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  • kritikarai 4w


    Person who is reasonable adapt himself to the word; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself....

  • kritikarai 5w


    Mother is a blessings to everyone...
    When we were toddler she nurture us.
    Even if, we grew up we are always pampered by her.
    She is the one who lullaby us when we could not sleep...
    She is the one who alleviate our pains.
    When we indulge in failure,she is the one whom we finds besides us ...
    She's the one who envelope us in her benevolence and gives us true love,
    She is our true friend ❣️.


  • kritikarai 5w

    Besides looks and appearance ... it's also crucial to develop oneself from within.


  • kritikarai 6w

    It's the fact that nothing can briNgs us suCcess...but ourselves

  • kritikarai 10w


    Women,though it consists of ' five' words but the word is superior in itself. Women is also called as' womb' which brings new life to Cosmo. Most women nowadays has reached their sublime height, they have achieved what they've carve... and some are subdue by the social norms. Several years elapsed , women now has ascend the ladder of equality(with men).Years later women were denoted as 'others' or can say 'objects' which fulfill men's carnal desire...and to give birth to their offspring.Though we say that men and women are equal but the fact is that women are not considered as equal as men .We vividly see that there is a gender bias. Men usually denotes women as inferior and consider themselves transcendent.The notion of writing on the topic of 'women' is that,both men and women are equal in the eyes of an omnipotent. If he didn't judge us ...who are we to judge each other.

    - Kritika

  • kritikarai 10w

    An ounce of emotions is equal to a ton of facts.

  • kritikarai 11w


    Person who has a strong willpower can generates positivity in their mind and subsequently in their body....


  • kritikarai 12w

    More you get...more you desire


  • kritikarai 18w


    Depression is a ... source of 'Anger'.


  • kritikarai 19w

    It'll be easier to get what we've lost ,but hard to get back a 'word' which we have gave away...