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  • kwkpoems 18w

    I wish I could be a book
    removing page by page

    one chapter after another

    - burning pages

  • kwkpoems 18w

    I want to dance to the song I used to cry to

    - healing

  • kwkpoems 27w


    - family

  • kwkpoems 31w

    you could hurt me

    every day
    every single second
    all the time

    and I'd still run back to you

    - what does love actually feels like

  • kwkpoems 31w

    sometimes i feel unexplainable need to apologise to my mother for all the times i wanted to kill myself

    lifegiver against lifetaker

    - i am so sorry

  • kwkpoems 31w

    I burned myself
    when I touched you
    for the first time

    now I want
    the fire to eat me alive

    - set me on fire

  • kwkpoems 31w

    how do you tell someone you still love them
    after they ripped your heart out of your chest?

    - why did you do that to me

  • kwkpoems 31w

    I don't know what hurt me more
    you touching her
    she touching you

    - it eats me alive to think how her fingers lingered your body

  • kwkpoems 45w

    you left and made me homesick

    - you were my safe place

  • kwkpoems 45w

    doesn't sound like you've had
    any support at all which is most
    likely the reason for your loss of
    self worth and emotions

    -suicide hotline