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  • keylar_4 1d


    How does it feel
    To give love
    And not get it back in return
    Love, love, love I say
    Could be confusing sometimes
    I need to take my time
    Trying to understand why
    My lips so dry
    I can feel the thirst
    Down in my throat
    It's like I'm drowning
    In flames of agony
    All these because of your words
    I'm hurting
    All my thoughts
    Darkened with pain....
    The moments I always thought
    I would have had with you
    Start to torment me
    The fire of love blown off
    By the wind that enables it spread
    My food
    Now my poison
    My tears
    My breathe
    Can't take it in
    But feel it
    Feeling denied by everything....
    A broken heart without a crack
    Beaten up without a fight...
    Being rejected for loving,
    What a terrible condition
    Hope I'll be able to find you one day


  • keylar_4 4d

    I'm worried...
    Kinda feels like you've been ignoring me,
    You hardly do pick my calls and you've got no intent to return them,
    What's wrong?...
    Last time we got together was great to me, really can't tell how I feel...
    I can't help but think about you more than I should,
    And it breaks my heart that you still look away ,
    I crave you, I do...
    Maybe I'm in love with you,
    Can't tell no more,
    I've got all my thoughts hunting me and damn, I can't do nothing about it anymore,
    It's hard, really hard for me knowing that you just keep pushing me away,
    Don't know what this feeling is,
    But it's cut deep into my heart,
    And I hope...
    it never gets to breaks me.


  • keylar_4 4w

    My Love is your's if your willing to take it


  • keylar_4 5w

    My Lessons

    Being in love isn't just everything
    But it means alot to some hearts
    The ones who feel every bit of happiness and difficulty it throws at them,
    We were once...
    Caught In the moment,
    As the butterflies ripped me apart with every kiss you dropped,
    Felt the earnest desire burning through you
    As you tried to undo my zip,
    Did find it difficult but still you broke through,
    Felt your arms imprison my body tightly,
    Like a treasure you were gonna let go off,
    My heart raced so fast,
    My thoughts all distorted,
    Engulfed with the flames of your kisses down my neck,
    As your lips would leave traces back to mine,
    We'd let them cling to each other,
    That vey night, you'd earned the title as my favorite entertainer,
    Tears, happiness and joy reigned in atmosphere as we shared memories,
    The times we argued
    The times we fought
    It was worth it,
    The alarming seizure of your love had dawned on me,
    Trampled on my feelings, throwing them out the window,
    Toiled with my emotions...
    Every promise we'd made that night turned out to be a mirage,
    But still life's lesson I'd learnt,


  • keylar_4 7w

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My heart is dead
    I'm such a fool
    Why did I fall for you
    I gave it all for you.


  • keylar_4 9w

    Every Song has a story

  • keylar_4 9w

    Marshmello ft Khalid-silence������

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    I'd rather be a lover than a fighter
    Cause all my life, I've been fighting
    And all this times, I've been hiding
    And never had someone to call my own
    I'm so used to sharing
    Love only left me alone
    But I'm the one with the silence

    I'm in need of a saviour, but I'm not asking for favours
    My whole life, I've felt like a burden
    I think too much, and I hate it
    I'm so used to being in the wrong,
    I'm tired of caring
    Loving never gave me a home, so I'll just sit here in silence.


  • keylar_4 9w


  • keylar_4 9w

    Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast▪️

  • keylar_4 9w

    Every Moment I spend with you it's like a beautiful dream come true