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  • khemmie_ray 8w

    Thorns and Roses

    For the ups and downs
    As we sail our love-ship
    I equated it with
    Thorns in a rose flower
    Telling myself that
    There's no beautiful
    Without a dose of pain
    There's no fairytale
    Without a dose of unhappy ending
    There's no perfection
    Without a dose of flaws
    So I stayed,
    Roses aren't choked by its thorns
    So I stayed,
    Even with all the battery
    Still I stayed
    Telling myself lies from an illusion
    Till I got a single rose from you
    Telling me to "rest in peace".

  • khemmie_ray 8w

    Letter to a fallen Star

    Dear friend,

    Words fail me for
    I am scared,
    Scared of saying goodbye,
    Scared it will mean acceptance,
    Acceptance that you are gone forever,
    Hidden six feet beneath.
    I am tired,
    Tired of tears that won't fall,
    Tired of dialogues that won't happen,
    Tired of memories that haunt,
    Tired of being tired.
    I am sorry,
    Sorry I spoke instead of listening,
    Sorry I wasn't there when needed,
    Sorry I over think and judge,
    Sorry I was selfish.
    Words are too heavy to be said
    So I write, sealing it in a bottle
    Throwing it into the sea
    To sail the waves of thousand ocean
    Hoping you hear me
    In my own way
    As I bid you goodbye.

  • khemmie_ray 13w

    I died tonight
    For holding a placard
    Expressing my hopes
    For a better future,
    I died tonight
    Not for holding a gun
    But for raising my voice against
    The imposition to live in fear,
    I died tonight
    Not for being a criminal
    But for making demands for my rights
    "I just want to live",
    I died tonight
    From the loudest response ever heard
    From World Powers to our 'Distress Calls'-
    I died tonight
    Not from the bullets aimed at me
    But from the reality of my own
    Seeking to murder me.
    I died, clenching a bleeding flag
    To my broken heart.
    I died, falling like dry leaves
    To join my comrades on the weeping earth.
    I died, stuck with my fist in the air
    And my anthem escaping my tired lips.
    I died, drowning in the blood
    Of innocent lives lost.
    I died tonight at the Gates of Massacre.

    #lekkigatemassacre, #endsars #prayfornigeria

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    Gates of Massacre

    I died, clenching a bleeding flag to my broken heart.

  • khemmie_ray 13w

    I wrote this early this year had to delete it, then I was like a tiny ripple in an ocean but now we won't back down #endtopolicebrutality, #endsarsinnigeria , #endswatinnigeria

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    What Matters?

    "Black life matters" we chant
    Just when the injustice
    Wears a different skin color
    What matters, when our own
    Clip us down like chickens and
    Tear us down with dynamites?
    What matters when
    Symbols of law and order become
    Agents of mayhem and chaos?
    Protectors of lives and property
    Become collaborators with death?
    What matters when
    No matter where we hide
    Your Accidental Discharge always find us
    Forcing us to embark on a journey to the grave?
    You say it's your job description
    Does it include harassing for fun?
    Killing with no consequence?
    Terrorizing the younger generation
    For succeeding where you failed?
    It never mattered when
    Voices cried, as the change promised was
    Just a brand new name
    Transformed by an alphabet
    Accommodating same set of rotten apples
    From the ashes of the old
    Servants Advocating Ruins Strategically-SARS
    For how long do we watch you spill our blood
    And do nothing because
    Our skin color makes us the same?

  • khemmie_ray 19w


    Doubt is that tiny roach that grows into a consuming dragon when you heed it persistent voice.

  • khemmie_ray 36w


    Emotions like a withering tree
    Making living so hard and quite unexplainable
    Escape to disappear seems comforting.

  • khemmie_ray 41w

    Zero Class Citizens

    Remember us
    Even if we are too weak a link
    To be remembered
    We take no pleasure in
    Disobeying legislations
    We are just rebels
    Born out of circumstance
    We have no fortress to hide
    Just the street corners
    To scamper in
    Yet we are tossed and jostled around
    By your cleansing chemicals
    And your agents of enforcement.
    Beat us not nor arrest us
    For we hear but are lame to action
    The luxury you teach
    For our survival
    We can't afford
    We just sit still
    Wondering which will
    Be the death of us
    The disease that moves with us
    Or the pangs that bites the stomach.

  • khemmie_ray 42w


    There was a time
    Time was never enough
    Now life is at a standstill
    With excess time on our hands
    Yet anxiety keeps us still
    Fear paralyse our resolves
    We just sit still
    Watching the world fade
    Through the eyes of our gadgets
    Hoping this will pass too.

  • khemmie_ray 44w


    Power has the capacity to corrupt or poison not just its wielder but also the perceptions of everyone surrounding the wielder

  • khemmie_ray 47w

    Curses and Blessings

    A curse or a blessing
    The departure of the white men
    A curse or a blessing
    Our own in power
    A curse or a blessing
    The black water in barrels
    A curse or a blessing
    The green richness of our land
    A curse or a blessing
    A giant turning dwarf
    A curse or a blessing
    A crawling adult
    A curse or a blessing
    Our friends in uniform
    A curse or a blessing
    The prophetic man in white
    A curse or a blessing
    The man with the rosary
    A curse or a blessing
    Power an ambitious fruit
    A curse or a blessing
    The poison of the mind…CORRUPTION
    A curse or a blessing
    Our hands against one another
    A curse or a blessing
    A crown inflicting pains
    A curse or a blessing
    Our differences as a prejudice
    A curse or a blessing
    Our past, our present, our future
    A curse or a blessing
    BLESSED but not accursed