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  • khurrathulain 10w

    Leave them alone.

    Stop thinking while seeing someone loving their other half with all dedication, love and respect that if you were in that place how lucky you would be.
    "NO" you wouldn't be lucky because the love, respect dedication that person has for her/his other half is because he/she is the person they love. They are the people they want to spend time with and share their life with. So stop trying to get into someone's relationship just because you like the way that person loves the other. If you would be in their place you wouldn't be getting that. Because you are not the person they love.


  • khurrathulain 15w

    Do you know why girls get a haircut?

    Here is why?.....
    Most of the girls prefer getting a haircut to change their lifestyle.
    It's their way of showing people not taking the shit anymore.
    To change how they were to START A FRESH.
    To not repeat the same mistakes.

    It's not just a haircut or a new look.

  • khurrathulain 30w

    The world

    She said in a happy voice - I want to tell the whole world how happy iam.
    Years later she realised....
    Not all the people in the world are happy with your happiness.

  • khurrathulain 33w

    We say

    We say, we want independence, we want equality, we don't need anybody to help us but then.......we shatter all our beliefs, our wants by just letting someone rule over our thoughts and control us emotionally in the name of support , condolence and what not.
    We need to know that every problem of our's cannot be their problem. Actually it's just not their problem.
    How you look at things, they would even fail to know the 1% value of it.
    Then why? Why do we have to need someone, some random person to tell us what we should do when the most valuable person in our lives hurt us once?twice or thrice?
    Why don't we handle it ourselves?
    We made a choice when we were happy and we should be the only one making the choice when we are sad. So please STOP letting others tell you what you should do when they don't know what you are going to lose.

  • khurrathulain 119w

    By unknown writer

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    My spectacles

    People kept teasing her calling weird names because she wore spectacles.
    Whenever she wanted to avoid things to be seen she just removed her spectacles.
    Nor did the people know why she did that.....!
    But one day she replied "for me the world without the spectacles is more prettier than the world with my spectacles on"

  • khurrathulain 137w

    Best friend

    When a person can see the pain behind your smile, words behind your silence,and love behind your anger,you can be sure that you have found your best friend ❤

  • khurrathulain 139w


    Kaise bataoon aapko ke hum Aapko Kitna chahte hain
    Har waqt Aapko Dekh kar aansun bahate hain
    Kash aap jaan paate
    Ke har Din Aapki yaad main hum Kitni baar marte hain

  • khurrathulain 139w

    Teri yaad

    Saans lene se Teri yaad aati hai
    Na lene se Meri Jaan jaati hai
    Kaise kehdun ke Saans lene se zinda hoon
    Jab ke har Saans se Pehle Teri yaad aati hai

  • khurrathulain 139w


    Kisi na kisi pe kisi ko aetbaar ho jata hai
    Ajnabi koi shaks Yaar hojata hai
    Khoobiyon se nahi hoti Mohabbat Sada
    Khamiyon se bhi aksar pyaar ho jata hai❤

  • khurrathulain 139w


    Aap badal ho Toh hum baarish
    Aap the Mere dil ki sifarish
    Aap phool ho Toh hum kaanta
    Ek saath Rehne ka tha vaada
    Humne sab Kuch Kurbaaan kardiya iss pyaar ke khatir
    Phir bhi aapne chodne ka bana liya irada