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  • laughing_soul 2h

    A Window to my Soul

    And when you read my words
    you become a part of my world,
    you take back a little of my heart,
    for my Poems are nothing but
    a window to my Soul,
    a reflection of my thoughts,
    along my life's path..

  • laughing_soul 7h

    #adoption #soul #life #thought #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee

    I would say this even for pets..
    Don't buy...Adopt.. ❤

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    Without a second thought Adopt..
    Adopt a child especially a girl
    rather than giving birth..

    Give life to a soul longing for love,
    Love deprived are many,
    not knowing what's a family,

    And only a few are blessed
    with this supernal gift to adopt
    'cause it's not easy
    all inhibitions to abort..

    So never think
    you are any less
    if your body couldn't
    produce life
    for you're an Angel
    chosen for a purpose higher
    Blissful and divine..

  • laughing_soul 1d

    I'm dedicating my day today to reading all the Loving wishes for me on Birthday since I was in a no network resort for 2 days.�� Yes I had fun ���� and I'm so emotional seeing all the love.. Loveeee you my precious ones ♥️ ��

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  • laughing_soul 3d

    #Alphopp #Birthday #Gratitude #Loveis #Alphopp
    @writersnetwork ty for your precious time and guidance.. ❤
    @writers_paradise Thanks again Alankrita for Mirakee ❄️��❄️

    Love is not so simple.. It is feeling blessed with someone's presence in your life and it is accepting the person despite their cracks for aren't we all broken from somewhere. ��

    I have my flaws and I have received so much Love from each one of you that I have nothing to ask for but only give thanks to the Almighty and to you, each one of you.. Thank You Thank You Thank You��... Please keep loving me forever ����������
    I Love My Friends, my @mirakee family .. So Blessed ♥️��♥️�� and Yeah Happy Birthday to me �� ��

    P. S. I won't be around till Sunday late evening..

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    Bring in
    Blissful moments reminding
    Being loved is most important
    Blessed I'm feeling, Thank You..❤

  • laughing_soul 4d

    Healing Pearls divine..

    You told me not to cry
    Hide my scars or I'll never fly
    Oh how you lied..

    Every night as I soak the darkness
    with my stardust sighs
    a little of my aching heart I leave behind..

    A Gypsy soul, I know I'll survive
    And when my void echoes back a rhyme
    from a far away beloved singing in a Moonlit night
    My winter greys I shall paint again
    as beautiful Lavender poetries of my life..

  • laughing_soul 4d

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #mirakee

    Gd morning �� and a Beautiful Friday my Frenz ������������������ Keep smiling :) Cheers ☕

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    Every morning God paints you
    the most beautiful portrait,
    only if you'd look at the sky.
    And with the setting sun
    He turns his canvas into a Masterpiece
    with hues blushing shy.

    The day and nights are Poetry by nature well defined...

  • laughing_soul 4d

    #image #lifelessons #parasites #pod
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    "Its ok to fall in pot holes once a while for that's how you'll learn whom to avoid.."

    Life lessons I'm trying to learn...
    © Laughing_soul

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    Not every open arm
    is a gesture of a loving soul
    Not every shadow
    a friend you should closely hold.

    Avoid puddles with silhouettes stark,
    parasites who value not your heart.

    for all you'll be left with my friend
    indelible stains and bleeding scars..

  • laughing_soul 5d

    Reflection of my nude soul trying to embrace me at my weakest moments and all I do is ignore..
    Ignore the vulnerable me,
    Ignore my forlorn heart.

    I dress it up with trivial stars
    but the darkness dwelling in me bares it all and all I do is ignore..
    Ignore those scars
    Ignore my forlorn heart.

    I shy from glancing at my raw nakedness
    But staring at the shadows of past
    I have no qualms and all I do is ignore
    Ignore its love..
    Ignore the warmth..

    An image unclad with clothes is not so harsh as your own afflicted soul with open arms, only if we'd let go the confines of doleful walls..

  • laughing_soul 5d

    #Alphopp #Hindi_Alphopp #Hindiwriters
    #ख्वाब #हकीकत

    शुभ रात्रि Šweet Dreams Frenz ��

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    ख्वाहिशें सारी
    खोखली थीं शायद
    खो गईं जैसे ही
    खड़ा सामने हकीकत को पाया..

    हैरान है
    होकर रुबरु मेरे
    हौसले से कैसे मैंने
    हर ख्वाब सजा रखा है..

  • laughing_soul 5d

    छन छन के खामियां ढूँढते हैं मुझ में
    वो जो ख़ुद को ख़ुदा समझ बैठे हैं कंकर के ढेर में..