let this forever last forever because we have decided on a forever ��

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  • khushu_ 8w

    September, 1993

    It was the first time when I had an encounter with fear. The night was flawlessly dark. Like a black silhouette had covered the sky. I was three years old. Mum had just slept beside me while she was singing the lullaby. I was awake. Made no sound and just walked out of my room. I could barely see anything. I was alone. That time I realised, the fear of being alone. The fear of darkness. The fear of standing alone without anyone holding you.
    The very next year I lost my mother. Barely aware of the truth, I realised her absence.
    // It's not the darkness, but it's the silence that frightens me //

    February, 2015

    I was in tenth grade. I wasn't a good student though. Fear of less marks, not getting popular and so many things mounted on my head. But dad always held upon my branches when I was growing. Fear of losing him feared me!
    People had expectations attached with me. I felt like that host plant, attached with the parasite called expectations on me. It ate me up from inside! I feared failure. I gave my exams and passed... Though with not so good marks. I had given up my hopes.
    // Losing in a game is okay, losing and not meeting someone's expectations is heartbreaking //

    January, 2020

    I am an intern in a company. I have all my necessary degrees. I have experienced everything. Losing a dear one, not meeting someone's expectations, the fear of standing alone, recovering after giving up all hopes, but still fear of rejection gets the crap out of me. What if they reject me? Working is my passion right now, it never seems tiring. But rejection and failure, are those fears which are etched permanently like a tattoo on my soul.
    // I am not afraid of trying, I am afraid of failing //

    And no matter what is your age, you all face some fears in your Life. Some fears are etched permanently in your souls. You might be afraid of entering that abandoned house or may be afraid of any disease. You might fear oblivion. You might fear emptiness. All you gotta do is to take a deep breath and give it try! Because all you want to achieve is out there, just after your deepest fears. You gotta come out of your comfort zone and overcome your fear!
    // The horizon is full of opportunities, but it is just after your fear //

    Written by
    Khushi ❤️
    #writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

    After a longgggg time.... I am back! Stay safe my dear mirakeeans ... I missed you guys a lot! �� I am so sorry for such a long break. Studies and responsibilities! And quarratine days are finally giving me time to come back here!
    How are you all... ? ��♥️

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    I felt like that host plant, attached with the parasite called expectations on me. It ate me up from inside! I feared failure.
    I had experienced the darkest of nights and most helpless days in darkness where there was no ray of hope! It was the rejection from the society I had feared.
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  • khushu_ 29w

    Hi friends!! I will be on an unexpected leave and due to my hectic schedule I won't be able to open mirakee.. I also won't be replying to any of tags.. ☹️ so take care . Will be missing you all!
    Your friend,

  • khushu_ 30w

    So, you are planning to leave
    Great! Do you think it's so damn easy?
    You broke my Wall of Trust
    It was my mistake
    That I let you in
    Through my life's window
    And now, you made me think
    "I deserved this?"
    Now, I'll take a perfect revenge honey
    This poesy will hit you like stones
    // I knew this forever wouldn't last forever //

  • khushu_ 30w

    Aren't we?
    Today is our new year! �� i feel so glad and blessed to have you all in my life... ❤
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    I am really sorry... I won't be able to reply to your comments.. ��

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  • khushu_ 30w

    Oh Mr. Death
    Life is stuffing lies in my pockets?
    Oh! You yourself are a big lie..people say this
    Are you Grinning at me?
    People believe you are a miserable truth
    Are you? For me, you are a beautiful truth
    An escape for me.

    I know,one day you will knock the doors of life
    Life will sob, weep, cry, wilt,whine.
    But you are stubborn. Aren't you?
    You'll come to me. And gracefully take me away

    Well well well, I don't need you. Do I?
    I die everyday. You know it.
    Life. Is. Nothing. More. Than. A. Miserable. Journey.
    Because, it's too hard to breathe now.
    Meet me today, tomorrow, anytime you want.
    I am sick,fed up! Because now
    I am not wasting my time in life.

    Let's brew a perfect bitter coffee
    Let's sip it, oh death!
    Let's go on a dinner.
    I am good at being bad. And so are you
    Let's come together and mess with life.

    After a long time... Happy diwali friends! ��❤
    Take care. Keep smiling and scribbling! Lots of love! ❤
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Death? I am not afraid anymore!

    Oh death!
    You aren't a miserable truth.
    You are far more better than this journey of life
    Engulf me in your veil.
    Take me away from this miserable life.
    Won't you come to meet your old friend?

  • khushu_ 32w

    I never said "I love you" to you
    But I said it in pieces
    My "I love you" was broken into pieces
    Each piece wrapped within million metaphors
    Each piece a mystery, waiting to be deciphered
    By the correct hands!

  • khushu_ 32w

    Makes sense??

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    ज़िन्दगी की बात कितनी मज़ेदार है
    दर्द एक है लेकिन छुपाने के लिए झूठ हजार है!

  • khushu_ 32w

    Sometimes, you are just so disturbed and broken that you do not want to mend yourself. You simply feel happy being sad. You just don't want anyone to lift you up. You want to be left broken. Because, you know, on the way of breaking your heart, you broke many other's!

  • khushu_ 33w

    You still come back
    To check if I write
    Those tales of betrayal
    If I still write about you
    Or does love for you
    Still flow in my veins

    ~see you still can't take me off your mind!~

  • khushu_ 34w

    I sipped the deadly poison of love and it killed me slowly. Now I die everyday because you became like a drug for me. Without you I am half killed, I am a feeling-less piece of flesh.