The only one I fallen in love with�� Imaginations and memories-my scrap.

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  • lalitha_l2 18h

    The thought in nerves,
    flowing like a blood,
    to accomplish the goal,
    On this day of next year!!

  • lalitha_l2 1d

    On the last night of my life,
    Can't sleep for a while,
    And busy in counting the members,
    For saying sorry to those,
    I hurted with my anger!!

  • lalitha_l2 1d

    Only my breath,
    Scaring my death!!

  • lalitha_l2 1d

    A poem of oceans,
    That leaded by my emotions.
    I really involved in nature's corruption,
    In grabbing you, by my devotion!!

    You are the only affection,
    Which saved my reflection.
    It's not the attention,
    The words prove its addiction!!

    You well understood my depressions,
    Even when, I didn't shown my expressions.
    Then only with your lovely conversations,
    My heart felt delighted with satisfaction!!

    You objected, my distractions,
    And strengthened my ambitions.
    You controlled my frustrations,
    And constantly gave an motivation!!

    Even many in opposition,
    You are by my side in any situation.
    Did any girl need, addition,
    More than this protection!!

    A girl of any reputation and recognition,
    Never lost a guy like you even in imagination.
    You are the only solution,
    For which my heart beating with sensation.❤️

  • lalitha_l2 1d

    He_How would you propose your guy??
    She_ Just want to step, along the road, which has no destination.
    He holds hand tightly.
    He_Then, shall we walk.

  • lalitha_l2 2d

    ఆకాశంలో ఉన్న నక్షత్రాలు,
    నిన్ను చూసి అసూయపడ్తున్నాయేమో,
    విశాలమైన దాన్ని ఇల్లు చల్లదనం కన్నా,
    ని లోతైన ప్రేమ సంద్రానికి బానిస అయ్యానని!!

    ప్రతి నిమిషం బయపడ్తుందేమో, నేను కోపడతానని,
    అందుకే ఈ క్షణంలో జ్ఞాపకాల్లా కొగిలిని పరిచయం చేస్తుందేమో!!
    నా మనసు కూడా కలవరపడుతుందేమో, ఇంకో అడుగు వేసేయాలనీ,
    నీతో ఆ ఏడు అడుగుల ఆనందం చాలదని!!

  • lalitha_l2 2d

    My ode of lyrics, for on going music,
    Has to sing by all, sing by all...
    My words of holic, are the toxic,
    Has to sing by all, sing by all...

    Just leave the panic, and form the mimic, for my music,
    Sing my song, sing my song...
    Just fall for my magic, in the beauty of music,
    Sing my song, sing my song...

    Even my lyrics, not an epics,
    But definitely, never against the ethics...
    It's my lyrics, just love its logic,
    And sing my song, sing my song...

    Never be a strategic of fabric,
    As you the hero of your heroic,
    Sing my song, sing my song...

    Never care the talks of critics,
    As you not living for the public,
    Just sing my song, sing my song...

    Never be an attribute of cosmetic,
    As you the holic of your lives,
    Just sing my song, sing my song...

    Just be a specific, and never be an dramatic,
    As you are the only one, in your lives,
    Just sing my song, sing my song...

  • lalitha_l2 3d

    Even you are the only one,
    Giving a caring warm,
    But I lost your taste,
    In illusion of stupid thoughts.

  • lalitha_l2 3d

    The life of support and the death of ignorance are only 2 points leading the whole world of many ships.

  • lalitha_l2 3d

    Unpublished episodes of hidden stories altering the content of characters!!