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  • kru_glory 4d

    Chapter 15: The Divine Falls.

    GLORY'S P.O.V.:

    In last chapter:

    "Why'd you call, you ass?" He says angrily.

    "Oh , I almost forgot, I need your help, we found some clues regarding the murders." He says and goosebumps break out on my body hearing that.

    "On our way," we both say in unison.

    In this chapter:

    AROLD'S P.O.V.:

    We reach the palace where my brother is waiting for us. I lead Glory to my office which is quite similar to hers, mostly black and a hist of red. We enter to see Maurice with a few papers in his hands. He turns to us and motions us to sit. We take a seat on the leather couches in my office and he sits across us.

    "Our people found the traces of someone's presence on most of the murder spots. The traces could probably be of someone's energy. If the stars are in our favor then we might catch the murderer soon enough." He says getting to point.

    "What color was it?" Glory asks and I look at her in confusion.

    "I thought energies could only be felt. They have colours?" I mutter.

    "You can't see the colours of energies. That's news. Well, every form of energy has a specific colour too. Like the energy that surrounds and comes from vampires is bright red in colour. Most magic users have a purple energy and if we talk about Fae and fairies....... They are different according to their type."

    "DAMN!" We both say together and Glory grins.

    "Can you see them?" Maurice enquires.

    "Yea, I can. It helps in protecting myself. The amount of energy you can see and feel is different because some people like to create an illusion. So it is a lot of help if I can see through an illusion. Anyways, did you find a colour or did it feel dissimilar in some way?" She questions.

    "Yes, they say it is unusual for an energy form like this to exist now because some alike was seen about a millennial ago. I don't understand what that means........ Then there is this symbol which is seen for a brief moment before it disappears." He says handing her the sketch. There is a snake that surrounds something that looks like a sword and there is also a vine that's wrapped around the diamond.

    "Wow..... This really is real then." Glory says with a huff of breath.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I thought it was just a legend that someone who controls the snakes in the water and is able to control water by turning it into snakes, exists. I thought people just wanted to protect the Divine Falls which is why the story has been going around for thousand year. It was real after all." She explains.

    "You mean to say that someone who is a man fan of snakes is going around killing people in our kingdoms just for fun!? For fucks sake say something that we will understand!" He exclaims.

    "He used to be the protector of the Divine Falls, a place where if you pay enough price you get whatever you wish for. But as simple as it sounds, the place was or maybe is really dangerous. If the magic went wrong then the price could even be your life or more". She says making me think about more and more.

    "What could be more than taking away someone's life?" He mumbles.

    "The only thing scarier than death is life, kiddo. The reason why some people are kept alive is to punish them while they beg for death to come," I say and Glory smirks making me frown.

    "Looks like you're gonna ask for a certain someone's love from the Divine Falls," she says smirking turning Maurice red. Damn! I never knew my brother blushed and that makes us bursts out laughing. That explains the smirk very well.

    "Can we just focus on the bloody snakeman, please?" He says as our laughter dies down.

    "Oh yeah...... His name is-"

    "Tora Igarashi" a voice sounds from the doorway.

    ┏━━━━━°❀•°:�� . ��:°•❀°━━━━━┓

    Hey guys!! ❤️❤️♥️♥️
    Hope you enjoyed ����♥️♥️
    Two new characters are going to be introduced. Who do you think they're going to be? Who's the one speaking from the doorway? Any guesses?? Comment below!!

    Copyright belongs to the writer:


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    When The Devil Calls Your Name

    Chapter 15: The Divine Falls.

  • kru_glory 1w

    Chapter 14: La Mia Rosa

    Warning: includes use of strong language. Love scenes are included too. So please consider this as a cue to not report it since I warned you. This story strictly belongs to me so do NOT think about copying it.

    GLORY'S P.O.V.:

    In last chapter:

    That's all he said and I was confused so as to what happened. That was until he showed up.......



    In this chapter:

    I look at the intimidating figure in front of me with a look of shock. That I cover quickly and get into protective mode. He casually sits down on a chair as if we are here on a fucking date.

    Wait, what am I thinking!? A DATE!!??

    I just sit down shaking my head and say, "Why the fuck are you here?"

    He sighs and starts, "I want to know how you found out it was me." He cuts me off before I protest, "Look, with the things happening I need to know, okay? And to answer your unasked question, I got your number from your brother because I wanted to keep in touch about the preps. It sure wasn't easy because DAMN! You are good at hiding for your own good."

    I nod and mumble, "I'm sure you're not here to tell me how great I am."
    At which he chuckles and continues, "I was here to tell you that everything for the coronation will be prepared by tomorrow on both sides according to our parents. So now, we are free to continue our investigation. I saw a look on your face when you searched Diabolica's mind. Can you explain? That is, if you don't mind."

    He is being a gentleman unlike when we met in my office. I don't know how to explain that feeling that I'm having. So I try my best with, "I saw a silhouette in her mind which I'm sure is of a man but who? I can't place my finger on the specific identity. I also know for a fact I have met this man before but somehow this person manages to erase anyone's memory of him. Then there is this feeling where I just want to get away from him and this �������� to protect myself and........" I trail off and sigh.

    He gently places his rough hands on mine and gives it a gentle squeeze. I look up to meet his eyes and it's the first time I notice the specks of gold in his eyes. They are so beautiful, almost hypnotic. He swallows and I see his Adam's apple move. Suddenly the air around us is thick and our breathing has picked up. I didn't even realise when he came to sit beside me up until now. He gently places a hand on my waist and next thing I know is that he's picking me up bridal style.

    I frown and ask, "What are you doing?"

    He looks at me and his lips give a breathtaking smile. He leans down and whispers, "As much as I'd like to have those lips on mine, we need to talk. So, I'm taking you to the balcony to cool off, ���� ������ ��������." I slightly blush at the nick name, ���� ��������. It sounds so hot rolling off of his tongue in Italian.

    He sits down on the swing in my balcony and the night breeze kisses my cheeks. He places me on his lap like I'm a delicate rose, wrapping his arms around me.

    "You should be careful of everything now. I just wanted to tell you that, for some reason, I feel a connection to you. We don't have to use labels just yet but I know you are staying. I don't know how, but I'm sure you're staying. It's like you came in my life and swept me right off of my feet. I want to see where it goes. Will you let me?" He asks with so much purity and depth in his emotions that right now I'd say yes to almost anything.

    I take a deep breath not trusting my voice and breathe out, "Yes, I'm willing to let you try. But we're going to have to protect ourselves together."

    Before I can say anything else he places a finger on my lips says, "If you expect that I'll let you be locked in a safe place and make others fight for you then stop right there. You are MY queen. You fight with me to protect our people. It's either together or not at all. I know you can fight and protect. It will be disrespectful to take your right as their queen away. Hell it will be insulting!" His words make me smile so big, I think my face might split in two.

    No one has ever made me feel this way. Ever. This is the most he could give me. Being there to protect someone is the maximum form of trust you can ever receive from them. I also love how he thinks my respect is important because frankly, most guys don't care. He's thinking highly of me and in that way he's just earned some respect and the right to call me his. Now as long as we are together, I don't care what happens. I know we will face it together.

    "I admire the fact you consider my pride as an esteemed factor. It means a lot. Now, let's get to work, shall we?" I say smirking and as if on cue, we get a call from Maurice. Well, he gets the call, I can just listen.

    "Hey, what up?" He says into the phone.

    "Where are you man? You haven't replied to a single text." I could legit feel the irritation in his voice. I look up at Arold smirking and raise an eyebrow, all while trying not to laugh.

    "Oh, sorry. Anything wrong?" He says glaring at me and this time I can't control my laughter.

    "Are you hooking up with someone? Is that a chick?" This time it's my turn to glare him.

    "Dude, I'm not hooking up."

    "Then who........!? Wait....... Is that princess Glory?" I growl at that. I hate being called a princess. It sounds weak and girlish in my opinion.

    I grab the phone and spit, "Watch your tongue around me kiddo! In case you don't want it to be cut. And I am NOT a hookup. AM I CLEAR!?"

    "Yes , your highness." He says and I swear he's smirking. Correction on that, both the morons are smirking. I hit him on the arm and he yelps.

    "Are you sure you are to be the king?" I ask him.

    "Trust me, I doubt it too sometimes." Maurice says laughing. Arold just glares at me and the phone which makes us laugh harder. I'm pretty sure Maurice can imagine his expression to laugh that hard.

    "Why'd you call, you ass?" He says angrily.

    "Oh , I almost forgot. I need your help, we found some clues regarding the murders." He says goosebumps break out on my body hearing that.

    "On our way," we both say in unision.

    ┗━━━━━°❀•°:�� * ��:°•❀°━━━━━┛

    Hey guys, I hope you liked it. Sorry for the long read. Any ideas what the clues are? Any suggestions on what you want next? Leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading. ❤️❤️♥️♥️

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    When The Devil Calls Your Name..

    Chapter 14:

  • kru_glory 4w

    Chapter 13: Hi love!

    GLORY'S P. O. V.

    In last chapter:

    Unknown: Hi love!



    I read it and I swear whoever it is, I wish I could let Gary hunt himher down till the end of hell! I glare at the screen and wonder who it is...... Guess I'll have to reply to find out.


    Unknown: Oh love, you don't have to be angry. I'm sure your pretty face doesn't look so good while you're glaring at the screen.

    How the hell does he know I'm glaring at the screen? And if he calls me 'love' one more time I'm sending Gary out on a hunt!

    GLORY: Firstly, stop calling me 'LOVE'! Secondly,who the fuck are you? And lastly, how did you know I was glaring at the screen?

    Unknown: Firstly, I have all the rights to call MY queen 'LOVE'. Secondly, it's more fun this way;) And lastly, I know a lot about you darling!

    UGHHH!!! THIS PERSON HAS A DEATH WISH!! I'm sure Gary would love a nice meal.........

    GLORY: What the hell do you want? And do you even know who you are calling YOUR queen?? I'm no one's queen. I am THE QUEEN! You sure you don't wanna be eaten by my spirit animal? I think that's what you texted me.

    Let's see how heshe reacts to a warning.

    Unknown: Love, how can you expect me to want something other than you? That hurt ☹️.......... But I think I know what I signed up for when I called you MY QUEEN.
    P.S: your spirit animal won't stand a chance against me.

    I'm seriously surprised by the reply. No one. No. Fucking. One. Has dared to call me theirs before. And this is the end of my patience. I run to my computer and start hacking. If you didn't know I have a degree in hacking and everyone in the dark web knows me as THE DEVIL.

    I work my magic and find out that the person's system is secured. Ha! As if that is going to stop me from getting to him. I work my magic and BAM!

    THIS ASSHOLE!!! HE LITERALLY JUST MET ME TODAY!!! IT'S AROLD!! I seriously want to send Gary on a hunt now.........:|

    Sexy annoying brat:

    Awww...... Our little king is worried. How cute! Well, if you wanna play darling........ Let the battle begin.

    GLORY: Awww. Are you worried little one? Are you scared of what I'll do to you?

    Sexy annoying brat: Worried, yes. I don't want anything to happen to my queen. And darling the world is scared of you but I'd rather be the reason is laid at your feet. Oh and, I'm not little in any part of anotomy. ;)
    P. S.: I'm still worried even though I know you can protect yourself very well, my love.

    I don't know why but reading this tugs at my heart. It makes me feel weird things. No one has ever worried about me in a way he does and somehow I know it's different.

    GLORY: Just how long are you going to play this game?

    Sexy brat: What game?

    GLORY: the game of hiding yourself, AROLD!!!!

    Oh how I wish I could see his face right now.

    Sexy brat: HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS ME??

    GLORY: I have my ways, 'LOVE'!

    Sexy brat: Oookay......

    That's all he said and I was confused so as to what happened. That was until he showed up in my room.



    Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed. I'm SOOOOO sorry to be late. I've been caught up in a lot of things so I couldn't update. I'll be trying to update regularly now. Wish me luck.����

    Happy Reading ����❤️

    Also I sincerely apologise for any inconveniences caused during reading this chapter..... I tried to change the fonts for simple reading but the characters were exceeding the limit. So I had to work with this. I'm sorry again.

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    When The Devil Calls Your Name

    Chapter 13: Hi love!

  • kru_glory 7w

    Chapter 12:

    GLORY'S P. O. V. :

    ιи ℓαѕт ¢нαρтєя :

    Why is that figure so familiar?? WHO IS 'HE'???

    ιи тнιѕ ¢нαρтєя :

    I'm losing my mind thinking about him. I don't know why I can't remember anything about him. Where have I seen HIM before? But what's making me more furious is that he used someone from MY KINGDOM to betray me like this.

    I look at the woman lying unconscious at my feet because I used a part of her energy to explore her brain. I tie her to a chair and tell everyone to leave except Arold since he gets to have some fun too after what's been going on. I wake her up and use the anger boiling inside of me to create create the flames. Soon there are exquisite flames surrounding my palm and I use them to burn the skin on her fingers. She lets out an ear piercing cry.

    Arold seems to have something else in his mind as I see a whip made out of electricity. He crackles the whip and swings it. The whip hits her earlobe and I hear another cry. Damn! That must've hurt. I am so done with this woman! I take my shotgun blaze and aim it at her heart. I pull the trigger and a bullet made of spells shoots right through her body. That bullet will make her feel so much pain as if everything inside of her is burning and breaking at the same time. She yells out in her death throes and passes out again.

    "That bullet is made of spells so we don't have to kill her. As soon as she tries to reduce the pain it'll become ten times worse. This will continue till her body gives in to the pain and she finally dies." I tell Arold and he merely nods.

    "We will get going then. Inform us if you have any clue in HIM or anything like that. Also, please be careful." He says and I see worry flash in his eyes. I give him a small smile and say, "I will."

    He nods in return and teleports away. I return to my office and see that Audrey, Rishi and Sofia waiting there. I tell them about Diabolica and Rishi tells the team that has been investigating to speed up the process. He leaves to find more clues and Audrey has arrangements to do for the upcoming coronation. Sofia and I return home since we have school tomorrow. Fucking chamber of hell!!!!! Ughhhhhhhh..........


    Right now Sofia and I sitting in the living room with some red wine in our hands and the weather outside is so cold I think it might start snowing in a few days. A glass of wine near a warm fire place with a cozy blanket and a friend to cuddle with. Utter perfection.

    "Sof?" I say in a low voice.

    "Hmm," she responds.

    "Did Maurice say something to you?" As soon as the question is outta my mouth, Sofia is tomato red and I don't think it's the wine. A small smile is given away by her and she turns in arms to look at me.

    "He did," she starts, "How do you know?" I give her a 'are you serious' look and she continues, "He said he walked into my dream since he is a dream walker. He wanted to protect me from everything that is bad around me. I don't know if anything is good at all though. I'm all broken and he's just so perfect. He doesn't know about me and I'm afraid once he does I'll be alone again." She finishes with moisture starting to form in her eyes. I pull her closer and wrap my arms around her.

    "Always remember my dear, if a man can't bear your worst then he doesn't deserve you best either. A man who truly loves you will never leave you just because you aren't perfect. Instead he will admire all those imperfect perfections that make you who you really are. I say you should give this one a chance. The way he looks at you my dear, I swear the world envied you at that very moment and will do so every time he does." I tell her and she is blushing all over again.

    "What about you and Arold then?" She suddenly mumbles.

    "What about us?" I can't help the smirk that forms on my face as I think about our encounter in my office.

    "Oh come on, he's totally interested." She says with a smirk.

    "I don't know, honestly. I'm pretty sure in Audrey's and your opinion I should give it a shot and on the contrary all my brothers will forbid it. Especially my best friend. You haven't met him, right? We'll do it tomorrow. Anyways, if there is something that I'm sure about then it's that I'll emasculate him if he so much as looks at another woman." I say and she bursts out laughing.

    "You'll really cut his balls for cheating on you??" She asks as she controls her laughter. I just shrug in response.

    We both are tired so we get back to our particular rooms to get some rest. Just as I'm about get under the sheer to lie down for a bit my phone goes off indicating that I have a text from someone. I open it to find an unknown number texting me. The text reads:

    unknσwn: hí lσvє!!!



    Hi guys, hope you enjoyed this!!!����������
    I have a notice for you guys, I'll be posting only twice a week now. I'm so sorry but my classes have started and it's very difficult for me to cope up with everything all once. I hope you guys understand. ❤❤❤������

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    When The Devil Calls Your Name.....

    Chapter 12: That's what a traitor gets.....

  • kru_glory 8w

    Chapter 11:

    ιи ℓαѕт ¢нαρтєя :
    Just as our lips are about to connect we hear a knock followed by a gasp.......

    ιи тнιѕ ¢нαρтєя :

    AROLD'S P. O. V. :

    I look up to see who it is and find Audrey standing at the door. Suddenly my ass is made familiar with the floor as I fall from the couch and off of Glory.

    "What happened?" Glory asks. She stands and adjusts her clothes.

    "She's awake and we've locked her so that she has no chance to teleport." Audrey says while I get up.

    "What are we waiting for then? Let's go," Glory says in an excited voice.
    Why the hell is she excited?

    GLORY'S P. O. V. :

    I don't know what just happened to be honest. I'm sure Audrey is gonna get up my ass about it later. But that's not important right now. Diabolica is awake. Not for long though. She signed her death sentence herself after entering my domain. I make my way towards the cells with Audrey and Arnold by my side.

    Once I get to her cell I see that she is bounded with the spells only my twin can create. I see him standing there and to my surprise he's with Maurice and Sofia. I guess he was worried about her too. When Diabolica sees me she is weirdly happy to see me I guess, because she's smiling. I raise an eyebrow at her and what comes out of her mouth is enough to make me want to kill her," 'HE' will come for you. HE said, he'd make me the queen after you die. I have a feeling that the day isn't far. "

    I shouldn't have let her live when I rescued Sofia, I should have just killed the annoying and lousy piece of shit. I feel the heat of anger rising inside of me and I use the magic spell I've been dying to use. I look at her dead in the eye and cast the spell in my mind. The moment I do so she starts yelling in agony. The spell is making anyone feel the emotion I want them to. I feel someone's eyes on me and I take a glance to find a shocked and confused looking Arold looking at me. I just reply with a wink. I stop the pain coursing through her body as I have a question.

    "How the fuck do you know HIM? Who is HE?" I ask her through gritted teeth. I'm running out of patience and that's horrible for her.

    Suddenly there's a loud bang. I scan the room only to see that there's a hole in the wall and Arold made it. His veins look like they can pop any second but why is that so hot? His anger is only making me wet. Dear lord drown him in a bucket of ice. Wait......... What am I thinking?

    Why is he so angry? Does he know something?

    "So you are the one that keeps on giving those threats! You want our kingdoms and you think we'll hand it to you like a candy?!!" Arold yells in complete fury.

    "Wait........ You've been getting threats too? I thought someone was only killing your subjects to make me more scared........... This is so fucked up!" I yell out the last part as I run a hand through my hair.

    I grab her neck and choke her till her face is red and purple. I yank her hair to get her at eye level. "I'll ask you one last time. Who. Is. HE?"

    "I don't know. We only talked through magic. After that he erased my memory." She says finally looking scared. Good.

    "What do you mean HE erased your memory?" Asks Maurice, oh I forgot he was here but Sofia left I guess.

    "Some magic users have the powers to play with a person's memory and so do vampires." I explain.

    "So she'll be no help?" He asks again.

    "We can go through her memory but we need someone to do it." Suggests Arold.

    "Well, I'll do it. I want that wanker to be dead as soon as possible." I say and get to work. I scan through her memory and find a silhouette. But for some reason I find it very familiar. I've seen it before I guess.

    They both look at me me with expectant eyes and I tell them how I feel about the situation. Why is that figure so familiar? Where have I seen it before?

    WHO IS 'HE'?????


    Hi guys!!!��������I'm sorry I kept you all waiting. I'm back and the ride has begun again. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and liked the plot. I'm going to be getting ready to reveal one secret after another. So, stay tuned and HAPPY READING LOVES ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    When The Devil Calls Your Name

    Chapter 11: More about HIM.....

  • kru_glory 9w

    Warning: the chapter below contains loads of romanticism. It is 18+ content so please read at your own risk. I am not responsible if you either madly fall in love with the couple or do not like romance. Rest assured, this is exactly what I wanted my novel to be like so I hope you enjoy. ❤❤❤����

    Chapter 10:

    SOFIA'S P. O. V. :

    ιи ℓαѕт ¢нαρтєя :

    I look around, more clearly this time.......... And my eyes widen at the sight and a gasp leaves my lips.......... It's not just a garden....... IT IS THE DAMN ROYAL GARDEN.......... OF.......... AVERNUS.........

    ιи тнιѕ ¢нαρтєя:

    My eyes shoot up to his and I see a mischievous glint in them. It's then I realize that I'm sitting on his lap. I make a move to get off but he doesn't let me. I look up at him and he says, "It feels good to wrap myself around you like this." As if to prove his point he does exactly that.

    I love it too but I'm scared to admit it to him. My heart is fuzzy with emotions but my mind has so many questions going on. It's too soon for me to open up yo someone. What if he breaks my heart?

    "Stop," he says, interrupting my chain of thoughts.

    "What?" I ask him.

    "Over thinking," he says looking at me and continues, "We'll figure it out as time goes on. You don't have to think about it so much babe."

    BABE.......... The word makes me feel all warm inside. I just nod in response and lean into his touch.


    AROLD'S P. O. V. :

    тιмє яєωιи∂ тσ ѕσfια ℓєανιиg.:

    Sofia just had a nightmare and for some reason my brother took interest in her dream or probably her. I will ask him later about it. They both left the room. Soon after there's a knock on the door.

    A royal guard enters and says, "Your Highness the attacker is awake."

    "We both will go and check on her and make sure that she doesn't teleport out of this place," says Rishi motioning to himself and Audrey. Glory just nods and they leave.

    I didn't really participate in this thing because it wasn't my place to. Not to mention watching her fight was fascinating and the way she carries herself is just another charisma in itself.

    "So............ About the coronation. What have you decided?" She asked biting her lip. And just when I thought a badass couldn't get any cute........... I was so wrong. She looks really cute when she's nervous.

    "We can hold it at the Rosewood Palace like Maurice suggested. The guests will be the same that are usually there at a coronation but we don't have to worry about that. Our parents will take care of it." I tell her.

    'If you don't stop worrying that bottom lip of yours, I might have to do it for you," I say in a low, husky voice.

    "Huh?" She asks confused.

    I get up and make my way towards her in an excruciatingly slow pace so she understands my intentions. She gets up when I reach her and looks at me dead in the eye......... She raises a perfect eyebrow at me as if daring me to do something. I raise her face so our lips are almost brushing each other.

    "Think you can sate the devil now, don't you?" She says in a low but seductive voice. She moves her lips closer to my ear and her breath fans on my neck.

    "Damn woman! You're gonna be the end of me," I say because of the effect that she's having on me is unlike anyone. I can feel her smirk when she places a kiss right below my ear.

    I grab her waist and pull her so there's no space between our bodies. She pulls back to look at me with a completely innocent expression on her face. She's tempting a beast here and she's filly aware of it. The scent of roses coming from her is so strong it's like a drug. That only makes me want to sink my fangs into her porcelain skin and taste that ambrosia.

    Before I can think of anything else, her lips crash down on mine. I waste no time and our lips are moving in a Symphony. I thought it'd be a fight for dominance but it's a complete bliss as I explore her mouth. She tastes like chocolate and that's only increasing the feeling of euphoria between us.

    I grab her by waist and set her down on her desk. She links her arms around my neck and gives a rough tug to my hair. I won't lie, I love the way she makes me feel. We place our forehead on each other's as we try to catch our breath. I look into her ocean like eyes and see something flash in them. I just saw something I never thought I'd see. Fear. But it disappeared as soon as I saw it. I choose to ignore it, she'll tell me when she feels like it.

    "This is gonna be one long week, don't you think?" I say with a smug smile.

    I forgot that she could wipe that smile right off. Not for long though, as I'm flying to my seat right now. As soon as I've "landed", she comes over and places her leg between mine and props her elbow on her knee. She grabs my tie and yanks it till we are at eye level and says, "Are you sure you'll be able to handle that week, 'ANGEL'? "

    I grab her hands and flip her so now she's lying down on the couch with me top of her. She lets out a gasp and a giggle. I pin her hands above her head and say, "Oh I'm sure I can handle it. But you, my dear, will see how much of a devil I can be."

    "I'm not your 'dear'. I'm a fucking QUEEN!" says with authority lacing her voice.

    I just smirk and say, "That's hot!"

    Just as our lips are about to connect we hear a knock followed by a gasp.............


    Hey guys....... Hope you enjoyed! I want to inform you all that I'm going to be taking a break for a while. There's a family occasion which is the reason of this break. I'll be back in a few days with a new chapter which is hopefully more thrilling and amazing. I just want a bit of support and patience from you all. ������������������������❤❤❤❤❤

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    When The Devil Calls Your Name.

    Chapter 10: I'm a Queen.

  • kru_glory 10w

    Chapter 9:

    GLORY'S P. O. V. :

    ιи ℓαѕт ¢нαρтєя :

    "What I don't understand is, why would she show up now? It's been over a year.........." Rishi mutters.

    Just as I'm about to answer I hear a loud scream..........

    ιи тнιѕ ¢нαρтєя:

    I look at the source and realize that Sofia is having a panic attack again. She is shaking in fear and anxiety. I start walking towards her but someone is faster than me.

    SOFIA'S P. O. V. :

    I fainted after the attack, the shock was too much for me to handle. The last thing I remember is being held in Glory's strong arms and being brought to her office. After that darkness took me.

    I feel my breath quicken as the person who has haunted my dreams, my father, comes to view again. He is grinning evilly as he does in every other dream of mine. I feel a lump rise in my throat, so big that I might choke on it. My body starts shaking in fear of what is to come. I want to move away from him, away from all the pain but somehow I can't. My body is unable to make up other movement. I feel tears running down my cheeks and I part my lips to release a loud cry of agony.

    My body is shaking hysterically at this rate and I have no idea what to do. Just then I feel warm arms envelope me. I instantly feel safe. My hands find their way around the warm body. I start feeling my senses again.

    "Sh...... It's okay...... You're gonna be okay," I hear a soothing but rough voice say and I instantly feel at home. But wait........... It isn't Glory's voice.

    I look up to meet the most beautiful grey eyes I've ever seen before. He still has his arms around me and I don't wanna let go. I hear a throat clearing and I feel heat rising to my cheeks. I look at Glory and she has a soft expression on her face which is a complete contradiction to what I saw before. That expression from earlier made me realizes how dangerous she can be. But for me she is like the elder sister I never had.

    I try to free myself but, MAURICE............ He has an iron grip on me. I look up at him and he just shrugs causing me to blush yet again. God, I'm gonna die of blushing!

    Glory breaks the silence, "Sofia, you should get some rest, honey pie. Today was a lot to handle. I'm sorry you had to go through that because of me." What is she saying? It isn't her fault.

    "Glory, you don't have to apologize. It isn't your fault. And I'm sorry for getting you in a difficult situation, " I say feeling guilty.

    She comes closer and places a hand under my chin making me look at her, something she always does. She says, "It is not your fault that the bitch is nuts enough to touch what's mine. And she WILL pay for it. "

    She goes to hug me but can't because of Maurice's arm around my shoulder. She glares daggers at him and that makes his hands rise in surrender. The look on his face makes a giggle escape from my lips. They both look at me and I give a small smile. Glory wraps me in a hug and a familiar scent of roses envelopes me. I hug her back and we let it linger.

    I leave her office because I'm a bit tired. What I didn't expect though was that Maurice follows me out. I am a bit confused so I ask," Umm........ Is there something you needed?"

    He nods and places a hand gently on my cheek as if he's afraid I might break. He looks in my eyes with uncertainty and asks, "Who did this to you?"

    I know he's talking about the wound on my face. Most of them have healed but this one was newest so it is taking time. I am not comfortable to share everything with someone yet. Glory is different. I'm not even sure why he's here right now......... Looking at my unsure expression he lets his hand fall and I feel cold. I crave his touch for some reason, I like it.

    "Was the man in your dream who did this to you?" He asks through gritted teeth and I stare at him wide eyed.

    "You....... You are a dream walker?" I ask, totally stunned.

    "Yes, I can enter anyone's dream as that's what a dream Walker does. I'm sorry I entered your dream without permission but I'm not at all sorry for what I saw," he says looking at me. Honestly, I don't know what to say so I just look down. I can sense his anger but why is he angry?
    "Why are you angry though?" I mutter still looking down.

    "Because when I look at you I have the urge to protect you. I don't know why but you're the first person I've ever wanted do protect apart from my family," he says and I don't know why but moisture fills my eyes. Why does he care for someone as broken as I am? Does he pity me? But then again, he doesn't look like the type to pity someone.............

    "Hey," he says in a soothing voice and wraps me in a warm hug. I let all the tears that have been inside for so long, flow. I let out a sob and he rubs calming circles on my back.


    I don't know how much time I spent crying but when I look around we're in a beautiful garden. I look up at Maurice and he gently holds my face and wipes the remaining tears with his calloused thumbs. He places a soft kiss on my forehead and I'm sure I look like a blushing mess. He lets out a soft chuckle, I love hearing it.

    I look around..... More clearly this time...... my eyes widen at the sight and a gasp leaves my lips....... It's not just a garden......... IT'S THE DAMN ROYAL GARDEN......... OF........... AVERNUS..........


    I hope you guys enjoyed my little surprise. Tell me what you think about it....... Oh and, Glory and Arold are still in the office. What do you think will happen with them? Any suggestions? Any idea? Comment them to me!������������������(^‿^✿) #devil_calls

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    When The Devil Calls Your Name.

    Chapter 9: Loving arms........

  • kru_glory 10w

    Chapter 8:

    GLORY'S P. O. V. :

    ιи ℓαѕт ¢нαρтєя :

    I raise my sword for next attack but she teleports........ I turn around to look at her and my eyes widen....... SOFIA........ Dianolica has a blade ready to slice her throat........... I FORGOT ABOUT HER!!!!!!! HOW COULD I???????

    ιи тнιѕ ¢нαρтєя :

    This is so fucking enough. That's it, she's dying. DIABOLICA IS DYING! Gary hasn't shown himself yo her yet. I mean others can see him but not a magic user like her, she's not strong enough to see through his illusion. And that's exactly my chance. I mind link Gary to go close to her and stay hidden. I have a plan. I saved the girl and I won't let her die......

    "Diabolica she has nothing to do with this...... Let her go," I say in a negotiating voice. I just want her to believe me and my job's done.

    "You take a step ahead and she'll die, Glory. Stay away from me or I'll use the blade." She says in a threatening tone. Ha! She bought it! But the fear is evident on Sofia's face. She's afraid of her which only makes me angrier.

    Fine, name your price, I say because there's no beating around the bush in cases like these. She smirks. Oh you wait till I wipe that thing right off bitch!

    I want you to leave Avalor like you told ME to leave. And instead of you I'll be the Queen......... Otherwise this little one right here can die as the price of your throne. You can't have the throne and your loved ones, she says with that filthy mouth and smug smile.

    Gary mind links me that he's ready for the attack and he has invaded her shield. That's all I need as a cue to attack and that's exactly what I do. Before she can blink her eye I teleport right in front of her and hood the hand that has the blade. I twist it as if it were a lemon and that gives Sofia enough opening to escape. Now that Sofia is out, LET THE BATTLE BEGIN..........

    I send currents of electricity coursing through her body via the arm I held. They aren't strong enough to kill her, YET......... I give the next chance to Gary and he creates waves of blue fire that create a beautiful whip. He hands me the other end while the first one is wrapped around her limbs. I send heat of those blue flames through the whip and she yells in agony. At this rate her limbs have grave burn marks on them.

    That's what you get for touching what's mine! I yell at her in frustration.

    Wait....... You didn't think that's all, did you? Oh hell no! The DEVIL is just getting started with her prey. I use the Earth's energy and create some poisonous thorns. I send them her way and she faints. Those won't kill her. I have questioning to do.


    I ordered the Royal guards to take that bitch away. The vampire King and Queen have returned too. Sofia fainted from the shock so she's sleeping on the couch in my office right now. It's me, Rishi, Arold, Maurice, Audrey and Sofia in here. Mom had some work to do so she left the situation to us.

    Who is she? Asks Maurice.

    She is an abandoned magic user. Basically I kicked her ass out of Avalor for practicing magic and violent behaviour on many people. To be more appropriate she has assaulted many people. I explain.

    You don't let them use magic? Asks Arold. The way he looks at me makes me feel something and for the first time it's not where I want to cut someone's balls off.

    I do let them use magic but not as maniacs. They are trained to use it, control it. Magic can be very destructive if used in a bad way. That's not what I want happening. I don't want hundreds of people to die just because an idiot couldn't handle his/her powers, I explain trying not to get angry since him asking that questions was wierd to begin with. He just nods.

    What I don't understand is, why would she come now? It has been over a year...... Rishi mutters, confused.

    Just as I'm about to answer I hear a loud scream..........


    Hi guys���������������� I hope you enjoyed...... There's not a lot in this chapter but the next one is going to be a surprise. Wait of it. And here's the tag as @dove_wings and @the_alchemiist suggested. Thanks a lot guys.

    #devil_calls is the tag for my book. Happy reading������❤❤❤❤❤❤����������

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    When The Devil Calls Your Name.

    Chapter 8: Touching what's mine!

  • kru_glory 11w

    Chapter 7:

    AROLD'S P. O. V. :

    ιи ℓαѕт ¢нαρтєя :

    Glory smiles and says, "Good idea. We-"

    She is cut off when the door bursts open to reveal the woman from earlier. She says, "I apologize to intrude. But ma'am, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS......... "

    ιи тнιѕ ¢нαρтєя:

    Colour drains from her face and I know it's going to be bad. I don't know why but her looking so worried makes me feel something inside. I see gears running in her head before she says, " Your Highnesses, mom, please stay here. We'll go look at what it is. "

    She gives her brother a brief nod before turning towards me, "You coming?" she asks me and raises a brow.

    "Huh?" I ask confused.

    "Oh..... Sorry I didn't know that the king to be was a pussy....... My bad." She says with a wink and walks away.

    "YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!" I yell after her while my brother, Maurice, just laughs. So much for being MY brother......

    We follow her and saying that the sight in front of me is horrid is an understatement. We are in a garden right now where a woman has a magic user and vampire held with magic. She has dark purple hair and eyes. She appears to be a magic user herself with the tattoos or should I say spells, on her body.

    Suddenly I sense heat and anger. When I look at the source, it has my jaw dropping to the floor. It is Glory..... She is fuming in anger. She has exquisite flames around her that are the same colour of her eyes. As if that wasn't amusing enough, she unleashes her spirit animal..........


    GLORY'S P. O. V. :

    After Audrey, my assistant, came and said there was a problem; I didn't expect it to be an abandoned magic user's attack. An abandoned Magic user is a magic user who is kicked out of Avalor for a grave sin. The woman in front of me is just that. We are in the human world right now and she has dared to attack not only me but also my family. Looking at my response of unleashing Gary, Arold and Maurice both release their spirit animals too.

    "Ready to fight now, are we?" says the bitch I couldn't hate more even if I tried. DIABOLICA.........

    "Fight? I don't do that.............. I only kill," the words tasting like venom in my mouth.

    She just laughs but it dies down as soon as I lunge at her with my sword. She isn't fast enough to cut her artery. She throws flames my way but what use is it? I'm a magic user too and a queen at that. No flames can burn me. I see from the corner of my eye that a white lion is trying to free the magic user and vampire she has held with magic. He sure is trained well. Just then Arold attacks her with the Earth and wind element together...... What the hell? How can he use two elements? Can he use more? DAMN!

    She was flying in the air but the attack sends her crashing into a tree. The repairs are going to cost a lot..... I sigh. I take the opening to send water blades flying her way. That makes her weaker. She tries to put up a shield but Maurice is faster. He uses a fire tornado to lift her up and and spins her in fire....... That was creative. But not really q success since she manages an escape. That angers both me and Arold so we use water and electricity this time.

    What she does, surprises me though. She has a shield around herself and it's strong....... Very strong.

    "What do we do now?" Asks Maurice.

    "That's all you've got?" That bitch says in her annoying monotonus voice.

    "OH HELL NO!" I reply and cast a spell in the ancient language of magic. It creates an energy ball consisting of all five elements and send that thing into her shield. Her jaw falls to the floor along the shattered pieces of her pretty little shield.

    "Now THAT'S what I've got baby!" I say while Maurice's spirit animal, which is a Phoenix attacks her with wings of fire. That, to my surprise, actually burns her body. I guess that's the original Phoenix from five thousand years ago. Wow............ I'd love to meet him.

    I turn yo see that Arold's spirit animal has rescued the two hostages. I give him a smile and he......... Purrs? We didn't give Diabolica a chance to attack which was a bad idea because now I have a fireball flying towards me. Note to self: Never leave your enemy out of sight. Just before it's going to hit me, Kon, my familiar, cuts it in half and sends it opposite directions. I give her a brief nod as thanks.

    Well, I've had enough. I pick my sword and make a strike. It makes a diagonal cut across her abdomen. She casts a healing spell before my next attack. What a waste of energy! Even though the spell heals, it consumes a lot of energy for someone like her. I raise my sword for next attack but she teleports........ I turn to look at her and my eyes widen............. SOFIA.......... Diabolica has a blade ready to slice her throat.......... I FORGOT ABOUT HER!!!! HOW COULD I????


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    When The Devil Calls Your Name.....

    Chapter seven : Abandoned magic user.

  • kru_glory 11w

    Glory's P. O. V:

    "Tomorrow?! The vampire King?! THE DEVIL KING?!" She exclaims.

    I just smirk and say, "It's a shame that you think 'HE'S' the devil."

    "What?" She asks, confused.

    "Nothing, let's go. "I tell her and we head to school.

    I got her transferred to my school because I didn't trust the one she was in. I also have a bodyguard for her but she doesn't know. Mom talked to the vampire King and Queen about the meeting. They were ready for it. The meeting is sure gonna be interesting, I can feel it.


    Arold's P. O. V. :

    We still haven't found anything about the killer. Yesterday dad told me about the coronation and today he called me yet again. He said that they wanted our coronation to be together.

    Things don't surprise me usually but this did. Just, what the fuck is she thinking? Vampires, Blazers and magic users together. I won't lie, I was a bit startled after hearing the idea. But somehow it does make sense. Also, I found out that killings are not happening only in Avernus but in Avalor too. I think we're gonna be working together against a possible common enemy. Taking this in consideration I just put forth the proposal of a meeting which she gladly accepted. Should I be surprised on how co-operative she is?........... Screw this.! I have better things to think of.


    Today is the meeting and we teleported to the location she informed us. Right now we are standing in front of the building that appears to be the Headquarters of Skyrim Enterprises. I am a bit confused. What is this woman thinking?

    "Greetings to the King, Queen, the King to be and the Prince," a petite woman in formal outfit says with a bright smile. How does she have so much energy to waste smiling? She continues," I am the assistant of her Highness. I welcome you to the Skyrim Enterprises. This way please. "

    She leads us to the elevators and inserts a card. We reach the 30th floor and the elevator doors open to a complete black and red office. I never expected that. It looks like something I'd work in. We enter and my parents exchange greetings with the Queen and the Prince. Me and my brother do the same thing and just then the doors of elevators open again. I'm stunned at the sight.

    In walks a woman who is six feet tall. She has a perfect hourglass figure and long, black hair. Her milky white skin makes her crystal blue eyes shine like an angel........

    "uh, uh, uh,..... í'm nσt αn αngєl. í'll вє thє dєvíl tσ hαunt чσur drєαmѕ, mч lσvє." a husky and sweet voice said in my head.

    Wait....... WHAT.?!......... IN MY HEAD??!!

    I then realize that she can read minds. She is telepathic. Damn! I gotta be careful. I recover from the shock and look at her. She is just smirking. No woman has had the guts to look at me in the eye and she's smirking, fucking smirking with a red lipstick on!!!

    " Greetings, your Highnesses," the same voice says out loud this time. She doesn't bow.

    " This will be my lady Royal. Her name is Sofia Bells," she says pointing towards a small girl. I didn't even notice her, not even smell. What's wrong with me?

    "Let's begin the meeting," says dad and we all sit down whereas her assistant leaves.

    " Firstly, my name is Glory Serena Willows," she begins in business tone which suits her tailored suit.

    She continues, "I am humbled by your presence and thank you so much for precious time. As you know, I am yo ascend the throne of Avalor and Mr. Arold here is to ascend the throne of Avernus. I'd like our kingdoms to create an alliance and to represent that, I'd like to have the coronation ceremonies together. "

    "We don't really have an objection. But the things that have been going on lately......." Mom trails off.

    "That is the reason I want our coronation to be together. Whoever is doing this, I want that son-, I want that person to know we're together and stronger. The treaty exists but we need to fight against a possible common enemy," she explains and I smirk at her attempt of trying not to curse. She is as angry about it as I am. We'll make a good pair.

    Wait..... What?...... Good pair?? THE FUCK??

    "She's right. We need to show our strength in order to gain some hope from our people. This needs to stop and we have to do it together," I say. They all nod in agreement.

    "The kids are right. We have to do this," Malvika, the queen of Avalor says. My parents agree.

    "We can hold the coronation in the Rosewood Palace," says Maurice, my brother.

    Glory smiles and says, "Good choice, we--"

    She is cut off when the door bursts open to reveal the woman from before.
    She says, "I apologize to intrude. But ma'am, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS.!!!"


    What will happen guys? Will their first meeting go as planned? Any guesses in what's happening? Will Glory really haunt Arold's dreams or will she be the goddess to provoke his lust?

    Find out in chapter 7...... ����������

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    When The Devil Calls Your Name.

    Chapter six : Meeting!!