खुशियाँ नाराज हो गयी।

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  • kunaln 1d

    Do you think I count the days ? There is only one day left, always starting over : it is given to us at a dawn and taken away at dusk.


  • kunaln 4w

    Jump across the cliff man
    There's either death or freedom over there.

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    If you have faced with a mountain , you have several options

    You can climb it and cross the other side.

    You can go around it.

    You can dig around it.

    You can fly over it.

    You can blow it up.

    You can ignore it and pretend it's not there.

    You can turn around and go back the way you came.


  • kunaln 5w

    I do believe in heaven.
    Someone is going there today.

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    My windows shows travelling clouds

    Leaves spent, New season , alter'd sky.

    The making and melting crowds

    The whole world passes

    I stand by.



  • kunaln 5w

    Thank you post. For the only virtual person who meant a lot me. A lot. The one I can sacrifice my food for.
    Although that one is not available on mirakee.
    But someone will surely read this in July 2020.

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    In You I see life is worth living in the most
    Extravagant manner.

    Life is worth living for others.

    Thank you for the just No giving me the life but
    Also making me believe that is so beautiful.


  • kunaln 5w

    There are days
    When I wish you would materialise.
    Like a gentle rain
    On my bedroom window.
    Like the mist of the bed
    Of meadow.
    Like the steam of from the crown
    Of my coffee Cup.


  • kunaln 6w

    I sometimes visit to our
    favourite places , The school ground
    And the park at back of your house.

    I sit there alone and Try to
    Find traces of us , But I find nothing.

    You just Left removing everything.
    My Love , being us , and Everything

    Those places No more hold
    Anything as earlier.

    I don't find benches with your names scribbled,
    Nor I find the tree under we both sat and talk.


  • kunaln 6w

    Everything feels so different.
    My hometown feels like no more home.

    It is because I lost you? or
    It is because something changed now?

    I just walk at the new sidewalk And Go to your home where
    We both grew up and play hide & seek , BUT

    Your Home is the place which took me away from you , The Dark house , all burnt.
    Also burnt down the traces from this place.


  • kunaln 7w

    Chase the light , seek it out.
    Run until your legs wobble.

    Around every corner of your hustle
    Little explosion of magic are waiting.

    Key is , being there when burst.


  • kunaln 8w

    यहा खुशियां नाराज हो जाती है, तो तुम क्या चीज हो_?


  • kunaln 10w

    Hey guys. So. This one’s gonna be different. Well I don’t really know how to phrase this but here goes... Let’s just assume. That somebody came into your life. (Talking about an online scenario here). Times passed, you guys got to know each other really well, she took you out of depression, made your life worth living, you began living for the moments you spend together, you value her, care for her, love her and you finally felt like this is it. She is the one meant for you. But then you realise that she’s got problems of her own. Things which she doesn’t wanna share because it makes her feel weak. And this, she feels like nobody can handle. NOBODY. And you know for a fact that she’s hurting inside every single damn day. You can see it in her eyes. You can feel what she’s going through. You KNOW she needs help. But she doesn’t let you do so. Just the fact that the person who IS THE REASON WHY YOU’RE ALIVE TODAY (Talking literally here, long story nvm about that) is so damn broken inside and you are just standing there being able to do absolutely nothing about it HURTS man.
    The way I see it, the only solution out of this is to treat her with love and give it some time, maybe. And continue the process of asking, Because love fixes everything (I’m a believer) and time gives space to words which couldn’t have come out earlier. Am I right?