Watch me bring the apocalypse.

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  • ladybug_apocalypse 5d


    She moves as silk within the breeze,
    Foot pointed and arms arched.
    Falling onto her bruised purple knees,
    Into the moonlight she embarked.

    She twirls, weightless,
    A snowflake drifting to the pavement.
    But beauty isn't painless,
    Her feet under ballets enslavement.

    And yet she continues her dance,
    Pirouetting for hours in a trance.
    Her body twisting and contorting,
    Aching and exhausting.

    Fighting the moans of her tummy,
    To always defy gravities call.
    A graceful swan that shuns ugly,
    In this mirror perfection smiles.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 2w


    She's the most beautiful women I've ever seen,
    Long platinum hair and eyes emerald green.
    Her skin as pale as untouched snow,
    And crimson lips hinting to her heritage below.

    She plays her games and has her fun,
    And I enjoy it for around her finger I'm spun.
    There is no love, this isn't a story of romance,
    This is a tale of a poor fools trance.

    Kissing her poison lips until my own decay,
    Until my skin wrinkles and hair greys.
    Her fingers like spiders crawling up my skin,
    As the fool I am, I open my jaw and let them in.

    At the end of her leash, I'm at her feet.
    Craving every second even though I am beat.
    I remain on my knees, completely at her control,
    Between my legs, she's eating my soul. 

    And finally once she's inevitably bored,
    Once she's had all she can engorge,
    I'm left a mess and empty in the dark,
    After she's cannibalised the entirety of my heart.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 4w


    I’ve somewhere to go, somewhere important to be,
    But its ever so dark and plenty hard to see.
    There’s hills to trek and mountains to climb,
    I’m running, I’m ever so running out of time.

    Twisted vines and foggy paths to navigate,
    Twirls and spirals I must hammer straight.
    The sun blocked by stretching branches
    And I’m lighting my last matches.

    Some days I think I might not get there,
    That my dreams will always be elsewhere.
    But alas, I push on for another rotation;
    In a loop of forever chasing.

    Here I go, across this world I’m roaming,
    But in the end I’m just a leaf aimlessly floating.
    Against the winds I’m constantly slowed,
    Down the cracked pavement of an abandoned road.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 5w

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    Mortal sin and ravaging carnality,
    Completely at the whim of my humanity.
    Laid with whom I may love or not,
    Outside of tying the knot.

    Living my life an utter hedonist,
    A liberator, sensualist or masochist.
    Seeing the beauty within the flames
    And the fun beneath the chains.

    My chambers an erotic playground
    Where both men and women are bound.
    A place where married men lose their leash
    And find their own obscene peace.

    Soon learnt that pain and pleasure interchange,
    I suppose I could just be deranged,
    Perhaps I’m simply under a spell.
    But one things for sure,
    I’m going straight to hell.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 8w

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    Dancing death

    Roaming below the earth six feet under,
    Through the halls of dead we wonder.
    Stone tombs engraved at my very fingertips,
    A garden of names we read their script.

    Here lie where the hourglass timed,
    Who's song had finished it's last rhyme.
    Alas our melody continues its tune,
    This crypt temporarily our ballroom.

    The symphony mourns for these empty skulls,
    A beautiful place where life finally lulls.
    Waltzing through these peaceful stones,
    Stepping on their decaying bones.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 14w

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    Staring into the open flame,
    I hear the fire call my name.
    The ember eyes burning me,
    Only something I can see.

    As the heat warmed my face,
    Encapsulated by the fireplace.
    My fingers dance over their flickers,
    Blackened tips prodding the figures.

    I sink my tongue into the ashes,
    Tasting the cremated wooden casket.
    Smearing the grey dust across my lips
    And igniting the burning apocalypse.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 14w


    There laid upon the dewy grass
    An angel you could find upon stained glass.
    Under the stars in presence of rain,
    Enjoying the pleasure of humanities pain.

    Her wings were so beautifully torn,
    And no white gown to longer adorn.
    Gone was her blinding glow,
    And gone was the chain of her halo.

    She felt her blood escape her skin,
    Craving more with a drawing pin.
    Letting out a breath with the sting,
    Overwhelmed by a sense of calming.

    Although death is grasping her heart,
    And she lays alone in the dark,
    This fleeting moment of vulnerability
    was her first taste of tranquillity.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 15w

    Top floor

    Here I stand a thousand meters above,
    Amongst the pigeons and the doves.
    Looking down at the glimmering street lights,
    Gazing over the industrial sights.

    Caught in the black clouds leaking from city,
    littered mechanics groaning, grey and gritty,
    Bombarded by the sounds of sirens and motors,
    This road is a chainsmoker.

    The cars pile up, a horde of ravenous machines,
    half of them staring at their screens.
    brain dead zombies honking their horns,
    Sucking the world dry as ignorant newborns.

    Breathing in smoke as our air,
    Our lungs burning in this chemical warfare.
    Wheezing as our bodies rot,
    From the pollution we almost forgot.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 23w

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    Crimson desire

    Wrists bound and on my knees,
    Giving everything just to please.
    Fire whips and spiked paddles,
    I took a bite of the forbidden apple.

    My wings were clipped for his pleasure,
    And my white dress replaced by latex and leather.
    I found heaven in the sting of my welts,
    Worshipping him and his godly belt.

    Shattering my halo just for fun,
    Fucking all night and under the sun.
    Out in the open for God to see
    His innocent angels’ apostasy.

    And as the blood dripped down
    From my adorned thorn crown.
    I lick my lips and taste the iron,
    The taste of pure crimson desire.

  • ladybug_apocalypse 23w

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    She isn't me

    She speaks in the third person,
    It seems being me was a burden.
    So she pulls over this curtain,
    Knows her lines and rehearses them.

    She signs her name with a different stroke,
    And speaks in a way I’ve never spoke.
    In the back I wear the cloak,
    Hidden behind the wall of smoke.

    Controlling my body a foreign host,
    In these moments I’m a ghost.
    She sometimes forgets almost,
    That she is me despite her boasts.

    Inside I can feel her squirm,
    In my brain a burrowing worm.
    Feeling her pain I also burn,
    Living our lives in turns.