I'm not a poet. I'm just penning my thoughts ✍.. if u like them then follow��

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  • kp_priya 13w

    Don't Avoid it by Acting like you didn't see
    And face it Straightforwardly

  • kp_priya 13w

    If u brush off the dust of time
    We know about things now,
    But we didn't know about them then....
    Either beautiful memories or painful memories.

  • kp_priya 13w

    #life #endless #cricle #can't_escape #can't_retreat

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    Life is like
    Strolling in an

    Unable to Escape
    Unable to Retreat

  • kp_priya 13w

    After rain it becomes sunny,
    Meeting the Light......
    Being Imperfect is also
    a beautiful thing

  • kp_priya 13w

    What's wrong with

  • kp_priya 13w

    Wounds can turn into STRENGTH

  • kp_priya 17w


    It's true that present is dyed by the past
    We can choose future colors

  • kp_priya 22w

    Everybody goes through this phase in Life
    Atleast once

    " I'm good for Nothing "

  • kp_priya 22w

    Childhood Memories:
    Pure love, happiness, playing, Eating and sleeping, No worries

    Adulthood(starts @the end of Teenage):
    Betrayals, worries, smashing of dreams, caring about what others think, loneliness, sleepless Nights, frustrations, career, No one to share true feelings, crying @nights, etc.,

  • kp_priya 23w

    The topics that read so hard for Exams
    I forget them so easily in Exam hall
    I thought My memory isn't good.....
    The topics which are unpleasant
    i heard from others
    Y can't i forget easily and it hurts like hell
    Which make me lose the self esteem, confidence & make lose who I AM