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  • king_lyrics7 13w


    Stringing together my thoughts and emotions
    While Wearing my heart on my sleeve
    Red painted all on me
    While the fabric of my mind being torn away
    Holes in my past and my goals
    Washed away over constant time
    Smelly conversations with myself
    Rinsing out all I could say
    Leave them out to dry all day
    Glow in the dark let myself shine
    Printed out truth
    Plastered on myself
    Sewing together all the tears of fear
    While designing and creating my faith
    A manufacturer default I used to think I was
    But a product of excellence I had become

  • king_lyrics7 19w

    How Do I

    How do I forget you
    How do I forget all I wanted to do 
    How do I start afresh with something new
    Washed into the sky enter the blue 
    How do I forget the memories 
    That felt like they lasted centuries 
    You were the pump to my arterie
    Now am covered in scars all injures 
    I gave you all I had 
    Thinking to our future of how I would be a dad
    All erased as if using a keypad 
    An empty feeling that I cant add
    No more tears to cry
    This is my finally goodbye
    I have to let you go and fly 
    But how do i....

  • king_lyrics7 20w


    Reverse your verse and create your own universe

  • king_lyrics7 20w

    Diamonds glue

    They ask me what keeps me sane and strong 
    The secret to why I havent broken down all along
    Rocking to my own frequency, my own special song
    That lasted an eternity but really it was all year long

    The key to my  secret confession 
    That kept me at bay from all this hate and raw depression 
    Ready to hear it? It's all about the faith conception
    Playing it all in your mind you may think it's a misconception 

    I believe that I can do it everyday
    That I can stand and defeat any challenge that comes my way
    I become the director of my life in this interesting play
    And only positivity I speak out that's all I would say

    My life so free of sorrow people say it's coming soon
    But I think that has passed and it's all overdue
    Refresh my self I always want to start anew
    Now you know the secret behind my Diamonds Glue...

  • king_lyrics7 20w

    Repeat Until Death

    Take in the breath of life
    While we let out a little cry
    We grow from crawling to walking 
    From shouting to talking

    We mature mentally, physically, and spiritually 
    Then desires enter the minds all sexually 
    We go to school, read our books, then fall in love
    While greed, lust, and envy come at us with a shove

    We get a job, we get money and we have children 
    Keeping them with us as a temporary accommodation 
    We grow old, our light begins to flicker
    The end appears to be drawing in quicker

    We now cant move and are planted as an ancient tree
    Waiting for our spirits to return to our maker and be free
    Then the cycle continues till our last breath
    And we repeat until death

  • king_lyrics7 20w

    Destructive Beauty:Epilogue

    Is there beauty in destruction she asked me
    And I replied look into my eyes 
    and you would see...

  • king_lyrics7 26w

    Solar system

    Mercury my planet of heat,trouble and worries
    Venus the unsure distressed part of myself
    Earth carrying all my succes and my luxuries 
    Mars the voice on my shoulder bothers like an elf
    Jupiter carrying my biggest regrets filled with storms
    Saturn showing my greatness with all my rings
    Uranus the coldest part of me no more warm
    Neptune locking away all my distant blessings
    Pluto cant forget my locked away demons
    Covered my world like dressings
    while my stars become my addiction 
    All my world calculated perfectly with an algorithm 
    Welcome to my Solar system 

  • king_lyrics7 26w

    Loading screen

    Maybe life isn't what it seems
    Maybe we are all stuck on the
    Loading screen...

  • king_lyrics7 26w

    Schrodinger's Cat

    You dont know what to expect with me
    Am so unique filled with variety 
    Blocked from sight you won't see
    Every single possibility 
    I am dead buried yet breathing  and alive
    Playing with the concept of your mind
    Changing concepts, all have become redesigned 
    Just like me you reading this you are lost and with me entwined
    Let me lay this all out flat
    Spread all around like a mat
    I am being hidden like hair under a hat 
    Blinded by the light like a bat
    My life is a box and I am 
    Schrodinger's cat

  • king_lyrics7 26w


    In orbit watching the Planet
    Covered and surrounded by the stars like a garment 
    Such a peaceful silence 
    A planet that seems so small to me like an island 

    The Sun taking a peek over the world
    All the rings on the planet begin to twirl
    All feels like a dreamworld 
    That is waiting to be unfurled

    Out in the distance the moon comes into place 
    A constant precise pace
    Fleeing from something as if in a race
    But there is nothing out here in space

    The abyss of space one of life's bestsellers
    Living out here in mind I become a dweller
    Nothing is pushing me forward I don't have a propeller 
    Among the stars I am Interstellar