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  • keithrozario24 5h

    Love is the way you see at me,
    Love is the way we both talk to each other,
    It is the way we both hug each other,
    It is the when we laugh looking at each other,
    Love is there in each of our memory!!❤
    When you enter my room,the scent of the roses bloom,
    Looking above at my heaven,
    I smiled and just told my,"This is the person i needed" and i never knew what is the real happiness until i met you!!❤

  • keithrozario24 8h

    Devil has fallen in love

    As he wandered the lands
    In the abyss of hell
    He walked and walked
    There was no man
    Only haunting spirits
    That screamed in pains of their sins
    One day he comes across a lady
    Who holds the day and the night
    On her pretty face
    Her smile is like a perfect crescent moon
    If one had to see it
    He wouldn't find a better one than hers
    And so this devil's heart felt something
    After many years
    He felt the sensations
    Of falling in love with you

  • keithrozario24 2w

    Loved Ones

    And take me unto
    thou beautiful chest
    feeling comfortable and safe
    i surrendered my heart to thee

    behind that heart
    that beats for me
    i found my shelter
    in this hellish realm

    i witnessed the world
    with darkness on their hearts
    and shut the doors of my heart
    to this evil doers

    one fine beautiful night
    when i wept to myself
    in the neck of the woods
    you knocked on the doors of my life

    everyone heard my sobbing voices
    and they walked by
    but you my devil
    gave me shelter in your heart that night

  • keithrozario24 2w

    Sleepless Nights

    I dreamt a dream
    And it turned to a nightmare
    Lesson learned,
    That i can't close my eyes ever.
    Or will see everything i fear.
    A never ending fright,
    To choose,
    A sleepless night.

    Confined in my solitude
    That night I felt
    Like I was laying in a grave
    Looking out at every corner
    Silent whispers kissing my ears
    The clock ticking at 3 and stopping
    Dogs on the street are howling
    Oh how I wish I never had that nightmare
    Fearing the demons under my bed
    Fainted and waking up to a new dawn
    Fearing for another dusk that shivers my soul

  • keithrozario24 3w

    Cigarettes And Beers

    i stay up till late 4
    howling in pain
    of my lost loved souls
    in a hope she would come back
    and hold me soulfully
    in her demonic arms
    i drink a bottle of beer
    smoke a few cigarettes
    as we used to relax together
    on our terrace yard
    under the moon i miss
    your cuddles and sweet kisses
    and so i intoxicate myself now
    in thy memory i have given up on life
    yet i don't feel high
    my death calls me
    but i only live life now
    as you would have wished me to

  • keithrozario24 3w


    On the doors of love
    That couples said
    Are easy to find
    The learned lores said
    Which is beautiful to embrace
    But all I received
    When the door opened
    Was a rejection

  • keithrozario24 3w

    Unrequited Love

    His soul reaps
    Every night in tears
    For his love to smile
    He helps her
    With the guy she loves
    And stabs his own heart
    With his kindness
    And the day
    He brought the couple their rings
    he couldn't take it
    That was the day he saw her last smiling
    For he passed his life away
    As he fulfilled her wishes happily

  • keithrozario24 3w

    Heartbeats Far Away

    I fizzle up your thoughts
    In my nights
    And every night feels new
    With your smile
    I sometimes feel your heartbeat
    On my door
    Pushing it closer to my chest
    Reaching to my heartbeat

    The distance were covered,
    Just by knowing you smile for me,
    And the heart sung a beautiful tale,
    Night turns to day,
    And i still misses you always,
    Among all the people,
    I still seek you though you are far away,
    That heartbeat- that beats hard,
    Even though,
    You are afar.

  • keithrozario24 3w

    The very reason
    We lose good people
    In our lives is
    Because of the wants
    Of the bad ones
    To love us, the way
    We want them to ...
    And then we
    Regret our tears
    Hiding within our hearts

  • keithrozario24 4w

    Long Distance Love Story

    We are states apart
    About 1500 km far
    I live in the capital
    She lives in the south
    Instagram brought us
    Together from unknown paths
    We both were strangers
    now we are each other's clown
    Late nights text
    Checking up on her is my solace
    Waiting for her
    To be free from her family
    So that we could call
    Every evening
    I'd go to the church
    And just beg the lord
    For a last wish
    If we meet someday
    Our love shall never shatter
    Or fall apart