starving hysterical naked- Ginsberg

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  • kublakhan 13h

    I am extremely sorry for taking a hasty decision to leave mirakee. I was emotionally too much drained for things happened in my personal life. I thought I may loose my mind to write in future. But the kind of love and support I have recieved from mirakee family in this crisis period of my life is absolutely unimaginable. I am so touched by all the support you have given me in a difficult time.

    @amber_blue thanks for calling me and providing me all emotional support and positive energy! I hope you will continue to show your love for me and write again!

    @pa_luck thank you so much for believing in me and my words, in such a kind way! thanks for being there for me!

    @coldplaydreams thank you bhai, for always having you by my side, sorry, ami uttar deoyar obosthae chilam na! I owe you a lot, more than just thank you! 

    @pyschosammyr brother, you always inspired me with your ingeniuine words and honest admiration! thank you for helping me when I needed it! 

    @waseemakhtar thank you friend for your warm calling and kind love!  

    @tommorow_is_amazing you are always generous to me dear, thank you so much! 

    @sumana_chakroborty sorry dear, I couldn't reply you back, onek kichu aksathe hoye gachilo. but I hope you know how much I appreciate all your help and support! 

    @the_ugly you the most beautiful one, thank you for always been my best supporter!

    @iamjass thank you so much for inspiring me and giving me confidence to break the wall!

    @porcelainxheart love to hear your support and positive response, I really appreciate your kindness!  

    @rupal_teotia sorry dear, I guess writer's are too overwhelmed with emotions at times!  thank you for reaching out to me! 

    @branthan thanks for your lovely note and unconditional support!  

    @laughing_soul thank you so much for showing your concern, love and care!

    @sombre thank you so much dear, for showing your love and support!


  • kublakhan 3d

    Good bye Mirakee..thanks to all of you for your ingeniuine support, love and unconditional affection. I
    am indebted for friendship, family and fimiliarity. This is the best platform for all young and brave minds like you. You people are amazing!!


  • kublakhan 3d

    my choice is just 
    pretending close 
    to sky, as you never 
    leave me alone-

    my choice is just 
    spoil the roads, as 
    you never come 
    back to me, wasted-

    I close my eyes, 
    and to my fingers 
    play dead to engine 
    and smoke, I live 
    on pale empty eyes
    and hang around
    slow times-

    my choice is just 
    watching you from
    far, on heels and 
    two big heads,
    rest on dinner
    table, open all night-


  • kublakhan 3d

    my life is not like 
    yours, so beware of 
    this, beware of signals
    and of sulphur stinks

    I sleep under pillows 
    of sun, and drive 
    flat tires on pitchfork
    my days are some 
    dull books and cravings
    for nicotine at night
    my years are just 
    ordinary places and 
    too much sentiments
    at wrong corners

    those aren't easy 
    for you to love me, 
    those aren't easy 
    for me to chase you,

    like birds in my 
    walls or bolted 
    doors at the end 
    of the bedroom

    my life is not like 
    yours, so beware of 
    this, sharp turns 
    may change you 
    to reckless-


  • kublakhan 5d

    this mind is way too
    much hammer, 
    swing on shards
    of glasses, over and 
    over, the same thing,
    switch between 
    her noise and a 
    bunch of triangles-

    wish, I could eat 
    my voice and get rid 
    of this cracks, wish, I 
    could walk alone 
    without my middle
    age chest-

    there is no goddamn 
    way to break open
    sidewalks and change
    the way you live-

    there is no goddamn 
    way to blow your fingers
    and pull her gravity at 
    heart, already broken-


  • kublakhan 1w

    I can't help those 
    feelings, under damp 
    wind and frozen 
    sunsets, I can't forget
    her softness like
    dense winter fur -

    this world is all about 
    yesterday's and desire 
    for crescent moon- 

    to this day, between 
    me and my half bare 
    teeth, there is always
    a struggle for a friendly 
    gesture, and gaze-

    to this day, love is 
    more of stone, heavy 
    as moon, as wolves
    howl to chase their
    pack in vanished 


  • kublakhan 1w

    bury me as bare
    as your hand
    and your honeylips,
    furthest to this 
    bloated world 
    everything spreads 
    over me slowly to 
    discarded breath 
    over to one side, 
    as you cross 
    my mind, like 
    moonlight to waves 
    and ocean to river 
    beds and this 
    galaxies of needle
    light, crumpled like 
    puzzled head of 
    a crab or jellyfish,
    and this currents 
    and fractals, 
    round here, are 
    no longer the 
    same, fallen to 
    the sand and
    woods, and living
    earth, warm 
    and cold, kelp 
    and cactus,
    and longing
    for your love 
    shell by shell, 
    layer by layer,  
    quarks by quarks
    unliving and 
    unafraid to
    myself - 


  • kublakhan 1w

    in heartbroken lights 
    I trace your shades 
    on fallen roof, and 
    eat my poems like 
    warm wintry bones-

    in another city, I 
    have littered my 
    life with tired streets 
    and, spiked chest, and 
    many world that 
    don't exist-

    I drift so close to 
    smoke, and to the
    nights of irrational 
    mind, and opium

    away from you, 
    my head is fading 
    to say goodnights-

    away from you, 
    mostly a matter of 
    living the days with 
    square eyes 
    and angular sky-


  • kublakhan 1w

    such heaviness need
    more than my help, 
    you know 

    to an invisible hunter 
    you closed your eyes 
    and waited for days 

    such stories need 
    to forget, as often 
    you sink to those

    let edit our ears 
    with your voice 
    and turn wounds 
    to symphonies 
    and play when 

    you ask for- love 


  • kublakhan 2w

    I have no intention of 
    turned my neck, million
    times, even you choose 
    to be a kind of different 

    I have no sense for 
    arriving early, and 
    holding my breath 
    and remember
    very little about it-

    I belong to what I like 
    best in shape, in this 
    closed universe of 
    crazy explosions, out
    into the void-

    I want to return to 
    normal, and reverse 
    the symmetry, more 
    than clawing, horror
    at my heart-