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  • knowaknow 2d

    In Actuality

    They twist and arrest the wrist of those who eat every tree
    Your doctrine is not vaccinated with the materials never swathed with warm clothes
    Fabrics of reality touched with a wash of Holy water and bitter tears of repentance
    Let me hold the lines frayed by your tongue

  • knowaknow 2d

    Need a Shirt

    Play the rosary that was founded intersected with the crucifixes that cannot be reclaimed
    Where we stand to the homeless man and the studious preachers that could never divide from their sermons
    And preach kindness, to people with shirts but they could never spare their own

  • knowaknow 2d


    We preach against the good and evil
    We preach against the sorrows
    I love the work of signals mismatched
    Unguided by the people that have firm actions on toxic scales
    Yet I try to remain the best figure I ever can see...why can't you?

  • knowaknow 2d

    Select Your Pride

    Pick the character that burns your heart the brightest
    Then tell the next person to do the same thing
    When you get to the last character give an open answer to prayer
    Tell them to pick up the ashes
    What you knew of them would already be personified as a flightless, unacknowledged figure

  • knowaknow 4d

    Influx of Brass

    My mana grows as a center of brass,

    both the skin and instruments reminding me of my soul.

    The waves that can never depart from me in times of unjustly triumphs,

    Decorated warnings that listen for I'll intentions.

    I call my energy home to me,

    yet are you a neighbor or a distant attachment from afar?

  • knowaknow 4d


    Sweeten all the dangers they once held you in to perfection
    Then rampage and correct their wrongs with barbed wire, all along streaks of sugar and starch based substances. Taste the anonymity, feel the colonialism

  • knowaknow 1w


    When there is no protection in sight for injustice
    Nor the defense from the actions
    When those who climb walls are met with the same force as the justice for Breonna Taylor
    Just ask yourself who's guarded, the one's fighting for peace, for respect
    And then pierce through the deceptive cloud called complacency
    So that nobody could ever call it home

  • knowaknow 6w


    Delegate and restate the closet
    Put it back on the balls of my feet
    As I see the stars aligned and waiting on ideas Believe me and I'll be back, if you ever knew me
    This is my command: my place in everybody
    I put a card and I'll put it back on payments
    I backed into the closet and walled with enhancements, sitting heaven's down on work
    Where do we embrace the world and the commands circumstanced to a great demand

  • knowaknow 6w

    Bottled Up Hero

    Double up or double open
    As I place my Rags curtailed on capes
    You can discharge me and that will erase me
    I look at where I am
    I'll look at the stars
    I look at the places in which screws my life
    Rotate and revolve myself around hopes.
    Dreams that I begin to become a musical act that I play pool again and again
    I see myself as a well kept bottled water
    A backspace to remove the sentences ablaze we're moving out the hated hero shaped hero

  • knowaknow 9w


    Don't forget the happy thoughts you tucked in a briefcase full of unfinished business and sad memories. Someone is out there trying to unpack you and not leave a mess but make it more organized and better to put away the next chance you decide to go somewhere else. Keep thinking of ways not to wall yourself in but to engage happy thoughts as you do internally.