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  • kingsage 1d

    Our mouths' mutter

    We've suffered
    You can see the traces
    Our hearts didn't want our mouth to utter
    What our mind says but it's hidden on the faces
    Still our mouths mutter
    Even as we go through these phases
    Hoping for a new chapter
    After these places.

  • kingsage 1d

    The road to yesterday

    Yesterday was today's past
    And today is yesterday's future
    Deliberately live today
    Cause all roads link
    You'll account for it tomorrow.
    No matter what,
    Live right.

  • kingsage 1d

    At the end of the day

    I don't need the sun to light up my soul
    I want you to hold me close
    I need you to be there
    At the end of the day

  • kingsage 2d

    No Happiness in poverty

    They say happiness is within you
    Close your eyes and feel the bliss
    Eyes shut, and still he sees the pain
    He shook his head hoping it will dismiss
    He swissed the hardship
    As he hoped for kingship
    "There's no happiness in poverty" he thought
    No wonder it's a thing I forethought

  • kingsage 2d


    You wanted to make a hole
    You held a shovel and handed me a hoe
    insisting I take role
    I was reluctant but then you cajoled...
    Me into helping you to fulfill your goal
    Now... crying out, hoping you wouldn't be an ***hole
    But you left me in this horror of a hole
    That put pictures of everything I fear in my soul

  • kingsage 4d

    Racially Profile

    Being black, that automatically means you deal drugs
    And all the homies you hangout with, they’re just a bunch of thugs
    Who play with guns and are thieves
    Who gets chicks knocked up with their baby and then just leaves

    Black people are the ones who walk around with sagging pants
    The ones who get bullied by the police over “suspected suspicion” and not remaining a “proper stance”

    If they walk around in the wrong neighborhood it gives that scared white woman a good reason to dial

  • kingsage 5d

    Racial Segregation

    I guess they’re all terrorists huh?
    But I guess we judge an entire nation of people
    Based on a few unfortunate attacks and call out the whole religion.

    If you’re wearing a Burqa or Hijab you get judged and looked at because you’re an assumed terrorist
    Yes a lot of tragic days but we can’t blame all Muslims because of it.

    Remember to judge not that you may not be judged.
    Let your love be without dissimulation
    Muslims, Christians, black or white
    Let's live without criticism.

  • kingsage 5d


    It is impossible to be unarmed when our blackness is the weapon that they fear.

  • kingsage 1w

    Leaders of tomorrow

    We were the children
    They called leaders of today
    Sometime yesterday.
    Is today not the tomorrow they spoke of?

  • kingsage 1w

    Forever young

    May God bless and keep you always
    May your wishes all come true
    May He answer your secret prayers
    May you stay forever young.