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  • kingsage 1w

    Do what you've got to do

    I'm a regular boy
    I live in a regular town
    I dreamed of getting away
    From this nightmare of a life
    Corona Virus came
    Companies retrenched their staff members
    Jobs disappear and paycheck stopped
    But the bills keep coming
    Then I asked the voice within
    "Do what you got to do
    Even if it will change you
    Little by little."
    The voice said.

  • kingsage 1w

    That's the way the devil comes

    He doesn't come to you as evil
    He doesn't come on fire
    He comes as everything you ever wanted
    He comes as you
    Soon enough you'll realize you've been running with the devil himself
    Soon enough you'll be cashing his checks
    Watch it! That's the way the devil comes.

  • kingsage 2w


    The want to destroy but the need to create
    The need to grieve yet the want to celebrate
    To build a temple not to worship but mock a god
    To raise a building only to watch it fall
    The desire to say no but you can't seem to refuse
    The want to love but hatred is all you use
    To be angry and scream but you can't help but smile
    The need to live in real life but be stuck in a dream.

  • kingsage 2w

    To see, to feel, to survive

    To see the light you must face the darkness
    To feel the happiness you must face the pain
    To choose righteousness you must face the wrong
    And to survive you must live.

  • kingsage 3w


    What will the future bring us
    Here today, gone tomorrow
    Life, or possibly death
    Happiness or even sorrow
    Affirmatively, a gift it is
    Perhaps, a curse or a miracle.

  • kingsage 3w

    Darkness and Light

    Light thought she travel faster than anything in the world
    But she realized the darkness has always got anywhere before her
    Waiting for she who call herself the best
    Before moving ahead.

  • kingsage 4w

    If You Could Read My Mind

    You’d see a thousand papers
    Filled with broken poetries
    And deadbeat proses
    Full of woeful verses
    With mournful pieces
    Of unfinished stories
    That are yet to be written
    And failed to be spoken;
    If you could read my mind,
    You’d hear horrible screams
    And earsplitting weeps
    From shattered dreams,
    Kept in a nasty notepad,
    Scribbled on a bed
    Of bloodstained words,
    Ringing in my head.
    If you could read my mind...

  • kingsage 4w

    Selective memory

    Your memory becomes nebulous
    When you think about your wrongs
    But it becomes crystal clear
    When it comes to remembering mine.

  • kingsage 5w

    Forgive me

    Forgive me for being human
    Forgive me for being weak
    Forgive me for falling
    Forgive me for hurting you
    It is you I love
    Forgive me, I beg.

  • kingsage 5w

    Dear God

    Please forgive us for sin and infringement
    Give us this day to lament and repent
    Let this not be our final days of judgment
    Deliver us from this Corona virus
    May we be free once again and prosperous
    Please, don't let this destroy us
    We plead for your mercy, please don't ignore us
    You God, are our last hope to salvation
    Save us, let us once more taste liberation
    We promise to cherish it and never show deviation
    From your path, your commandments and regulations
    We promise to stay true and abide to your interdiction
    We are your children and forever in need of your protection
    Please let us live and fulfil your expectations
    We cry out to you as a nation
    May our tears fall into your arms of understanding
    Your love is faithful and everlasting
    May we remain among the living
    This we pray, Amen