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  • kgmpho 3w


    Numbness creeps up
    Unnoticed, it builds
    When it has covered the being
    It can never be shaken

    As it builds it speaks
    "You are weak" it whispers
    "They will never love you"
    "You can try but you never will"
    It shuts every limb down
    As it builds and whispers louder

    As the being shuts down
    It gains strength
    Limbs try to fight
    They can only be taken over
    Till it reaches to the heart
    And shatters it to pieces

    Numbness overtakes me
    Like a thief in the night
    it comes at unknown times
    And when you realize
    leaves you broke and empty inside

  • kgmpho 5w


    Scrambled thoughts in my mind
    Round and round they go
    Clashing as they go.
    Trying to piece them together
    My mind both crowded and free
    Laying with eyes full of wonder
    Piecing these thoughts
    Just like connect a dot
    They keep scrambling in my brain

  • kgmpho 10w

    To You

    I try to fight it back
    I fight it to my breaking point
    I want to say it
    But I'm afraid of what comes after

    Will it push you away or make you stay
    Will you feel the same after
    I fight it to protect you
    Yet it hurts me not to
    I want to shout it to the world
    But what follows may break us

    They won't understand how or why
    For me it's fits
    Like a puzzle complete
    I may have found my missing piece
    I need strength to say this
    I know I'll crumble after
    So many emotions
    Ones I can never control

    Truth is...............
    I have fallen for you
    In ways I never knew possible
    I am in love with you
    I have been for the longest time

    I just hope I didn't scare you
    Because I don't want to lose you

  • kgmpho 10w

    To all my tormentors

    Mocked and shamed
    Laughed at and kicked down
    Made feel unworthy, unwanted, unloved
    These are the struggles I've faced

    A different mask I fit my face
    A different smile to get through the day
    Time in and out, crying myself to sleep
    Wishing ,hoping to be seen
    Little did i know what is to come

    Physical and emotional pain I've felt
    Scars beneath i kept
    Time and time again trying to escape
    But something pulling me back
    Little did I know what was to come

    Today I stand, my head high and shoulders broad
    Today i stand with no mask to hide
    The true me finally revealed
    Loved and cherished
    Those true and kind have seen me

    Oh how i wish they could see
    How they only cracked but couldn't break me
    Of how i glow and take my place in the sunlight
    Unbroken, unchained and unapologetic

  • kgmpho 10w


    All I've ever wanted to be
    All that I hoped to be
    Was enough
    In what sense I never knew
    I just had to show them
    That I was enough

    They had standards
    I tried to reach
    Working and pushing
    Somehow I had to show them
    Had to prove that I'm enough

    Just when I get to those standards
    They put more up
    I just wasn't enough
    So I worked and pushed
    Harder then before
    I still had to prove
    They have to see me as enough

    I never made the cut
    They never saw what I worked for
    I was mocked for trying
    So I gave up
    Today I try to be enough
    Not for them
    I am enough for me
    That they can never take away