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  • lafz_dilke 11w

    To Yaara...

    I know you are bit excited, bit in doubt
    what and how gonna happens next ...
    These thoughts are waking you up
    all night long

    New beginning for you, new places to view...
    New experiences to nail up
    But your people will be waiting here
    with open arms for that next hug!!

    "You will not be missed", they will say...
    But lemme tell you,
    In every daru party, they will have one extra shot with caption.
    "ye Anurag k traf se "

    Naatak...khus to bahut ho tum... !!

    #Jaa Anurag jaa...Jee le apni Zindagi. !!

  • lafz_dilke 11w

    Letter for You...

    Hey Shona...

    You know it's been 11 months of us... together!!
    Can you imagine??

    From "just friends" to "just the only one"...we have witnessed this beautiful journey .

    Today my morning is with you...and night means in you,..
    my happiness is you, my smile lies in you
    My blush is for you and childishness only infront of you...

    You have given me my spark back...that got lost somewhere amid this... Specially my poetry!!

    I have already decorated many road Nd paths with you...
    In my every future, you are present.. And I always pray from kanha ...that ...u know what...!

    I have always tried that by each passing day our bond gets more strong,and to love you bit more so that you love me back "or zaada"..
    I know we are idiots together, mad and insane !!
    But... I know, we are just Awesome as well when it comes to Love!!
    Before sleeping today thank to God, for bringing me into your life!!

    Yours only...

  • lafz_dilke 29w

    It's Your Day Girl...

    Let me tell to the world today...
    "Though you seems to be Sweet innocent si Kanya...but in reality you are my Tikhi jalebi"

    From knowing each other in MCS to till date,you have been an amazing partner of mine...
    Yeah.. Partner in eating, laughing, roaming, shopping, munching, partying, and many more...

    Our memories are infinite..., from

    staring boys at road side.,
    To your free makeup at Westside...
    From our cat fight for Brownie,
    To our endless cups of adrak Tea..
    From asking me "what's your opinion"?
    To telling me "this guy worth not my attention" !!

    we have witnessed madness at its peak...!!

    Just wanna say... You are Awesome...

    Happy Birthday my sweetheart


  • lafz_dilke 37w

    By unknown writer

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    Letter to u... wz our 5th month anniversary ..

    But it was the worst anniversary we celebrated.. actually we didn't celebrated at al..
    Nd I don't want a single anniversary lyk dis anymore..,not a single..
    I wish dis to b 1st Nd last anniversary lyk dis..

    Though we are far..frm each other,but I alwz felt u beside me.. always..
    Bt yesterday I felt , how far u r frm wz really a bad day... I guess

    For me,if someone matter,if someone is's jst u.. remember this!!

    If I wl try to hide something from wl b bcz of u..for us... I NVR thought anything other than than to make this bond stronger... since frm Jan...

    U r my happiness babu


  • lafz_dilke 42w

    Lyrics of Love

    Teri Muskurahatein hai taaqat meri,
    Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili..

    "You are the only thing that matters to me".The day I holded your hand was the day when this got imprinted on my heart ,in my mind..

    Just 1 smile of yours, makes me feel I am with most beautiful soul in this world. Whenever I feel low, whenever I miss you, whenever my eyes fades with water in come up like a beam of shine , shining me, embracing me, holding me, and make me feel you are there,for me..

    Chahe Kare koi sitam ye jahaan,
    Inme hi hai sada hifazat meri..

    Since we are together,we have promised one thing always..that whatever be the situation we will be together..we not gonna let anything or anybody to ruin this bond of us..
    Whatever be the circumstances I'll always hold you in my arms, this is the place where we feel good,where we feel safe, and a pure belief that you are mine and I am all yours...

    Zindagani badi khubsurat hui..
    Jannat ab or kya hogi kahin..

    Believe me,I was different before I met you, world was different,my morning was diff, my night was diff..
    You came up as a Life of my life and then you became my Life..and now you have adorned it with your Love and your care.. I never had a thought that somebody will love me this way.. who will ruin his sleep just to talk to me, who will run to home just to spend some time with me..
    All these gestures make me feel how lucky I am to have you as my partner..and who gonna be my life partner.. officially..and believe me just a thought of this..makes me feel I am in other world..and this world "of us" is nowhere less than a Heaven..!!

    Jo Tu Mera Humdard hai, Jo Tu Mera Humdard hai..
    Suhana har dard hai, Jo Tu Mera Humdard hai..

    U r my happiness Love..and being with my happiness it feels like..I will handle everything and the rest God will seek, so that I can be with you ..
    Even a day when I feel low..that night I feel you more closer to have made every thing so beautiful that even when I look back to a bad day.. I still feel good ..good about how you handled me, that situation, my mood swings, everything, and that moment again I fall in love, one more time, and this time also..again with you..
    In my prayers you are there Shona..
    Just be there for me,with me, for us..I want "Just us"❣️


  • lafz_dilke 48w

    #odetoLove #LoveforMusic

    Music - words with tunes.. expression of emotions.. beauty in another form.. #love #poetry #thoughts

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    Ode to Love..

    Whether I am sad..or feeling's you who always stayed wid me...holding hands, controlling my tears.. handling my anger..and soothing my ears...

    The way you drive me onto your Opera, makes me forget what the worry is, what the reason is..what the issue is, what sadness is...

    Your touch of hymn, just let me to those beautiful days of us..where we smiled, where we lived..where we shined,and the realization that, far we have reached..!!

    With every string of your melody... There is some memories attached to it.. there is some feelings wrapped in it..there is few conversations trapped in it..there is untold emotions carved in it...

    I love each version of you.. whether it be Sad, or it be Romance, whether it be a Sufiana, or it be a Dance...

    You are not only the sounds in are the string of feelings in return...
    You stay in everyone's heart..But each person has special story tuned with Ur each part..


  • lafz_dilke 50w

    Good Morning Love..

    Wish u a sweet morning on dis day.."our day"..
    U have a platter of love ,with handful of my Luke warm temper..
    U also have plenty of kisses containing vitamins along with pinch of my mood swings sprinkled over it..
    Along these things..u have crisp toast of care..spreaded over it is..cheesy layer my childish nature..

    Want to see Happy u ahead.. with me


  • lafz_dilke 50w

    #2ndMonth Anniversary

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    मेरे हमसफर..

    Ye Jo हाथ thama hai Tumne..
    Dekho आज Hume Kaha le aae..
    Sath yuhi chlte rahe or दो महीने hone ko aae..

    साथ में tumhare yuhi मैं chalti Rahu..
    Ki ye Jo रिश्ता hai hmara..Roz ise हमारी खुशी se binti Rahu..
    एक कदम तुम चलना , दूसरा कदम मेरा होगा
    जिंदगी Ka fir har Safar, yuhi मुमकिन hoga..

    Waise to tum बहुत कुछ kch fir v bht कुछ बोलना hai tmhe..
    Ki तुम mere kitne azeez ho, ye btana hai tumhe..
    Tmhare ek muskurahat se मैं chehek jati hu..
    Or ye tumhara प्यार hi hai Jo tumhari itni sari बात man jati hu..

    Tum apna साथ kch aise hi dena..Ki
    हर सुबह me tum ho..or koi रात tmhare बीन rahe ना..
    Mere har नखरे ko tum yuhi jhelna..
    Kvi गुस्सा ho बाहों me भर k "तुम मेरे हो " ye bol dena..


  • lafz_dilke 53w

    Hmara Safar

    Let's take u a story of a Boy Nd a Girl..
    They met in a scul between loop Nd curls..
    Clas wz same..seats wer diff..
    Among them..who gonna knw..
    River wl flow towards opposite current..

    String of friendship..they holded softly..
    From teasing to talking..they mend it lovely..
    Coins tossed ..roads crossed..
    Another city..but .. "They" alwz talked..

    Destiny was carved in some another way..
    Not wat they thought..but wat waz meant..
    Their names wer moulded with d clay..
    Bt this tym..not on a wheel..but on a paper which God has lent..

    They talked..they smile..
    Nd they took their journey to a mile..
    Yes..both are now ,two body one soul..
    Time has now taken a beautiful Roll....

    From me to "We"..,Situation has changed..
    That arrogant loves someone endlessly
    And d shy boy ..came up with feelings of Range..
    "This knot is unbreakable"..they promised each other .. silently..

    Sitting under the stars..they holded hands of each other..
    Teary eyes.. unspoken wz world another.
    Girl then asked him to wrap her in his arms..
    He moved towards her.. whispering in her ears "now , m only Urs..U need to calm.."

    That hug..that wrds..that feeling ..and his touch..
    Made them realize..there could b nothing in this world..other than as such..
    They promised to stand by each other side.. whenever things wl not b according to them..they wl make it...but holding each others hands, so dat dey can build "their room" were they will reside.