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  • kigero 1w

    @natasha_a @_firefly @atticoftheheart @love_whispererr @fallency @drew650
    I wish it was as easy to forget as it was to forgive

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    If you needed my heart to find new meaning in the words true love, then I gift it to you gladly, if you needed my soul to guide you to your own then I offer it to you happily. If you needed my love to re kindle the dying embers of desire like gasoline to a fire I give you every drop I have.

    I hope that fire burns bright like a raging inferno battling the darkness of the night and still stands tall in the face of new dawns light

    My presence provided you with happiness of this I am sure, but it was not in the way I intended nor was it for the scars I mended.
    but now I am left with a disease for wich there is no cure.

    I didn’t want to be used as a bridge between you two, I wanted us to burn down this world and start anew.

    But even though the result was unintended and the wrong scars was mended, all I want is for you to be happy, if not with me then with someone better than I could ever be.

    And even though the questions of what why and how drives me insane, I would still suffer forever to absolve you of your pain.

  • kigero 3w

    You don't have to be a great starter, but you have to start to be great @natasha_a @_firefly @atticoftheheart @love_whispererr @fallency

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    Strange state of grief

    Logically I accept that you played me, emotionally I struggle with all the rage inside me.

    Logically I understand why you never truly chose me, but my heart can’t stop weeping for everything we could be if you trusted me.

    I want to be better and I crave to stop hurting, but I have not yet found a way to stem the bleeding.

    Logically I realize I must move on, but my heart still wants to hold on even if it is only to the smoke of a fire that faded many moons ago and I have long since turned from the one that completes you to somebody that you used to know.

    I want to do able to look in the mirror and be proud of the man I see, but that goal is temporarily out of my reach so I decided to start small and once again be thankful for something as simple as the air that I breathe

  • kigero 3w

    The pain of emptiness

    Hollow broken alone and empty, it feels like thousands of voices laugh at my pain maniacally and revel in my newfound lack of compassion and empathy.

    I used to be kind carefree and loving now I lost those traits, now all I desire is to kill the weavers of my treacherous fate. I wonder would they bargain with me, deal me a better hand if I promise to spare them? Or reply fight if you dare then

    Oh goddess of the moon and ruler of the night, you played me burnt me and toyed with me to your hearts contempt and pure delight. Now you have awoken the monster inside me and I am finally ready to strike, but as always you do what you do best

    Vanish from my sight.

  • kigero 5w

    @_firefly this one is for you buddy i hope you like it

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    Light of a single firefly

    Wise beyond her years capable of showing compassion to a stranger and his tears, I don’t even know how to pronounce your real name, but still I feel comfortable sharing my pain.

    Firefly from the little I know about you it seems like your light shines brighter than the sun don’t let this world snuff it out, it is so easily done.

    Thank you for being there for me on hangouts and mirakee, you have done more for a stranger than many people would for family.

    Firefly I appreciate you and in my darkest moments I will be searching for you

  • kigero 6w

    So... You are expecting

    Not but a month ago you told me how you wished you were with me, and how you wanted him to care for you like I care for you and again how you realize that you wasted five years of your life with him everyday you talk to me.

    Now you are expecting his child… I chuckle when I think how easily you forgot about me, as you carry the life of an unborn child inside of you tell me, do you wish it was mine? Are you going to teach it that lying and feeding on others is fine?
    Are you going to tell it the tale of this heart of mine?

    Are you going to teach it that using, abusing and discarding is ok as long as you get to feel wanted another day, are you going to tell it that it completes you and then vanish from its sight when it needs you?

    I hope not, I hope this child brings you boundaries love and loyalty and joy for eternally and hope for a tomorrow that my never be

    Now if you will excuse me I am going to weep in the corner silently whilst wishing it belonged to me

  • kigero 6w

    Matchbox 20

    You were right. You warned me, I stayed a while and now I miss how things used to be.

    My emotions are running rampant and flashbacks of a past all to fimiliar leaves me staggered, I know you are busy but in my experience that is code for watch how everything you love disappear from your sight, into the arms of another or the clutches of the night.

    I don’t want that to happen with us I don’t want our friendship and our chemistry to be filed under “That one time when I used to be happy ” but I know you are busy trying to navigate this crazy new normal of life and I am overreacting like a desperate housewife

    I just miss you and wonder if you miss me too… I really don’t want to loose you, so if you are building new walls would you allow me to try and scale them? if you have found new demons would you allow me to meet them?

    Before our time turns into nothing more than faded memories and the pernicious promise of maybe
    I beg you can we please have one more try to get things back to how they used to be?

  • kigero 6w

    The person I have never met

    I miss the person I have never met, the one that resides deep inside of me, the one that you once claimed to see.

    The one that fills you, the one that has buckled knees and crippled feet but you would still ask him to dance with you.

    The one that can conquer his greatest fears because he finds courage in you, the one that can fall of cliffs and leap tall buildings the object of your disloyalty but the one that is worthy.

    Who is this person? You once claimed it was me, but as you simply discard every word that meant the world to me and silently disappear along with every promise you made me, that person is not who I see.

    I see a man that is broken sad angry and tired, a man that wishes his brain could be rewired.

    So I ask you again who is this person you spoke of for I know him not? All I know is a man that was placed in a garden filled with flowers of hope and blossoms of dreams that you simply left to rot.

  • kigero 7w

    Iron sharpens Iron

    Dad… thank you
    With your bravery and courage and patience of a thousand monks,
    You have been victorious in every battle you fought to raise me.

    With your wise words and boundless love you molded me shaped me tested me and sharpened me
    Like a blacksmith forging a masterpiece,
    you continue to smooth out the edges day by day you teach me how to be a man.

    You taught me to respond to anger with love,
    To fear with compassion,
    To hatred with kindness,
    You showed me what it means to step up when the world expects you to step down.

    You showed me what it means to compromise rather than sacrifice,
    You showed me how to give everything when you have nothing.

    You showed me how to be strong in my weakest moments, and humble in my best.

    And for that and so many other things I thank you,

    Thank you for always having my back and always being there when I fall,
    Thank you for always reminding me my troubles are so small.

    I do not deserve you, but I know there is a God for he gave me you.

    I pray that one day I can be half the father to my kids that you are to me,
    And I hope you are as proud to call me your son as I am to call you my dad.

    When the time comes for us to part ways,
    take comfort in the fact that you will live forever
    in my heart and in the hearts of mine.

    Because our memories are legendary and timeless,
    Just like a a joyride

  • kigero 8w

    Hero to the downtrodden

    You are brave you are kind you posses keen sight and mind,
    You posses a heart that loves unconditionally you are the living embodiment of everything they teach in Christianity.

    Someone that gives and never expects
    Someone that teaches us to rise stronger from your regrets you know you are my mother but do you know that you are my hero?

    You embrace adversity like it is just another day you, adapt to every situation regardless of difficulty or dismay.

    You bend but you never break, you are stronger than titanium yet softer than water.

    You give hope to the hopeless, and a home to the homeless.
    you inspire everyone you meet with your compassion,

    your levels of determination is
    something people struggle to phantom.

    Mom I love you respect you and lookup to you more than you could ever imagine.

    Thank you for every lesson every fight and every disagreement, I know I will see your wisdom when the time is right.

    If I could list your codependency’s I would list seven billion people under you,
    because no matter how many superhero’s exist in fantasy novels and marvel movies.

    there can only be one,

    And that one is you.

  • kigero 8w

    I no longer remember

    I love you with every fiber of my being, but I am so tired of bleeding screaming crying trying and brooding.

    Your voice is soothing my smile is fleeing, I fell for you like a star from the sky, I am willing to give you everything say anything to make you happy and have you feel worthy, but I no longer remember why

    You used me but I loved every moment of it you pulled me out of the pits I was in them you smiled and pushed me down again, Is this loop truly never ending?
    I love you with every fiber of my being but I no longer remember why

    I wonder would you even care if I said goodbye?