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    I have a question for those who know
    They woke up this morning with an itch in their throat
    Who knew that their fevers were rising high
    And time was ticking by
    And still went on with their lives

    I have a questions for those who know
    Someone close to them
    Is in self isolation alone
    Waiting to know if they were exposed
    But you still choose to leave your home
    To go out into the world
    Not knowing what great disaster you were about to unload

    I have a question to the governments who know
    That the numbers are rising faster than they can control
    Are you enforcing your rules onto your people?
    Or are you just going with the flow?

    I have a question for everyone who knows
    Don't you understand what is going on in the world?
    People are dying
    Families are broken
    We are at war
    With something we can't control
    Stop. Think.
    Because its like you don't know
    What's its like for a parent to explain to a child
    That I am not coming home tonight
    And no you can not hug me goodbye
    Because I don't know if its inside of me
    Waiting to sink its claws into you.

    I am out of questions now
    I am waiting for your answers
    But the truth is I already know
    You don't know
    You don't care
    You're lifestyle holds more value than your life itself
    Continue to lie
    Continue to fake a smile
    It's just a pandemic after all
    With no cure in sight

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    She said, "You must think your little miss perfect."
    I said, "I beg your pardon?"
    She replied, "You didn't do anything great. And your grandmother? She snuck into a ball to meet a guy and then lost her shoes. Such an idiot!"
    I cleared my throat.
    "What? Think you can do something? All you're probably good at is rating shoes." She laughs.
    "No. Because unlike you I have class." I paused, "But if you insist its a 3 out of 10. Keep trying darling."

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    She said, "Are we going to talk about this?"
    I asked, "What?"
    She said, "The fact that she is bullying you."
    I said, "She can try to push me around, call me names, make fun of me but she will never break my spirt. I know who I am and if she has a problem about, she needs to get over it. Cuz I am not changing."

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    Mirror Curse

    She was meant to be a QUEEN but in one simple second it was all taken away from her and even she forgot who she was.

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    Stories about the children who had children who are learning about their fairy tale destiny.

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    Misguided Fairy Tales

    "You just threw my boyfriend out of a fifty foot tower dorm window." Alex said.
    "You told me to get rid of him!!!!" Betty shouted panicking.
    "I didn't mean to toss him to his death." Alex argued.
    "But you are not mad at him anymore right?" Beth asked peaking out the window.
    "Just bippity boppity boo me down!" Alex said climbing into the window's ledge." She paused, "Gently."
    Beth nodded and waved her wand, "Please be alive."
    "He better be alive so I can kill him myself. He dropped the flower!" Alex complained.

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    Its okay to wake up not feeling okay. Its okay to have bad days. There is nothing wrong with you. You are fine and you will be okay.

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    We could have been great but then you had to lie. Too bad. Your lost. My wasted time.

  • kimberlyrihana_g 8w

    Just a little fyi darling. All lives matter include black lives. Don't go throwing that phase around until you understand that.

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    They cut through each other. Saw they bleed the same blood and still insisted one was superior to the other.

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    COVID-19 Ushering a New Normal (1)

    Good morning. I hope you slept well and are ready to head to work. But don't worry you don't have to go into the office. Thanks to Covid-19 working from home has become acceptable. You employer has invested an untold sum of the money to set up a remote access just for you. You better login quickly because that 8 o' clock meeting is about to start. Remember to look presentable but only up to where the camera sees. Have a nice day and looks out for more covid-19 tips on surviving this new normal. Goodbye