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  • kitkat13 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Vanish

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    After all this time you managed, to leave by vanishing.

  • kitkat13 5w

    Pick up

    I am drunk and alone.
    Please pick up the phone.
    I don't know anyone here,
    This is one of my worst fears.

    Just please hear me call,
    I did not mean any of the words at all.
    You pushed me away,
    Is at a distance where I should stay?

  • kitkat13 5w


    Even though it has been years,
    Since I last saw you,
    You are still part of my fears.
    Every time I think of the color blue.

    I still sleep with a night light,
    You made me feel afraid to trust.
    Why did you have to get as high as a kite?
    You just listened to lust.

    Now look at the mess you made.
    I am beyond broken when you were through.
    Just to get fucking laid?
    I am not who I was with you.

    You no longer have a chokehold on me
    I am finally free.

  • kitkat13 11w


    And when I feel like giving up. When i stand to only fall back down again. When my tears fall like rain. When my body is breaking and my heart broken. My friends tell me to keep going because it gets better. They pick me up, wipe the tears and replace them with a smile an pick my heart up and reassemble it to what it used to be. And that I why they mean so much to me.

  • kitkat13 18w

    The Game

    I wonder who is the villain and who is the victim.
    How do you see this little game of ours in your mind?
    Is it how I see it if a game of cat and mouse?
    A game of someone cares while the other doesn't.
    The game where the timing is always wrong.
    The game where the puzzle pieces cannot be forced.

  • kitkat13 18w

    It's been awhile since I have picked up a pen.
    I am worried that it makes me remember when,
    You were here telling me stories of your travels
    But then I watched you as you lost the battle.

  • kitkat13 20w


    You say I will never walk away
    But watch I will one day.
    You tell me I can never be alone
    But you better watch your tone.
    You act shocked when I say goodbye
    But it's your fault this went awry.

  • kitkat13 21w


    They say that times heals,
    But what happens when it doesn't?

  • kitkat13 22w

    Will my appetite ever heal?

  • kitkat13 22w

    In this game of cat and mouse,
    I have no idea who is who.
    Would you be the mouse or the cat?