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  • kpjain 16w

    He was good man

    He was a good man
    You said this either with confidence or by guess. But something was to be said during his last rites
    if you would have kept stent, people would have doubted your goodness
    and if he would have heard it, he would have pone crazy with happiness.
    Anyway, tell me this. If he was good, then why was his goodness not compensated?
    He has been asking questions all week then why were his questions not answered?
    whenever he asked if this life would consist of anything apart from relationships or not
    And you laughed it off and replied. Man, would you say something apart from this or not
    I wish, you evatuated all his moments of laughter and happiness, sadness and cries
    I wish you had turned back to see him, every time you said goodbye, You would have known
    That after you met him, he had never gone back home
    On his face, the sadness always used to roam
    On the road ide, next to tree, he used to sit alone and cry,
    You knew this right, that he was always a bit distant, a bit different from all us ?
    But did you know that he lay on his bed at home, and stared at the calling and the fan for hours?
    He always used to say, let us meet, just me and you All the things I told no one I will sit and tell you
    You sent him 24 whatsapp jokes, along with the laughing emoji You always thought that he will hold up and tall he will stand
    And if not, he is a good man, he will surely understand
    He read everything you wrote and thought to himself why is it only me who wishes to end this life?
    Why in there nobody at all who need me to be a part of their life?
    You wish you would have put him down and made him realize
    You wish that without reason you would have embraced him and made him feel nice
    You wish you knew that how he intentionally fainted with an empty stomach
    You wish that you knew why he suddenly turned quiet in between conversations
    You wish to have fought with him for his own good, You wish you mad what he wrote in his diary, it you could
    Then you would know. That his eyes did not really have many dreams He was there for many, but there wasn't anyone for him it seems
    We wish that one of us would have reached his home to visit
    So that he would have thought twice before opening that bottle of pills
    They say that relations are binding, no his home had those chains
    The table that had the bottle of pills, was also home to his parents photo frame
    There were no close ones around him Every good friend was close to his heart, but none were around him
    - This time, he picked his life way towards death This time, he found it appropriate to go away forever"
    But while leaving, he kept learning In his last days. he kept writing his story
    That, this is my decision don't involve any of my friends in this Don't think that I will still be troubled after I am gone
    And you, when you got your life completely You got the news of his expiry
    Then you believed, that he always said the truth And now clad in white alom, he talks the world that he is a good man
    You have come here to prove your own goodness you angel, you god, different from everybody
    But when he was here, you didn't have the time to meet him and now you wish to say you last goodbye to his cold body. Anyway
    When you unravel the aid memories again When you put flowers on his grave then
    Then a helpless, apathetic and upset voice will rise From his departed soul, will come his last call
    We all have been witnesses to such situations ,Just like me, there are many good people who are still there around you
    So the next time if you see someone like me. go talk to him, meet him, keep him in your heart
    And go to his house, shower him with presents and throw away hin piling out of the window
    That might give him the courage to live on That might help him take the decision to be happy
    Then maybe this might give you a reason to do good In the list of his mendship your name might be on the top
    We know all these things, but today
    it was due for me to remind you all because I can So that you will not have to go to someone's funeral and say that
    *He was a good man.*

  • kpjain 117w

    caring very important,
    It has the power to cure,
    A slave of pain,
    A child feels wanted.
    A hug, a loving kiss now and then
    To show that i care .
    The best way to say I LOVE YOU
    IF you have any fears come to me
    So what if you stumbled,failed
    Dont worry im there for you
    THE Reassurance