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  • kedarjoshi 166w

    Warrior within

    A thousand dreams ,
    None fulfilled.
    His Mind full of confidence,
    But his heart remained chilled.

    He took a leap with all his might.
    Was shocked to see that he couldn't take flight.
    His Wings were so strong but
    Unaware that he was flapping them wrong.

    Nobody had the courage to say that he didn't try,
    He drank the sea but his throat was still dry.

    All this cloud needed was its silver lining.
    enough to get him up, strong and shining

    When He lost his balance and started to drown.
    He dropped his dream of winning the crown.

    When he least expected it, he found a shore.
    That Inspired him to live a little bit more.

    He forgot his dream and made his peace with it.
    That day the brightest of all the flames was lit.

    But he wore his armour and marched to battle.
    anyone in The silent valley could hear his weapons rattle.

    While in the battle he might have been stopped by death.
    But i know that he was determined until his last breath.

    somtimes you don't succeed nomatter how hard you try
    But winners do not make it a reason to sit back and cry.

    Maybe success isn't always about touching the sky.
    but ensuring that you are always strong enough to fly.

  • kedarjoshi 166w

    #stardust #16words #writersnetwork #readwriteunite.

    I wrote this in exact 16 words . Where is my nobel prize at?

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    Expecting the duster to distinguish between dust and stardust was the reason for him being lovesick.

  • kedarjoshi 166w


    How do you find something that doesn't exist?

    You create it.

  • kedarjoshi 166w

    Young blood

    To him this app felt like instagram,
    Only difference
    It was compulsory to write crap on pictures.

    PS ( This is what a newbie writes)