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  • laconicmiraki 2w

    Mind Set

    Trying to learn each lesson behind the choices I've made.
    I may bend a little but I refuse to break.
    Changing for the better- it's never too late.
    Isolation for a while-no time for love if it's fake.

    For now, it's best I'm alone.
    That's how it's going to have to be...
    If you see me from now on, it'll be just me.


  • laconicmiraki 3w


    Let me be your soh, your "shelter of hope" .
    I'm your lighthouse; beacons blink brighter to guide you through the stormiest nights.
    I'll be here for you forever.
    When your visions blurry, I'll be your eyes.
    I promise you darlin'...
    Everything will be alright.


  • laconicmiraki 6w

    Dry Your Tears; i'm always near

    I'm the raindrops that fall upon your hair.
    I'm the calm soothing whisper in your ear.
    I'm the bird that flies high above you ,
    I'm always near.
    I live inside of you.
    As you keep my memories alive.

  • laconicmiraki 6w


    time flies so fast.
    the clock keeps ticking.
    lost somewhere in time.
    the world keeps spinning.


  • laconicmiraki 10w


    "As a writer, I usually write about my emotions.. but sometimes, I try to listen to what others are not saying and I write about the silence"

  • laconicmiraki 12w


    Lately, my hearts been so heavy.
    You're gone away.
    I'm having a hard time accepting.
    I sit where you lay as I ask why?
    No answers , No number to heaven.
    I feel you near but not here.
    I listen for the signs.
    There's no one to talk to when my days are weird.
    I'm missing you homie.

  • laconicmiraki 13w


    Running thoughts; Chaos inside.
    There's nowhere, nowhere for my fears or "demons" to hide.
    I have no choice but to face them in my mind or in real time.

    Head-on or Dead End?
    Left or Right?
    Broken or Bruised?
    Which is the path to heaven?
    Which turn leads to learn truth?
    Fact vs Fiction.
    Hope Rising- Lies Demising.
    Fighting or Flying.


  • laconicmiraki 13w


    Loving him was like heaven but hurt like hell.
    Trying to help him turned into endless fighting.
    We lost each other and ourselves.
    Were we cursed? Under a forbidden spell?
    I tried to heal the places he hurt as his mind seemed a million miles away- his heart and soul roamed.
    Even as he lay beside me, I had never been so alone.
    Magic became ashes of our memories as the passion faded.
    But there's no reset this time.
    I'll forever remember when I thought of you as mine.
    "I would do it all over again."
    He whispers into the night.
    "More than the stars in the sky.."
    I whisper back to the stranger I once called my best friend.

  • laconicmiraki 13w


    Medicine for me is music.
    Words create powerful potions-
    Crashing' into my soul like the waves in the ocean.

    Highs and Lows like the tide.
    Like the sunsets and the night arrives.
    It brings me up, it drowns all doubts.
    It throws me down, onto the ground.

    Round and Round.
    Then round and round again.
    Does it stop?
    You'll never know.


  • laconicmiraki 13w

    Them Vs Us

    Don't care what they saying.
    Cause their words are irrelevent.
    Don't care what they thinking.
    Their thoughts don't mean shit.

    Baby, you amazing.
    I know what I'm saying.
    Heaven sent.
    They'll never break us.
    Hear what I'm saying.
    They only made us
    Stronger than we ever been.