Why am I always blank when it comes to writing stuff in my bios ��

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  • kemella 5d

    Beautiful wings

    My wings are beautiful, they make me fly
    My wings are beautiful, so am I
    I used to be desolate
    Alone and afraid
    Frightened that my life was an ink about to fade
    Curled up in my misery
    Dancing in my distress
    Dwelling in my pain
    Then I found my beautiful wings or it found me
    I'm heading to the sky
    Flying so high
    My life, beautiful, just like my wings
    I'm finally doing a lot of great things
    I'm making new friends, taking chances
    Having fun, falling in love
    Utilizing opportunities
    Chasing big dreams
    My life is not perfect but it's beautiful.

  • kemella 1w

    I'm a masterpiece on the wall, you can never see me fall

  • kemella 4w

    Been happy
    Been hopeful
    Been smiling
    Been grateful
    For a second, things seem to appear like they're gonna get better
    For a second, I feel like I'm not gonna suffer
    Even with the stormy weather..
    Got no worries, know it's just time, so I don't gotta bother
    Yeah, I'm gonna go farther
    I feel like I'm gonna get rich, use real leather
    Gonna be great, fly so high, further than the eiffel tower
    Go beyond the skies, you're never gonna see me lower
    My future is great, yours is too
    Tap into that greatness and don't cower

  • kemella 6w


    Many times I've been taken for granted
    My time, energy, wasted
    I ain't got time for all that shit no more
    This girl z changed, she's one you're gonna have to adore
    Crazy how you got no choice
    You're gonna beg to hear my voice
    Hey, I'm selfish now
    Selfish with my love
    Selfish with my words
    Selfish with my touch
    Selfish with my care
    Even, selfish with my thoughts
    I only think about me now
    No one else, and don't you dare ask me why
    I'm only the devil you created
    The tears, oh God I laugh
    They're dry now
    Flipping dry
    Nothing can make me cry
    Not even you and your stupid ego
    I'm selfish now, even more than you know

  • kemella 6w


    Sick of these guys
    Sick of their lies
    Sick of how they get when they say their goodbyes
    Sick of the damn butterflies
    Sick of the tears in my eyes
    I'm just a girl tryna be happy
    I just didn't wanna be lonely
    I'm just a girl that's a little bit confused yet know what I want
    I'm just a girl that'll rather have it all
    But these guys got nothing to offer
    I'm sick of 'em
    I don't need no lover.

  • kemella 6w

    1, 2, buckle my shoe
    3, 4, I love you
    5, 6 this is true
    7, 8 say you love me too
    9, 10, be my boo

  • kemella 7w

    Unrequited love

    Being happy is a struggle
    Loving you is trouble
    How did I manage to get to this point?
    Loving someone who will never feel the same
    Loving someone who thinks this is a game
    It's draining and is turning me insane
    Depressing, keeps me swimming in pain
    I wanna hate you
    But I can't bring myself to
    Wanna keep loving and not feel entitled
    But I only just wanna be loved too
    What the fuck is wrong with me
    What is with being blind and not wanting to see
    It's so glaring, you'd never love me
    So why don't I just let go
    Why don't I leave and accept what this is
    Why is it so hard to accept reality
    And easy to live in fantasies and false scenes
    It's crazy how much time I've invested in trying to getting you to love me
    It's also crazy that you'll never do
    The moment I realize this, pick up the pieces left of my heart and move on is the moment I'll be happy
    When that happens, you'll have to be a stranger
    Because I can't deal with your presence, that'll only bring me danger.

  • kemella 7w

    Stay away

    I've got a headache from crying so much
    You did this to me
    I keep hurting, all the time I have tears rolling
    My pillow has become my best friend
    For some reason it seems to listen
    Now I wish I'd talked to it rather than talk to you
    I would have saved myself all this pain
    If I had just stayed in my lane
    Why did I let you into my life
    Why did I tell you so much
    How did I manage to get attached
    When did I start craving your stupid touch
    You treat me like shit and yet I hold on
    I'm in love with you but I think I should run
    Being with you is a bittersweet feeling
    Loving you is dangerous and I only need healing
    Stay away from me
    Because I can't keep up with this toxic love
    It's beginning to take a toll on me
    It's a problem I can't solve
    I'm still so much in love with you but stay away
    I've had enough
    Stay as far away from me as possible
    Cause all you bring me is trouble
    And if you don't stay away, I may just get caught up in your bubble
    So I'm telling you right now, stay away.

  • kemella 7w

    My life is not a novel and I need to snap back to reality
    But if it is, I'll rather skip this page

  • kemella 7w

    Always have mixed feelings about you
    Never really know what I want
    The only thing certain is I want you
    And I kinda wish I do not