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  • kymberlove1 13w

    Why are people so frightened by me?
    Maybe it's the God in me, the Fire in my eyes, or
    my Stern Voicetrous voice,

    Mayybe it's the booty, my valumptrious body.,
    Or how about my unique beauty.,

    Maybe it's my rough side, or times when I can love unconventionally, or when I can be okay with just being alone.

    Maybe it's the way I love or the times I show I don't care. Maybe just maybe when they look into the mirror they see someone who is broken with so much capabilities yet battling., and

    Maybe they are frightened because they can't handle the God in me, the resilience, the determination, and all that life has thrown.

    Maybe they're frightened because they should be, after all who want to experience the things I've had to endure.

    By. Kimberly Corley
    December 5th 2020

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  • kymberlove1 15w

    Thanks everyone for reading. I believe I need to focus on my credit and personal finances and although I have so many poems, I just don't have time. I'm a little on the uneasy side and I have some legal concerns that I need to focus on. Shalom I don't know when I'll be back on. When I do it will probably be to collect my writings. God bless. Happy Holidays

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    Break time


  • kymberlove1 15w

    Never underestimate the Power of God Almighty. I am grateful for God's hands on my life.

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    By: Kimberly Corley

  • kymberlove1 15w

    It's not easy

    No one said the road would be easy, and if you live long enough you'll find out it's not all peachy nor creamy.

    You'll find out all about the bumps and the bruises, the trials and tribulations.

    You'll experience some heartache and pain,
    Some long suffering, and witness things inhumane.

    You'll experience being afflicted with trauma, and humiliation.
    You'll witness riots, and many protests.

    You'll experience hatred and competition,
    You'll also experience love and respect.

    You'll see beauty fade, and witness how black don't crack.
    You'll see the many people fall in love with all shapes and colors.

    You'll see people fighting for their lives, and some fallen into death.

    You'll witness people fall out, and
    Families repair brokenness.
    Even if that doesn't happen, repair yourself.

    You'll see the rising up and the falling down of people of all nationalities.
    You'll see people join hands and become a beacon of light for the oppressed.

    You'll see people speak up for those who can't speak for themselves.
    You'll see people smiling and frowning, laughing and crying.

    You'll see the good the bad and the ugliness;
    Of a wicked world and wicked people in authority.

    Most importantly you'll be a witness of your very own progress.

    We fall down but we get back up.
    They say life is a test, and all we really want is happiness.

    Nothing beats a failure if you try, and always have an open mind.

    I am a prime example of how beauty can fade, and how God can wash your sins away.
    I'm an example of how trauma can invade, and people walk away.

    I'm an example of how easily your life can slip away, but also how believing in yourself can help build up your inner man.

    Everything is not meant to kill you some things are meant to build you.

    If you don't fight for what you believe in, your life can fall into the enemies hand.

    I'm a witness of how the wind can bend, and maybe even break branches, but a tree is rooted and planted.

    I'm a witness of God's Grace and Mercy, and everyday I rise I'm one step closer to accomplishing my purpose.

    God is a God who will not fail, so wake up with expectations because God's word will prevail.

    By: Kimberly Corley

  • kymberlove1 16w

    It's not funny

    When we go through hardships.
    We want people to be understanding,

    That's why we should never laugh at someone who is struggling,

    Because you never know when it's your turn.

    By: Kimberly Corley

  • kymberlove1 16w


    I wake up to make up
    Because yesterday
    I was fed up.
    I've searched all over
    For love, only to find none.

    Sometimes I just want
    To give up Everything,
    I mean let it all go,
    Because true happiness is
    Within, that's what I'm told.

    Sometimes I cry.
    Because there's
    Just some thing's
    I cannot control.

    Forgive me Father
    For the mistakes I've made.
    Forgive me For the tricks I've played.
    Forgive me for the things known and unknown.
    Forgive me as I continue on.

    God Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
    The Courage to change the things I can, and
    The wisdom to know the difference.

    Shout out to the Serenity prayer

    By: Kimberly Corley

  • kymberlove1 17w

    Love gone

    I disappeared today,
    My mind drifted,
    My heart, and scars took me away.

    To a place of brokenness I go.
    So far away I am,
    Will love ever find me, and heal my brokenness?

    My soul cried out for you,
    But you didn't hear me.
    I reached for you,
    But you turned away.

    Why my love, did you even care.
    Have you not longed for me the way I longed for you?
    Why have you gone and left me for someone else?

    We made beautiful music, how could you do that to me?
    The cold shoulder, the inside laugh, the stare.
    I wonder if you really loved me in the beginning, I wonder now if you even really cared.

    Broken, did you forget all the things I've done at your weakest?
    Never mind I won't go into that, but
    Did you forget how we held each other tight,
    Made small pillow talks throughout the night.

    Did you forget the touches, and did you forget those days I'd wrap my thighs around you and get freaky with you?

    Hot with desire, I would get wet, just the thought of you made me soaking wet.
    Tasting like a sweet piece of fruit, and smelling like a beautiful wild flower.

    My love why have you gone and left me for someone else.
    Did you forget our sweet tender kisses,
    Did you forget, the park walks, the vacations, the parties, and laughter, the lights.

    Did you forget how you would climb on top because you were so hot, for me though. Did you forget how you would kiss me?

    I thought we were creating our destiny.
    I guess I was wrong, and life does goes on.

    I'm happy for you I really am.
    Now I can be free and get ready for my husband.

    By: Kimberly Corley
    November 11th 2020


  • kymberlove1 17w

    Place me in the middle of your thoughts
    and only dream of me.
    My lover, it's a spell, I got you; caught in a web
    you're stuck like glue because I want you.

    Lick me up and down, all around like your sucking a lollypop. Make me smile.
    Yeah I like that, image me on top and riding that mandingo and getting juicy wet.

    Riding you till the sun sets and wanting you more.
    Come here touch all over my body, ummm yes
    let me grab him and insert him more.

    Ummm feels so damn good, I'm in heaven.
    Baby hold on don't let go, this a real kinda love, let it flow.

    Lick me all over, Mr. Lick me low lover.
    Make me scream, and call you daddy.
    Bend me over and spread me wide open, lift that big ole booty and stick him in, go deep, get inside of that warm pussy.
    Touch my soul and watch the juices flow.

    Yeah imagine me licking all over you screaming daddy give me more.

    By: Kimberly Corley
    Nov. 2020

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  • kymberlove1 19w

    It's weird to feel
    how distant we've

    By: Kimberly Corley

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  • kymberlove1 19w

    If I'm not following you, but you are following me. please inform me so that I can give you the same support.

    Love Kimberly Corley

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