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  • kuheli_ghosh 13w

    I want to write my insanity into words. I want my words should bleed emotions more than i could ever do it. My sufferings and endearment should show my pain to him. I just want my depression to go away with him..
    My frndship , dedication for love, compassion had hurt me. These all mean nothing to someone until he or she will experience it. He is not realising what I'm going through. My love has been always incredible and has always been increased whenever I have been with him. You won't believe that but I can never hate someone who I had loved to my greatest ease and compassion. *And the irony is a part of me still thinks that a part of him still loves me* . One day he would realise that he had lost his greatest asset not as a lover, but as a frd.

  • kuheli_ghosh 14w

    Mere aasu roj yu hi,
    Tere jane ki vajah puchte hai!
    Ki, aaj kiske sahare jina hai hume?

  • kuheli_ghosh 16w

    Kitab kitni bhi purani ku na ho,
    Uski kimat kabhi nahi ghathti.

    বই যতই পুরাতন হোক না কেনো!
    তার মূল্য কখনো কম হয়ে যায় না।

  • kuheli_ghosh 17w

    Samj hi nahi aata kaise pal bhar mei rishte yu tut se jate hai,
    Ki kudh ko samjhane tak ka wakt nahi milta.

  • kuheli_ghosh 18w

    Live your future, forget the past
    Walk with present, die at last.

    Willing to die is a coward step
    Healing your wound is a forward gain.

    Come along with a big decision
    Though make it fast.

    Make sure your target is true
    Success will choose you.

    Yet a further life is alive
    Forget the poorer one and fight the plight.

    To suffer and work hard
    Will make you the king of the world.

    Satisfaction to live a simple life
    Will help you to touch the sky.

  • kuheli_ghosh 18w

    Tu sapna tha sapna hi rahega
    Ji ha!
    Ji ha, tere khusiyo par parda hi rahega..
    Tu yu in hawaon ke bich uljha na kar,
    Tu badal hai, parinda banne ki kosis na kar!
    Tu fankar hai, us sadi ka ;
    Tu Ustad banne ki kosis na kar!!

    Mana ki tujme bhut khamiyan hai,
    Ha mana ki tujme bhut kamiya hai
    Us khami ko dur kar, aag ban!
    Kayar banne ki kosis na kar!

  • kuheli_ghosh 18w

    The eye contact that i am having
    With you right now
    Is taking my breath away
    Cause I know this is the last time I m seeing you.

  • kuheli_ghosh 21w

    Tu mera na kabhi tha,
    Na kabhi hoga
    To in alfazo ko kya bolu main,
    Jo kabhi tujhe bayan karte the !!

  • kuheli_ghosh 35w

    Agar is duniya mei bhagwan hota
    To hum jo chahte ,hume bhut pehle mil jata

  • kuheli_ghosh 46w

    Words are hailing from silent tears
    Tears are helpless
    Emotions bleed
    A HEART BROKE once again