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  • kuhelika 1d

    You're like the song
    Of peace in hustled breeze.
    An ignited spirit behind
    The blue devils.
    The chaotic rhythm behind
    The violin strings.
    The falling rain behind
    The oceanic depths.
    YOU, just be the shine of riddles
    Behind those unseen clarity!

  • kuhelika 1w

    Be with a person who reminds you of your bests at your worst times!

  • kuhelika 2w

    She was the agony,
    where he could melt his tears.
    She was the symphony,
    where he recited his fears.
    She wore the smile,
    he couldn't find in a 100 mile.
    Her heart was as soft as a petal.
    Yet when he decided to leave,
    she wanted to be as strong as a metal.
    The eyes that twinkle hiding a grief!

  • kuhelika 2w

    She could be the flowing winds,
    To soothe those blowing storms.
    She could be the ignited flame,
    To melt those rusted irons.
    She could be the silent waves,
    To hold those unknown depths.
    And she could be just a beckoned symphony,
    While you still run for forever harmony!

  • kuhelika 3w

    A mirror tending to reflect your shine,
    Yet you find flaws that are completely fine.
    It reminds your curves are alright,
    Yet you nurture the mays & might.
    It intends to show your positive grooves,
    Yet you find differences in how your hands move.
    But what if there's no mirror tomorrow?
    Alas, no self doubt and no sorrow!
    Who says you're not beautiful in unkept hair?
    If you're natural you're already fair.
    Your colour and your size don't bother.
    It's always the inner self you smother.
    Stop running to style your skin.
    Move as if their hearts you want to win.
    The world won't remember your face.
    It's always the actions you trace.

  • kuhelika 4w

    I know it's very very late. Have written after many days. But yes, I did. Thankyou!❤️
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Not a prince in the
    galloping horse.
    Not like the jewels
    that fence me round.
    You can just be the marble
    in the aesthetic waterflow.
    So you stay by me when
    everything around flows.
    Not the beach type and
    not even the mountain type.
    Not the fantasies along
    with the sour grapes.
    You can just be the
    purely temple like.
    So if I wander around I still
    pour my heart in your fist.

  • kuhelika 12w

    Dream big to achieve big!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Imagination is the initiative of prosperity!

  • kuhelika 12w

    The paraphernalia of a peaceful life lies in the laughters you hold when everything seems hopping out.

  • kuhelika 13w

    In the minds I have crafted losses,
    Yet they bloom as ferns and mosses.
    But there's no graft without a craft.
    In the arena of commoners I need to be rare,
    Among the bests I'm still just fair.
    But there's no flight without a might.

  • kuhelika 14w

    You are the captured butterfly,
    easing your flight alone in an empty room.
    You are the unperceived artist,
    sketching your feathers with passion and dreams.
    And the dark room will be unlocked,
    Rejuvenating its lost hopes.