope in my eyes singing that favorite song

    Bale Bale Chandad chendulli Hennu neenu.....

    Hoping you would listen and
    Blow a kiss in form of a shooting star.

  • kdandme 17w

    Hey, tears

    Its been a long time never cried
    Not because of your absence in life

    Because I haven't given that freedom
    to anybody, to make me cry. none deserve

    Leaving love is the path you choice
    Growing with love is the life you make.

  • kdandme 19w

    Every presumption
    has it’s own path.
    We can not expect
    to match different presumption, which is terrible definition

  • kdandme 23w

    It’s ok to make mistakes,
    Just not the same ones over and over

  • kdandme 26w

    It doesn’t matter how deep love is,
    Until one decided to Leave

  • kdandme 27w

    If the tone of speech and
    meaning of words matches
    like Rhythm of love, it is constant
    An eternal flame in this buzzing world of hope