Hi, i'm just a guy who loves to write poems

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  • kylewood_ 12w

    The Purge 2020

    from 12:00 am until 7:00 am
    half the population will hide
    locked inside sanitized rooms
    while germinators hunt outside

    they are government employees
    who are paid extremely well
    to spend every single night
    sending viruses and germs to hell

    with lysol grenades and UV guns
    and goggles using black light
    they go where ever they must
    killing even good germs on sight

  • kylewood_ 12w

    I Am Harsh Reality

    my name is Harsh Reality
    and I can make you cry
    I can make you so sad
    you may wish to die

    so many hide from me
    it's why video games sell
    every game has one purpose
    to let you escape from hell

    when you do face me
    you will soon feel regret
    i'll cause you so much pain
    you'll be begging to forget

    I make people feel ashamed
    just for being a human-being
    I can trigger anger and sadness
    from what your hearing and seeing

    but lucky for all of you
    positivism is a relative of mine
    who can annoyingly show up
    when all seems far from fine

    positivism will remind people
    of what they may have forgot
    people can be kind and caring
    even while dealing with a lot

    some hide from positivism
    while they hide from me
    and that is a crying shame
    and not how life should be

  • kylewood_ 12w


    Corona has me hostage
    despite no cases here
    I can't leave this place
    due to much panic and fear

    I am far up north
    missing family elsewhere
    but corona has me hostage
    because it truly does not care

    should feel lucky I guess
    for this sanctuary jail
    but if not for corona
    i'd already be off on bail

    when will this be over
    I would so love to know
    who will force corona
    to just let me go

  • kylewood_ 13w

    Fear to Interfere

    Imagine you're the person
    to put minds at ease
    you invented a device
    that can cure any disease

    but you fear to interfere
    and it's because you care
    lives saved by your device
    may cost more lives everywhere

    because you saved too many
    the result is over population
    and death won't be cheated twice
    taking so many from starvation

    inventing such a device
    could truly break your heart
    something so great and terrible
    would tear most people apart

  • kylewood_ 14w

    Bullet Apology

    [you are so very stupid}
    this is one bullet shot
    but imagine this bullet
    capable of feeling and thought

    I imagine this bullet
    with no desire to be fired
    ashamed for it's shooter
    who is just angry and tired

    I imagine this bullet
    saying sorry if it could
    at the same time wishing
    that the shooter would

    when people fire shots at people
    one thing is pretty easy to tell
    both the shooter and the shot
    rarely know each other well

  • kylewood_ 15w

    Herds of Words

    the herds of words
    fade away every day
    less thinking and more shrinking
    forgetting each word we once heard

    the words we state had numbers so great
    but each facing death without our breath
    herds grow weak when we don't speak
    but this can slow and numbers can grow

    with every look into a book
    or every roam through a poem
    the herd is strong before too long

  • kylewood_ 15w


    too many spread fear
    too many spread doubt
    we need more joy-mongers
    spreading smiles all about

    people who truly care
    who know how to appreciate
    people who add happiness
    and remove fear and hate

    I know that they are real
    but we need more to join
    people who value others
    more than they value coin

    I hope someone reads this
    and decides to become one
    let the words in this poem
    be the light of a rising sun

  • kylewood_ 16w

    I know it's depressing but I was aiming for appreciation for ones individuality, it can make the world a little confusing with so many different perspectives and thoughts and feelings but i'm pretty sure we are lucky to have it.

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    One for All and All for One Mind

    Imagine two very different planets
    planet individual and planet one mind
    and one person from planet individual
    switched planets for their entire life time

    this person would think for all
    and they could be cruel or kind
    and if that person was insane
    sanity would be impossible to find

    there would be no privacy
    but lies could not be told
    if young than all would feel young
    but when old all would feel old

    when happy all would be happy
    when sad than all would cry
    understanding would be shared
    but if suicidal than all would die

  • kylewood_ 16w

    It's dangerous and painful to be human but I still say it's worth it :)

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    Download Complete

    You will never again cry
    you will never again bleed
    you can no longer get sick
    and you will no longer feed

    the download is complete
    you are now a machine
    and all unpleasant memories
    have been wiped clean

    this is what you wanted
    being human was too tough
    but I do not envy you now
    what you are is not enough

    you will no longer laugh
    you can't have a child
    you won't know love
    despite any data compiled

    I know in my heart
    that you made a mistake
    but as the human you were
    it was your choice to make

  • kylewood_ 16w

    More of Me

    more of me
    but less to see
    this is no lie
    but what am I
    I have an appetite
    for consuming light
    yet the light of day
    can chase me away
    could darkness be
    what I mean by me