Words to Express my individual situations

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  • kompletekaos 1w


    It is not always true
    That everyday I am blue.
    But on the days that it is
    My psyche it brutalizes.
    The thoughts in my head would scare you still
    And I can't tell if they're fake or real.
    Like is this what I want to do?
    Step in front a train and get run through?
    Not to sound morbid at all,
    And I know to some it might appall.
    However depression is really real,
    And sometimes this is how it makes me feel.
    I've attempted a time or two,
    To bid my own life adieu.
    Unsuccessful in my plight,
    I do apologise for my being so forthright.
    I understand, it scares me too.
    Knowing what I could possibly do.
    My brain tells me that it's ok.
    Because I no longer should stay,
    In a world that never wanted,
    Someone who's existence only taunted.

  • kompletekaos 1w

    # tetractys

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    Is not
    What we think.
    It really is
    So much more than the feeling that we get.

  • kompletekaos 1w

    What if

    What if you hadn't lied,
    And made me cry?
    What if you'd have stayed true,
    And stick with me like glue?
    What if I hadn't played,
    Or you had stayed?
    What if I hadn't been petty,
    And bought that new machete?
    But there's really no answer,
    And the hurt grew like cancer.
    All trust has dissipated,
    And our love had since abated.
    We try to play our old roles,
    Seeking some form of loopholes.
    But we both know what's real.
    No matter how hard we try to conceal.
    There's no room for what if,
    So we no need to tiff.

  • kompletekaos 3w

    New years wish

    I wish we'd go back to normal.

  • kompletekaos 4w


    The echo of you on my heart
    Does no more than tear me apart.

  • kompletekaos 4w

    Has vulgar language

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    Letter to my ex

    Dearest Ex,
    You are the epitome of a piece of shit. IDK what you got out of what you did to me. You were and still are planning on marrying Tasha. You only came to me because you had nowhere to go. What thought I was going to have a lapse in judgement and pay to put the two of you in another apartment? Bitch please you must be smoking crack. I hate you. You and that whore, yes whore, deserve each other. A liar and a thief. Really that could go for either one of you. I will pray for you. I pray that God punishes you over and over again for the things you do to us. That he gives you everything you want, let's you enjoy it for a short time, then rips it all away and leaves you miserable. I despise your very existence. You are the type man that can make a bitch bitter and hate all men. But you know what baby I'm not allowing you to do that to me. For you I'm going to love the next harder and better than I've ever loved before. As for what you owe me you're paid in full. I sold everything in my crib that remotely reminded me of you. So we good. Enjoy your miserable existence. And remember vengeance is the Lord's.

  • kompletekaos 4w

    My Universe

    You were once my universe.
    But now you're my curse.
    Once I would have give my life.
    All I wanted was to be your wife.
    Now the sight of you makes me sick.
    And to think you started as a lick.
    I had lost all of myself in you.
    To find out you were always untrue.
    You said you loved me,
    And that I would see,
    What a real could really do.
    And all of that you blew.
    I've since learned you're a lame,
    Who I'll never see the same.
    You never loved me as you said.
    Loving you was a punch to my head.

  • kompletekaos 4w


    As I stand in the doorway
    Underneath the mistletoe,
    My eyes are closed,
    And cheeks are a glow.
    Patiently waiting for the one
    To make my wish come true.
    For the spark that will only come
    From his kiss I will succumb.à

    I peek through my slanted eye
    Searching for the one I yearn.
    My breath is caught at once
    From the horror I now learn.
    It's not I that my love sees
    But instead my youngest sister.
    Holding all of my composure
    I quietly walk past her and mister.

    Sadness begins to take ahold
    And tears begin to form.
    My heart is heavy from the
    Newly impending storm.
    But as quickly as it started
    It came to an abrupt halt.
    For under the mistletoe I now see
    Someone new for my love's assault.


  • kompletekaos 4w

    Love is over rated
    When you're just berated
    By the one you love
    Whom once fit like a glove

    Love's no different than the rest
    Since you fail when trying your best
    To show how you really feel
    But your past just won't heal.

  • kompletekaos 4w

    I see...

    When I look at you what I see
    Is not a reflection of me
    It's someone filled with pain
    From past things not slain
    You try real hard to not be seen
    However I have an eye that's keen
    Along with my God given intuition
    I can sense and feel your omission
    The underlying anger you feel
    Unless addressed never will heal