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  • larise 13w


    It's a girl
    I saw her hands moving above the water
    Only her hands
    I reached out but I couldn't
    Didn't saw her face
    Just wanted to know how she looks
    Happy, sad, angry, hopeless, black, white
    Or like me
    Oh, no! I can't see her hands now
    Why? Underwater? Drowned?
    But who knows
    Was it her or me, who

  • larise 13w


    Hey, I am waiting..
    I know the path is long and hard
    But I will wait.
    Hey, I am waiting
    I know it's tiring and boring
    But I will wait.
    Hey, I waited long
    I am leaving
    Now, meet me in the clouds
    And I will still wait.

  • larise 17w


    It was late when I realized that it was my head