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  • lallitha 11w

    REAL or FAKE

    I did not know the definition of texting each other is just dropping a good night or good morning message when ever you feel bored or just when ever you desire.

    I did not know the definition of checking on a person is just calling one day out of a blue moon and done no response after that.

    I did not know the definition of friendship is just to share your problems and the other person as no role to play other then just hear them.

    I did not know the definition of respect is you fix with a decision and you expect others to follow it and not work upon it.

    I did not know the definition of care is just leaving a person off in the middle and not even bothered again.

    I did not know the definition of truth is hiding the main parts of a story and tell only the unimportant truth.

    I did not know the definition of love is to LEAVE A PERSON ALL ALONE when they need you the most.


  • lallitha 11w

    Day 3

      As water looks so peaceful at times, It can be bustling too. Mixed feeling reaching my heart at the same time. My heart skipped a beat. I thought my life on earth had just reached a end.

      Our memories flash through my mind. I wish you were there for me at my darkest hour, Just by my side doing nothing. I wish you had me rapped in your arms, the warmth of your body comforting me. I wish you just say all will be okay. I just wanted a warming touch and consoling words. All you said was I am a strong girl and I can deal things on my own.

      YES!!! I AM STRONG.. I know it. Time eventually heals everything or at least we act for the sick of people around us to be happy.  BUT just a person to be heard and a person who check on us always is what needed.

    Thinking about all this my heart didn't want a second chance. It just stopped.


  • lallitha 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Earth

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    Live, love, life

  • lallitha 11w

    I crave you

    Tears rolling down my eyes suddenly without any reason. My brain is striving for an answer.

    You.. You are the answer..

    Missing you has become my hobby.
    I miss you a little too much then usual.

    When I miss you I read our conversation. Smile like an idiot. Feel a bit relaxed.

    Feel as if you are beside me

    BUT nothing helps

    At last i miss you even more

    You are the most beautiful chapter of my life book.



  • lallitha 12w

    Day 2

    When days go by I thought time heals everything, but then just realized it is just a saying.

    Memories flashed through my mind, the days we spent happily ever after which now turns out to be never after. Did I love you so much that it chased you away from me? Or didn't I love you enough to stay with me?

    I loved you from the bottom of my heart which shattered into pieces, melted beyond recognition but still craves for you. There is a saying that " Love is setting a person free". I set you free. I am still stuck where you left me waiting to see you soon.


  • lallitha 12w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Insecure

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    insecurity kills you and your loved ones

  • lallitha 12w

    Day 1

      I spent my entire day 1 thinking of you. You left me in the middle of no where when I needed you the most. You ended things between us and we moved on as friends.

      You never checked up on me. I was devastated. I want a shoulder to cry on, a known and comfortable shoulder. I never had one. Dealing with things all alone is never easy. It is eating me up inside out.

    I had sleepless nights thinking about you. "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" a well said quote by Dr.Suess
    But it is all shattered as if it was a dream never come true.

    Is this a responsibility of a friend?


  • lallitha 31w

    Nothing Last..

    The ocean waves rush to me with happiness like a child when she sees a bunch of Chocolates.

    I felt the fresh smell of the ocean. I feel oneself again.

    I felt the love the ocean has on me as the waves touch my feet.

    BUT it did not last long

    As the waves left me all alone in the middle of my happiness, leaving nothing but loneliness.



  • lallitha 32w

    I can count on you

    To my dear friend, my best friend and my confidant

    You may be just a friend to me but I know I mean the world to you. You were my sole witness for all the tears I shed. You never misbehaved with me even when I acted crazy.

    Where have you been all this while? I wonder.

    I wanted no one around me during my sufferings but you didn't give up and were always there for me. I was like a soul without a life.....

    Your presence is a nepenthe for me.You are a altruist who always watch out for me.

    Thank you so much my friend. I promise I will always be there for you.


  • lallitha 33w

    Unspoken Words

    Once upon a time, there lived a young and a sweet girl named Oviya ( name changed). 
    Although she was born to an Indian family in Japan, they had to migrate to Malaysia when Oviya was 7 months old.

    Oviya had finished her class 10 in Malaysia when she had to return to Japan with her family to check on their grandparents health.

    Eventually Oviya had to join a school in Japan to finish her education. No school wanted to take Oviya as she came in the middle of the year and it might impact their school overall Performance, but with her uncle's influence she was able to get admission into a school only for girls.

    This is the time when her actual story began. She met arjun ( name changed). Wondering how she met a guy in a school only ment for girls?? Here is it..

    Asmitha (name changed) and Oviya were classmates. Despite their differences they became good friends. Arjun picks asmitha from school everyday. Oviya observed Arjun everyday. Initially oviya thought they both are siblings. Later oviya got to know they are childhood friends.

    Asmitha introduced Arjun to oviya. There is a saying, " first impression is the best impression". Arjun was surprised to see how tall is oviya. Looking at all this, oviya had a blank expression. They started meeting everyday and became very good friends. Untill one day.

    Nila ( name changed) entered arjun's life. Arjun shared his reason of happiness, nila, with oviya first. Oviya has friendly with nila, however, Nila hated the bond between Oviya and Arjun. It was a tough time for Arjun as both, nila and oviya play a vital role in his life and he could not afford to lose one of the either.

    Arjun and Oviya had always shared a perfect bonding that nobody could understand. Arjun started to avoid Oviya whenever Nila was around. Oviya Observed this a couple of times and understood the situation. She left her friend happily. If Oviya ever met Arjun they have a lot to talk, Their eyes do the talking but their mouth is sealed.