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  • khamdhak 17w

    Things would have been better

    Things would have been better if the childrens had been taught to love each other and how essential is to make someone happy rather than letting them rush after great grades and government jobs.
    So the meaning of love would have been broader then just stucken between lovers.

    Things would have been better if we all had gave our precious time to ourselves and love ones rather than to our gadgets.

    Things would have been better if we had designed our happiness by our own rather than searching on someone and something else and being dissapointed.

    Things would have been better if we all believed in helping, healing and giving more is individuals responsibility rather than ending up with harming someone and awaiting something in return.

    Things would have been better if we all had admired each others dignities and individuals thoughts rather than restraining and pointing fingers to each other.

    Things would have been better if the Humanity was only the Universal religion rather than having so much of ethinical division.

    Things would have been better if we had trusted ourselves a bit more and stepping one step towards goodness rather than just ending our lives.


  • khamdhak 19w


    Oh! I still remember the first day we met looking at me with that teary eyes without saying a word.
    I still remember how your one touch made my repellent day into a lovely day.

    It was just about four months that you have been with us but you erect the bonding of four decades.
    I just asked you to give me your hand but you always gave me your love and life together in this little hand.

    You were so awesome that's why you have been called Coco always and forever.
    There is no comparison between your love and mine because your were always loyal and faithful and we human beings are influencive creatures.

    You've been irreplaceable not because I don't want to because you were the best.
    I plead to god that your next life won't be a sinful life because you deserve a blissful life.

    All these are my emotions speaking out now my actions are too late to acting on it.
    I still miss you and will forever but need to move on that's the Universal Law of Life.

  • khamdhak 20w

    If we are scared of losing people from our lives then we are not really scared of losing them, actually we are scared of hurting ourselves again!

  • khamdhak 21w

    People always Change
    And it's actually a good thing, it means one is growing up.
    But sometimes change does makes others to be distant.

  • khamdhak 22w

    Don't compare the people you have and you had, there is the reason why you still have and had them in your life and you know the reason why.

  • khamdhak 23w

    How could she make him stay when he has already made up his mind that he will leave one day!

  • khamdhak 23w


    From a dance to a relationship
    There was always a bond of more than a friendship
    I felt like I had been stopped loving and loved by anyone
    But you love me like no one.

    Long walks from college to Liebing then to paradise
    That lets everything so precise
    For me, you're my blessing
    Now I feel like nothing is missing.

    You're the person who makes me smile while crying
    I pray we get the future we always talk about having
    I'm so glad that we met
    Hope the destiny won't let us forget each other.