“No one can write your write it yourself”

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  • kraw_1995 1w

    I cannot make you

    I am tired of acting as the pillow

    that you so desperately need

    over the damage that a stranger caused

    making you suddenly rest upon me

    clinging onto my exterior but never interior

    feeling a heart that beats with personality

    but still curious about what’s really inside

    because you don’t know me.......

    if I were gone tomorrow, would you cry?

    what would be missed about me?

    there would be no flashbacks to replay

    I could be anyone, anytime, anywhere

    a pillow dented in the shape of your head

    you only benefit off of my self esteem

    because you notice that it exceeds yours

    I cannot make you want yourself

    I cannot make you need yourself

    I cannot make you love yourself


  • kraw_1995 7w


    I want you to see the tears that fill my cup
    how I drink it in its entirety afterwards
    because of how dry you leave my throat
    how dry you leave my heart
    because every time I open up
    I can’t even get a word to meet your ear
    you shove your hand into my chest
    feeling around for my darkness
    so that yours won’t look so dark
    hoping to find a gun pointed at you
    to prove that I am out for revenge
    but I don’t want to devour you
    my words are not born from hate
    they search for the love that I missed
    wanting to know why it was never shown
    I just want the rips to be sewn


  • kraw_1995 10w

    The Eyes Never Tell

    How can you really know someone?
    they say the eyes tell.....
    but half the time, I see nothing but blank
    in the way another can look at you...
    with dry eyes, never a tear shed for you
    but they keep you close
    having no clue what the next move will be
    you play along, wanting there to be good
    but the eyes never tell....
    some don’t listen, but actions speak
    some don’t see it, but absence speaks
    when they stay only when it is convenient
    when you won’t hear from them for weeks
    I wake up to the smell of coffee
    my senses, always bleached
    I force myself to stay awake
    to hear the footsteps of the fake.....


  • kraw_1995 15w

    River of Me

    If there is beauty, there is the opposite
    we have all stood where it’s dark
    choosing whether or not to burn a candle
    that gladly sheds light......
    on the exact thing that tries to ruin us
    I lit my candle, to look at my storm closely
    I have always known that a river will tell
    your reflection will spill on everything
    it guides you to where you will overcome
    sometimes, the river will carry it away
    never thought it would pull me from myself but when it did, I fought...
    for both my flesh, and spirit
    I started chasing.....
    but I couldn’t do it forever
    so I drank the water
    I devoured myself
    I am now the river
    a river of me....


  • kraw_1995 19w

    Real Love

    Love should never be a burden
    or splattered with dark shades of paint
    only to be seen as a perverted advantage
    why we can’t express our thoughts
    that are flooded with nothing but touch
    freezing us into an awkward moment
    my mind dances in the opposite direction
    I continue to question......
    what is wrong with the soft strokes upon
    a body after being hardened by the world
    the kind of touch that carries worries
    with intentions to make them no more
    I can see my lover with the lights off
    because it is I in him....and him in I
    two entangled vines
    growing together
    as our souls become one
    real love is never misunderstood
    I speak from experience


  • kraw_1995 19w

    Trust Issues

    Trust only walks a certain distance now
    all we can see is a blurry image
    of what is really consuming one another
    standing a few feet apart
    but having no clue of what caught on fire
    being burned alive from the inside
    most will keep a straight face when approached
    played with like game pieces
    we continue to live in the wrong....
    we are not the ones that can’t be trusted
    I can admit to my demons
    none of us asked for, but still have them
    each time you look someones way
    they can smile while you speak to them
    but they cry behind closed doors
    they hurt....
    half the people don’t know why
    but for the other half
    making it to the end of the game
    that can see a shadow for what it is
    genuinely smile and continue to live


  • kraw_1995 20w

    Had to Be Done

    I wish I could find you .... to thank you
    for running back to me when you did
    I knew you wouldn’t leave me
    in the dark for long
    I knew that someone had to care
    and it must have been you
    I wanted to be right
    I felt that I had to be
    until I reached out for your hand
    only for the cheeks of my fingers to hit a glass window
    I was just a tempting item that you spotted in a vending machine
    an option that you could turn down for another
    you made me feel like burying myself
    thinking you would never miss me were still the one that I missed
    I wish that I could mention your name
    but it seems I have forgotten it
    back then I assumed that I could never
    but I want to give credit
    when asked how I still smile
    how I can now love and be loved
    after you drained red from my every vein
    I really wish I could thank you
    for crumbling me in your palm like paper
    so that I could be picked up
    so that I could be kissed and healed
    so that I could learn what real love is
    after comparing it to what you did to me
    but no hard feelings
    you did what had to be done


  • kraw_1995 21w


    I pulled you by your wrists
    close enough for you to help me
    catch the rocks that fell
    from a tall mountain of mistakes
    still don’t know why I kept pieces together
    I lived there for so long
    dreaming, night after night....
    about the mountain sitting opposite of me
    could picture myself leaping from an edge
    from a dark and crooked mountain
    to one that nearly blinded me with it’s light
    somehow I knew that it carried a message
    it wanted to tell me something important
    I didn’t have much time to gamble
    I had to jump without knowing if I would survive the landing
    so I did......
    somehow you were already there
    I landed into your arms
    failing to see what was right in front of me
    you were the message....


  • kraw_1995 21w

    You Complete Me

    I will always wonder how you love me with ease
    what I hold on the inside keeps you around
    you turn me inside out and wear my pain as a shirt in public
    carrying it as if it’s your own without shame
    it is the beauty that you see in my bruises
    as you massage them softly
    the sunflowers you spot growing
    from the roots of my scars
    they sing to you because they know what you do for me
    I thought that I couldn’t be fixed
    after losing too many pieces of myself
    until you refused to see me hurting
    creating the perfect shapes
    with your bare hands
    little by little
    you completed me.....


  • kraw_1995 22w

    Just Words

    Your words are like leaves that fall from a tree
    except they fall from your mouth, making promises
    having to be chased
    after a breeze carries them away
    they should never get lost
    I can’t handle the pain of you drifting away
    I need to feel what you say....
    so I know it is real
    knowing that you will stay
    hugged at the right time without saying a word
    kissed on the forehead when my thoughts need heeling
    cared for like I’m yours....because I am