all the love gone bad, turned my world to black- pearl jam

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  • kublakhan 21h

    tonight, my heart is 
    metal, and my pain 
    stalks, string hallos 

    my head branch 
    out hard barks and
    I am going back to 
    roots, rock bottom

    tonight, my mind is 
    highway, and my 
    eyes, another roadkill 

    tonight, I fail to 
    care, if you 
    love me back


  • kublakhan 1d

    lately, I look up 

    in her cloudy 

       rest, layers 

    of lonely sun

     piled, on top

     her chest 

    as she flew low 

       over my head,

        swoop down 

    to bone, and 

    blood, around 

               her shed

    my heart breath 

    again and living 

    through nights, 

    I hide my body, 

         burning hair, 

    and neon lights 

    lately, I saw her 

           feet in pain,

     latex scars, 

          she tugs with 

     whips and chain


  • kublakhan 3d

    let it through your mind 

    this world needs to show

    if you walk alone, tonight 

    I really need to know

    let it happen again 

    when you refused more

    even you sweeps away, and

    misplaced on the shore

    let it kiss you the goodbye

    and ask you to toast a day 

    you may be lost, today, and 

    hardly know what to say


  • kublakhan 1w

    I don't know, how 
    should I feel your 
    presence, a Carribbean
    sun or a Hudson 

    I don't know, how 
    to fall down on my 
    knees, a tender 
    Buddha or a tyrant 

    I don't know, what 
    does the word love
    mean to you, the wild 
    eyes or the loudest 

    I don't know, what 
    seem to me, stand 
    heroic, a loaded 
    gun or an easy 


  • kublakhan 1w

    I am inhaling your fumes
    and it's intoxicating! 

    let catch the fire, 
    like you always do 
    and swallow poppies
    on bright air-

    let it grow, like you
    love, and then hate
    and then rage fall 
    vertical at your feet-

    let the night bless
    gods and the land, 
    and burn one another 
    in fever, and in sleep-

    I am exhaling my tears 
    and it's addictive! 


  • kublakhan 1w

    let's fly over the fenced wall 
    the world is not too dark yet

    your stars, won't blame you to cry 
    I am just asking you to born again 


  • kublakhan 1w

    I don't know why-

    I dare to think you my entire life,
    I dare to show you my world, 

    I let you touch my starving nights, 
    I let you know, I am like all straight lines,

    I am trying to reach you always first,
    I am trying to avoid you in crowds,

    my legs, sitting in dark and my fingers 
    busy, guessing my age, my lungs can't
    breath stupid questions, and my broken 
    ankles are heavy to feel someone else,

    I am not making any sense to me 
    right now

    I am not much easier bone to fix
    my cracks

    (without you)


  • kublakhan 2w

    without you, my

     love is the ocean, 

             with empty belly 

      and idle bones- 

    without you, I 

       keep on moving 

    just the same, and

       echoed the pain-

    without you, my 

      life is too busy

    and tiring, and 

       lone nights long-

    without you, my 

      body crisscross 

    strangers, and bump

       my head on sink-


  • kublakhan 2w

    if you are a beautiful

    mess and 

                a secret heart 

    I guess I am    the 

    high squaky voice 

             in a wheelchair 

    with a pinched smile


    I guess this is the

      best of both world- 


  • kublakhan 2w

    as you walk across
    the room, my heart
    ask, ask, and ask -

    may we go in
    together again

    may we hold
    things as they are

    may we howl
    down on our knees

    may we hope
    it's rain today

    may we get
    drunk tonight,


    turn up the