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  • kushal_702 11h

    I wanted to walk on a trench with you,
    even tho I am afraid of heights.

    Like I never knew love fades with time,
    until you went the other way.
    But who cares, we all are sad anyway.

    You were the peace in my veins,
    Like that smell
    which comes after it rains,

    Like before everything else,
    you were the only thing
    that made sense.

    -Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 1w

    Everytime I looked at you,
    I believed that everything loves you.

    Stars spend the eve watch you glow. Moon spend the night watch you dream.
    Wind blows faster to keep you cold in summer days.
    And the sun comes up to see your slightly chapped lips.

    I believed,
    that everything loves you,
    because I believed,
    my everything belonged to you.

    -Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 3w

    डोळ्यातले पाणी पुसणारी, तू आई
    प्रेमाने घास भरवणारी, तू आई
    आहेस कुठे?. का बोलत नाही काही.

    घरी वेळेवर नाही आल्यास,
    जेव्हा बाबांनी घराबाहेर ठेवले

    तेव्हा दार उघडून,
    माझ्यासाठी बाबांचा ओरडा ऐकून,
    मला प्रेमाने जवळ घेणारी, तू आई
    आज तूच ह्या घरात नाही.
    वाट पाहतोय तुझी त्याच दारापाशी.
    आहेस कुठे?. का बोलत नाही काही...

    -Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 5w

    When the moon in your eyes,
    unfold the sky,
    I thought I'll survive.

    When you let me go,
    I tried to hold you up,
    perhaps this is how
    you fall in love. With yourself.

    When your breeze stopped
    passing through my veins,
    I realized my heart wasn't in pain,
    and I'll survive...

    -Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 5w

    Your presence evolved me
    into a better version of myself.
    Just like a caterpillar evolves
    into a butterfly.

    You planted rose seeds in my heart,
    that has only ever seen thorns.

    Our memories were as beautiful as seeing a sunflower opening to me.

    As our love was so pure and peaceful
    just like my childhood dream.

    -Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 7w

    When it was hard to find
    fire, child and ocean together.
    I found fire in her soul.
    Child in her laugh, and
    the ocean in her eyes.

    We loved each other so differently,
    like neither of us belonged to each other
    It was me and her who belonged together.
    Like we were meant to be together,

    As lovers, as friends, as family,
    as something entirely different..

    - Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 11w

    Part of my soul loved you
    since the beginning of everything
    which had no end.

    like the world was just for us,
    so peaceful.
    Under the skies,
    just like a dream
    with open eyes.

    A part of my soul
    felt like we won't be meeting,
    as we were all along into each other
    since from the beginning.

    like the day we had on the beach.
    Under the colors of rainbow,
    and between forever and always.

    - Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 12w

    Her eyes were like
    falling into an ocean,
    falling into it
    and drowning into the
    depth of her heart.
    deep and bold.

    Falling into her was like
    how on earth I was so lucky
    to find her.
    like finding happiness in my storm.
    like holding her hand to feel warm.

    -Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 13w

    Would you come
    and sit for a while,
    so I could breathe
    for your essence
    to fill my lungs,
    to feel you
    in my vein,

    as you were peace in my pain,
    an infinity to my heart,

    Would you come?
    If it rain,
    So I can feel your skin,

    Perhaps part of me know we won't meet.
    and it's not gonna rain,
    Like there won't be any love story
    at the end of the rainbow.

    - Kushal Pednekar

  • kushal_702 14w

    the poems written for you
    were left torn and shattered
    before it started.
    as I leave behind my oldest pain

    with my eyes filled with tears
    and nerves shiver in pain,
    more than my heart beats in fear,
    like the sound of torn pages,
    clear and louder.

    I felt my heart burn,
    and had a heart attack
    as you wanted us an end,
    when I was hoping you
    to light up my world.

    - Kushal Pednekar