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  • laiba_a 2d

    How shall I unchain our love
    from the shackles of indifference,
    and bring a new dawn
    to the lost essence of our love?
    How do I say you
    my arms wish to wrap you around
    more than they want
    to wrap my body.
    My shoulders long
    to have your head
    more than they want mine.
    How do I explain?
    My beats demand
    your heart,
    so spontaneous
    more than they demand mine.

  • laiba_a 2d

    The attire of love,
    you disguised your soul in
    was that of raindrops
    meant to overcast my entity.
    Like the rain does
    to the leaves,
    falls on them
    and soaks them in it's quiddity.
    But never does it stay.
    And then the leaves wonder
    of the lost essence
    of the kiss of the raindrops.
    At times rot of the separation
    and at times keep going.
    That's what your love was
    like that of the raindrops.

  • laiba_a 5d

    ایسے بھی کیا گناہ میرے ایسی بھی کیا سزائیں کہ گنہگار کہیں اب تو بھی نہ ہوجائے
    اب بخش بھی دے مُجھےمالک میرے یہ آزمائشیں کہیں اب میری بے وقت موت نہ لے آئیں

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    Aise bhi kya gunah meray aisi bhi kya sazaein ki gunahgaar ab kahin tu bhi na hojaye
    Ab baksh bhi de mujhe malik meray ye aazmaishen kahin ab meri be waqt maut na le aayen.

  • laiba_a 1w

    These eyes of mine,
    having cried oceans.
    Had wished for a soul
    in the world of bodies.

  • laiba_a 1w

    I asked the moon, on a dark night
    while it was hidden behind the cloudy sky
    nowhere to be seen.
    Oh moon!
    How do shine
    and light us up
    amidst the darkness we all fear.
    Ain't you tired yet,
    of these dark desolations?
    Moon whispered in my ears,
    my child!
    I've befriend the grey in a way
    it yearns for me and I long for it.
    It has fallen for me and I've fallen for it.
    It falls for you too
    did I ask you
    why do you yell at it?

  • laiba_a 2w

    I fear a life of forever
    I'll have to live
    carrying a heart
    overburdened by your deceits.
    A mind,
    blowed away by your memories.
    Hands that shall seek
    your existence strayed.
    Lips that shall wait
    for the lost essence of yours

  • laiba_a 4w

    میں بے سکون جی رہی ہوں، اس دل کو اطمینان دلا دو
    تمہیں محبت ہے ہمسے مان لیں اسکی کوئی وجہ بتا دو-

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    Main be sukoon jii rahi hun iss dil ko itmenaan dilaa do
    Tumhen muhabbat hai hamse maan len iski koi wajeh bata do.

  • laiba_a 4w

    I shall wait
    till we attain the same shapes
    once again.
    Till nothing remains in between
    you and me but just a space
    that allows me and us
    to breathe.
    Till distances no matter haunt,
    till the hearts conjoin.
    Till they both beat faster
    upon the thought of departure.
    Till we are us once again.
    Till the solace would be us
    and togetherness.
    Till the joys cross the limits.
    Till I get you back
    I miss us.

  • laiba_a 4w


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  • laiba_a 5w

    سپردِ خاک تب کر ہی تو رہے تھے ہم بھی اپنی ذات کو
    جب‌ ان بیگانی راہوں میں ہمیں سہارا ملا اک وجود کا
    وہ وجود جو اب معلوم پڑا ہے کہ محض گمان تھا ہمارا
    اب حقیقت بھی عیاں ہے اور کاٹنے کو اک عمر دراز بھی-

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    Supur-d-e khaak tab kar hi toh rahe they ham bhi apni zaat ko,
    Jab in begaani raahun main hamein sahaara mila ek wajood ka.
    Vo wajood jo ab maloom pada hai ki mehaz gumaan tha hamara,
    Ab haqeeqat bhi ayaan hai aur kaatne ko ik umr-e-daraaz bhi.