a 15 year old who loves to write,sing,dance,draw and act ��

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  • khushi_bhatt 19w

    @sapphire_moonlight @v_smita_v @teakook96 @theunexpectedmaturity @jhope Hi guys...I had taken a break again! I got a new phone and due to some reason I wasn't able to login and now I have mirakee on my mom's phone which is how I am currently typing my work!!! Anyway...hope you like this�� #poem #feelings #thoughts #pain #motivation #inspire #loveyourself #staystrong #mirakee

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    Rising from dust

    Why don't they understand my side of the story?
    They think I am weak and will never see my glory...
    It hurts when you are left alone to fight,
    Others also think the villains are right..
    Not even one person stands up for me,
    I go through emotions they somehow don't see...
    Life turns upside down when everything is lost,
    Everything becomes black and white when smiles frost.
    People say that I have lost meaning in their lives,
    The pain is so surreal that it feels like stabbing knives...
    However, I rise after I face defeat,
    And once I reach at the top, depressing thoughts never repeat...
    The antis need to know what they started was wrong,
    And everytime they stop me I come back even more strong...
    They have broken me after breaking my trust,
    But I will put myself together as I rise from dust...

  • khushi_bhatt 21w

    Happy birthday V!! May you get all things you wish for and stay healthy as well as happy for your entire life! You deserve the world and my whole world revolves around you and BTS. I can't imagine a life without you and I am glad that I came across BTS. I can't even describe the amount of importance you play in my life.. Love from all armys...we purple you Taehyung������
    @v_smita_v @tae_love @dcanarmy @jhope @calsie
    #bts #btsarmy #bangtan #btsv #happybirthday #kimtaehyung

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    Happy Birthday Tae

  • khushi_bhatt 22w

    Hey guys, took a little break from mirakee due to exams but now I am back! Here is the poem I promised you before leaving�� the feeling of getting lost in a book...hope you like it ��
    @v_smita_v @the_boy_with_broken_heart @sel_ethereal @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @sapphire_moonlight #books #write #feelings #magic #thoughts #yay #iamback #reading #booksforlife #writing #poems

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    Magic of books

    I left the whole world behind,
    Because a new one was forming
    in my mind.
    As I flip through the pages,
    My emotions fluctuate at
    different stages.
    All the words take vivid forms,
    when they travel through imaginative
    The characters came alive in my
    There were no limits to the fascination.
    Old chapters left behind as new ones
    come in sight,
    Never even knew that time passed and
    it was midnight.
    Soon one world ended as I read the very
    last line,
    A new world waited on my shelf and
    opening it felt like a ray of sunshine!!

  • khushi_bhatt 24w

    It's my birthday tomorrow!!!(12th December)

  • khushi_bhatt 25w

    Hey peeps!! Sorry for not posting lately but I have been busy practicing for my school's annual day which was today (we danced on go-go by bts)... I am writing this to share my happiness with you all cause I won an award for being the best outgoing student in the whole freaking school!!! This is the most prestigious award my school gives and I am on cloud nine right now... I am also really joyful because bts sweeped awards today at the MAMAs and yesterday at the MMAs too!!! I have no words to express how I feel... I was also acknowledged for being the school vice captain �� I wanted to share this with you all because you are also like a family to me������ PS - I hid my school name for safety reasons ������
    Btw I am still working on the topic of getting lost in a book so look forward to it!!! ��
    @v_smita_v @feelings_unlimited @jhope @calsie @sel_ethereal #achievement #pride #happy #yay #feeling #thought #paragraph

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  • khushi_bhatt 26w

    @v_smita_v @sel_ethereal @calsie @jhope @feelings_unlimited Hey guys I am working on the topic 'getting lost in a book' is taking a while cause I want it to be really good so please look forward to it ������#woman #power #fire #poem #feelings #thoughts

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    Fierce woman

    She is a fire that burns
    all the hate,
    She is a fire that never
    becomes the bait,
    She is a fire that
    coruscates all places,
    She is a fire that knows
    all the faces,
    She is a fire that will
    never die,
    This fire is a woman
    who will never cry!

  • khushi_bhatt 26w

    Love this song (little do you know)

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    Little do you know how I am hurting while you fall asleep,
    Little do you know I am still haunted by the memories,
    Little do you know I am trying to pick myself up piece by piece...

  • khushi_bhatt 26w

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
    - Eleanor Roosevelt

  • khushi_bhatt 26w

    Pick one and write down in the comments.. One with the most votes will be my next post!!!
    @v_smita_v @sel_ethereal @living_through_words @i_am_ghina @feelings_unlimited

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    What should my next poem be about?
    A. Growing older
    B. The feeling of getting lost in a book
    C. Fear of failure

  • khushi_bhatt 27w

    If I could tell you only one thing, my message would be this, the world would be a lonely place if you did not exist.
    - Erin Hanson