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  • kin_jo 2w

    I know I'm late but nevertheless wanted to attempt Yesterday's prompts. @mirakee @writersnetwork you hold a very special place in my ❤️ #microblog

    #theclouds #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts
    Thank you for the heart Wn :)

    Thinking clouds:

    High and afar, a paradise of love
    Friendly thinking clouds found their ground
    So pure, so great, a place so profound

    Majestic and Infinite, an imperial palace
    Imprisoned clouds unveil their noiseless dreams
    Soaking spectral mass with their unseen realms

    Bright and dazzling, a heart shaped orb
    With morning dawn, scorching prompts,
    Breaks night long spell, setting thoughtful clouds on fire
    Enkindling the unconquered embers of desire

    Breathing and blooming, a new born star
    Conquering his space betwixt his lines
    Painting words in coverlets of blue,
    Unfurling his enraptured soul
    Seeking relief in soul shaped nest
    For a place of tranquility and rest

    Mysterious and resolute, an inspecting cloud
    Whose coming is welcomed with besotted eyes
    Tracing the glories with repost in the skies
    A naming prodigy in the upper sky
    A feeling so divine, sublime.

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  • kin_jo 4w

    Tonight I sit here
    Writing without a purpose
    Pouring out my heart
    After being overshadowed for years
    No stanza structure
    Not following any rhyme scheme
    Just words, plain words
    One after the another
    Forming vague sentences
    Like disrupted or unkempt syntax
    Typed without hitting a backspace
    wiping out my piercing screams
    Without any mute button
    My words flows out like raindrops
    Falling on the lake
    Like diamonds scattered
    From an aeroplane
    Sailing in the air
    Like a seed once sown
    Which never have grown
    Tonight I sit here
    Ejecting out voices
    Out of my blue veins

    #writersnetwork #wod #raindrops #writersbay #pod #bksc #readthisj #ceesreposts
    Thanks for the ❤️ @writersnetwork

    Lines in // is a poem 'caged bird' by Maya Angelou

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  • kin_jo 6w

    From 36/9 down and being 0-1 to winning it 2-1! Incredibly proud of this team. What they have achieved is beyond extraordinary❤️
    Best test series ever witnessed.
    Start of on era of Indian cricket team!

    #writersbay I could only think of this topic to write about using this prompt #mmvc

    Each mini- monoverse is written in two stanza of five lines. 3 syllables per line and the rhyming scheme is a-a-a-a-a and b-b-b-b-b
    Tried my best to stick to three syllable per line count. Please feel free to correct

    Gaaba, Brisbane - place in Australia
    Blue men, blue - Team India ��.
    After 32 years of unbeaten record, India won test series on the oz soil

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  • kin_jo 7w

    Let me tell you a story
    Of one broken bowl
    Now two half empty bowls
    Trying to absorb
    D E S O L A T I O N
    with whatever they can

    Let me tell you a story
    Of A dying heart
    With four dark rooms
    Filled with
    D I S T O R T E D
    Mirage of broken promises

    Let me tell you a story
    Of an unkempt room
    Fragmented memories lingered
    Framed upon the fading walls
    E C H O E S
    out the shards of shattered dreams

    Let me tell you a story
    Of a poet in love
    Love Concealed in vaque poems
    Lay airless, like orphans, forlorn
    L A C K I N G
    the author, unburied and unbound.



    Thank you for the ❤️ @writersnetwork #pod
    I scribbled after long

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    That day when you left
    the sweet kisses you once planted on my body, turned into scars, a faded memory.


  • kin_jo 10w

    Thank you for the ❤️@writersnetwork #pod #readthisj #ceesreposts

    Old drafts. Since I have nothing new to write at this moment.

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    Rainy nights


    I like the town on rainy nights
    Sky Covered in the botches of cloud
    Losing itself in the abyss of grey
    Yet retaining its moon kissed shade

    I like the town on rainy nights
    Street lamps on the roadside maintaining its glow
    Shining bright like firey flies
    Each ray of light dispersing through the drop
    Exploding in a shattering beam
    Just like my broken dreams

    I like the town on rainy nights
    my eyes downpour
    Mix with the soothing drops trickling down my face
    Forcing me to think about the life I lead
    My soul wandering aimlessly around the long lost path
    Seeking its way through the puddly bed
    Making me question about the decisions once I made

    I like the town on rainy nights
    The blurred vision through the dark
    Makes me meet my brand new self
    Washing away my pain and grief
    Smell of the petrichor permeates through the air
    Liberating me from my very dark self
    I like the town on rainy nights



  • kin_jo 11w


    All my life I've looked at words as though squeezed out little inkdrops of my chafing heart. Letter by letter, unveiling my fragmented thoughts, clawed and united to form words. They are my voice to my impulsive mind. Capturing my feelings and intensity all in a line.The interplay of words and rhythm , of verses and poesy gives life to my ethereal imagination.

    Even on my loneliest day, the little words scrawls all over the dull paper accompanying me with sheer grace Like moonlight splattered over my barren floor, Illuminating me with iridescent light.

    On days I'm broken, they shine on my broken melody like beheaded tulips glistens under rain.

    The squeezed out inkdrops looks perfect like a sage even when they are spewed out with tongue of flames , like burning tongs. They escape my mind like soap bubbles fluttering with the wind, giving a face to my unreal dreams.

    Words are My armies, My heroes, My front line soldiers, My tiny pawns strongly ranged to guard my Kingdom of darkness.

    Thanks for the ❤️ @writersnetwork #Pod #readthisj
    #writingcontest #creativearena

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  • kin_jo 18w

    Writing for my brother in the light of how he was one of a kind. Collab with my sisters @colourfulgreys and @sunenasharma

    Your kind nature, a very gracious heart
    Your bliss conceals our pain bearing part
    Your constant uplifting spree, to subside the cloud and fog
    clustering in our mind
    Your silliest efforts to restore our natural kind
    A brother, a friend, a person with brilliant mind
    A state of ephiphany, you redefined
    Though the tale is now lost
    under the perpetual labyrinth of time
    Yet, your words now supplants, showering us with light.
    Like kaleidoscopic rainbows cascading the sky
    Thanks to your memories, I now, live in thy.



    Few lines of his poem 'goodbye old friend'

    Goodbye old friend
    It's time for me to go
    But our story won't end
    As I get back on the road

    You'll hold onto your place
    Is what you say is my heart
    I'll build a memory palace
    Where we will never fall apart


    For other parts please check #writer_bro_joker

    Words in bg are his.
    My brother, love you loads

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  • kin_jo 18w

    Don't you ever feel lonely
    Even if the stars around you disappears
    Because I am going to be by your side
    Until my last tiny breathe inside


  • kin_jo 18w


    Self-doubt which you once harvested is now out of control.
    He sticks inside you like a leech
    Sucking your blood, surviving on your fragile thoughts.
    Feeding off on the remnants of your sanity.
    Crippling you down everytime you try to rise up
    But, like beneath the dark clouds lies the silver lining,
    Behind every gloomy dark day, lies the unsolicited rays of the sun,
    Behind every despair,
    I, the Hope too prevails.

    I know how ugly he makes you feel
    Despite, you being so bright.
    He blinds you, obscuring your vision, from any kind of sun.
    But peel off the scab your mind is surrounded with,
    Fight back!
    Scoop to the bottom of the ocean,
    Get rid of the extra layers until you reach the dried rusk,
    Revive a new beginning, a new day.
    Exactly how after every rainy day, we say, this too shall pass, with the shining sun.
    Let the seed of Me sprout, let Me blossom into a beautiful flower.
    Be resilient, cope up, do not let the parasites of my step-brother despair, in any of its forms win and take you to the rope

    I know I do fail you many times and makes you look like a stranger in a fools' paradise but hold onto me tightly,
    I will shine when everything, everyone else, fails you.
    Even a small firefly, a tiny light in the dark
    Will remind you of me.
    I am present in every nook and every cranny.
    Your healing hand when your wings are broken,
    Your star, your neon light in the dark, your rain, your sunshine.
    All you'll need is a vision to see me.
    Be resilient. Be you.
    Let me reside inside happy you.

    The year 2020 brought us many reasons to whine about. Lost some dear ones and made us realise about our weak self.
    But we still hope for 2021.
    we are still here fighting with our strength to fight against all the odds.
    That is exactly what I am...a HOPE


    #writersbay #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #daadigotyourback #genuine_readers

    @drag_on thank you
    #readthisj @sunenasharma @the_speccy_outsider

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    Ironically Despair cannot exist without HOPE


  • kin_jo 19w

    Miss you brother @kehta_hai_joker
    KinJo (Kini+joker )
    Look I changed my name for you ❤️

    Initiated by @my_cup_of_poetry

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