I Am Dauntless (IG: @kinghanamel)

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  • kinghanamel 8h

    "An Excerpt"
    [From my book]

    "Dearest Christopher,

    I am unable come to Africa at the moment. It would get me killed. Your 'cavemen mentality' countrymen vowed to lynch me upon sighting, and plan to make you watch as they castrate me. They claim I misled you to the accursed path of rainbows and bedevilment. I fear for your life. But I find temporal solace in the fact that you are currently in hiding.

    Fear not! Help is on the way. On wings of angels. We, at the consulate, are tirelessly working round the clock to get you asylum in my continent; where you and I, can freely bud, blossom, and become whoever, and whatsoever we desire to be - without judgement - irrespective of our queerness."

    - yours forever and a day lover, Patrick.

    To be continued... ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 1d

    "...but I write for tomorrow's hybrids. Not for this blind & deaf generation." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 1w

    "! Wait! But, the one person I need in my life, doesn't want me. A million others can never amount to her, and how my soul longs for her." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 1w

    "...but I don't need much from you. Just wake up loving yourself each day." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 1w


    We bond with the dialects of telepathy,
    superceding physical contact & thriving
    without much ado - like an astral kind
    of love. ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 1w

    "...that's why you make comfortable assumptions & say shit about me." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 1w

    " completely understand human beings, is total divinity. You cannot!" ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 1w

    "Grooming Laziness"

    "...with your two arms and legs, fight poverty aggressively. People easily mistake being fed by others, as love; when in the actual sense you may be rendering your arms and legs useless." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 2w

    " be honest. I believe and understand that you miss me. And that's humbly and humanly fine. However, it's no longer my concern that you do. If you loved me like you now claim; you should have kept me. I don't miss you." ©Hanamel

  • kinghanamel 2w

    "I'd love to have a taste of the lips under my navel from your lips." ©Hanamel