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  • laila_be_clearwater 3w

    Changing times

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    Changing directions
    Changing paths
    Innumerable influences
    From people that have crossed my path
    Have left me feeling
    A bit confused
    And out of place
    I feel lost and led astray
    How do I come back home?
    How do I come back home?
    To home Sweet Home
    To home Sweet home....

  • laila_be_clearwater 3w

    29yrs old

    Who am I?
    Am I the influence of my friends
    Am I the sadness of a breakup
    Am I the glitz and glamour
    Of fashion and make up
    Am I the anger of my mum
    And the distance of my dad
    Am I the stillness of a yogi ?
    Or should I enjoy the world like a bhogi..
    In the end, I'm gonna be sick and die like a rogi...
    Am I a boring job or a passionate art
    Am I the sway of my hormones
    Is destiny or desire in control
    Who am I?
    Fuck ! Fuck!
    Who am I?

  • laila_be_clearwater 6w

    When her needs are not met
    When other women are best
    When he's not direct
    He speaks in parables
    She's confused
    Is he genuine or just mean
    She doesn't seek closure
    She just leaves

  • laila_be_clearwater 10w

    We become different people than who we originally set out to be
    Shaped by situations, relationships and time


  • laila_be_clearwater 10w

    Rest in the stillness of your highest most evolved best self

    You need no one
    What you need is time and space

  • laila_be_clearwater 10w

    All a woman has is really truly only herself

    So take care of you

  • laila_be_clearwater 10w

    The only lesson in life is to learn the art of letting Go

    Of things, situations and people

  • laila_be_clearwater 10w

    The highest Order of Betrayal
    Is the one that happens
    Right under your nose

  • laila_be_clearwater 11w

    Could you understand my jealousy
    Or my pain
    Of having to see your profile
    Littered with women's names

    Women who follow me
    Woman who are my friends
    Are they really?
    Or just following the latest trends

    I wish I could open up
    And tell you I like you
    But sadly you turned out
    To be a player
    Just like all of the rest
    Just like all of the rest

  • laila_be_clearwater 13w

    Maybe things were supposed to break
    So you could find freedom again

    I ruined things