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  • knicii 11w

    Bleeding Heart

    To the one with the sweetest smile,
    It has been a long while.

    I didn't realize how time flew,
    But the world felt blue without you.

    And when the tears in my eyes started to flood,
    My heart soaked in crimson blood;
    Beat wildly in your hand,
    Reminding you once more, I'm your ocean and you are my land.

    And when the thunder is too loud,
    And your comfort is the only thing around,
    I'd choose it over any duvet,
    Cause you found me when I lost my way.

  • knicii 15w

    A Tragic Romance

    Everybody wants a story like Romeo and Juliet,
    With adventure and romance,
    and flowing rivers tainted scarlet,

    Where families warred and deaths ensued,
    And amidst that chaos, love construed;

    That bound two teenagers to a morbid destiny,
    Of courage and sacrifice and a fate too bloody.

    But why do they crave a story so morose,
    That's written over the corpses of the love that once was.

    There's divinity in mortality it is said,
    But how are you inspired if they ended up dead?

    "Love hurts", they stated very simply,
    And I pondered how something that vague, made sense so clearly.

    Personally, I'd like a fairytale,
    With unicorns and cupcakes and happy girls in ponytails.

  • knicii 15w

    Slightly Crazy

    Keeping her head low and eyes lower,
    She walked through the bustling corridor,

    Hiding the screams that echoed within for help;
    They wouldn't understand depression is a cry, not a yelp.

    Overwhelmed and empty with a voice so feeble,
    She felt lonely in a room full of people.

    Faking wasn't hard until it hurt to smile,
    Getting through the day felt like running a mile.

    Days flew by, and then weeks and months but nothing changed;
    Except the darkness that felt cozier,
    Was she finally deranged?

    The pills gave her hope but the effects didn't last long,
    The gloom crept in like the chorus of her life song.

    She threw them away one night,
    Giving into her nightmares after a long fight.

    Her spirit was strong and so was her hope,
    But the noise in her head could only be silenced with a rope.