Soul bird : Phoenix

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  • kiruthika 3w


    When you hear the word 'Focus',
    And you know exactly what to focus on,
    Trust me, you are on the right path,
    Don't pause focusing on that...

  • kiruthika 6w


    See these following words,
    1.You are fine
    2.You've got this
    3.You will achieve something big keep on trying...
    Did you see?. When was the last time you said these to someone when they were at desperate times?

  • kiruthika 6w


    "I'm fine", he said smiling,
    But, she could sense his hungry stomach and clothes that weren't changed for two days,
    She could sense he hasn't even showered yet.
    She knows she fell in love with that once rich guy,
    All she said was, "I've got you. Let's go".

  • kiruthika 6w


    She is the exact definition for perfection,
    Strong attitude, attractive personality and a happy face,
    Now that she is famous everyone looks at her exterior,
    What they don't know is a punctured heart which was mended over a millions of time by her own effort,
    Each effort had more pain than before,
    But, she chose to keep it all hidden...

  • kiruthika 7w

    Being happy...

    Don't depend on someone else to keep you happy,
    Your happiness is always and will always be inside of you alone.
    Cherish it and let yourself enjoy it to the fullest

  • kiruthika 8w

    Passing cloud

    So this is it,
    All that love, lust etc...
    Are nothing but a passing dream,
    The reality is too dark.

  • kiruthika 8w

    Selfish people...

    When someone needs you for something,
    They will care you like you are their world,
    But, the moment you give them what they want,
    They will treat you like shit...
    You are the one who will end up stupid...

  • kiruthika 10w


    Some people refuse to accept the truth because their ego gets the better of them,
    But, I just love to see when things work out how I wanted them to.

  • kiruthika 10w

    Marry an orphan man,
    Because he knows the value of true love

  • kiruthika 12w


    Sometimes it's better to maintain a distance from people,
    Even if they are too close to you,
    Because, the more comfortable you get with them,
    The more hurt you would be...