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  • laughy 10w

    A Part of You

    I thought I have found,
    The perfect lips that I would love.
    I once wished to have,
    Whatever words it would sound.

    But the souls never glowed
    And the moon never shined.
    Shooting stars never passed,
    Because we are the one,

    Who's moving through time.
    Leaving lights hanging in the sky,
    That have been patiently waited
    By someone passing by.

    The silent screams
    Were frozen into the spine.
    And the flood of tears
    Streams down, deep in your eyes

    You might not be the one
    That I will be with, until dawn.
    But a part of you will forever be mine.
    Because you'll be in my prayers,
    Until the end of time.

  • laughy 11w

    Moving Forward

    Sometimes, I find myself looking for you.
    Thinking what was real and what wasnt true.
    But then I pull myself back
    Trying to neglect all the clue.
    And look to the things that I found
    While tying to pursue you.

  • laughy 11w

    A Good Omen

    Im just a passerby
    Fascinated by the beauty of sky
    Then here you are, a shooting star
    Traveling from way so far
    Im not waiting for something like you
    I never know what you can do
    But as you captured my eyes
    You dragged me with surprise
    Perhaps i have nothing to lose
    If I seek the magic you can produce
    So i took a breath and made a sigh
    As i opened my mind and closed my eyes
    I whispered exactly what i desire
    I dont want you to make my dreams come true
    I just want to be ablaze with you
    In a galaxy full of surprise
    A wandering star
    Dragged into my life
    And shed a light
    During my darkest night.

  • laughy 11w


    Please come back
    My moon
    Show me again
    How do I love
    Even youre not full

  • laughy 27w

    Keep your head up
    Your feet on the ground
    Your hands open
    And look the world directly to the eyes

  • laughy 27w


    It hurts, when people leave us without knowing why.
    But how about the one who knows the reason and still have nothing to do, but to watch them leave.

  • laughy 94w

    Im TIRED of being RELAXED

  • laughy 96w

    In your name, we trust
    In the hope of rising again
    In your love, your will
    Be done

  • laughy 97w

    Everyone wants to go to heaven
    But nobody dares to come first

  • laughy 97w

    Knowing the truth, hurts me.
    But having the truth that you can do nothing about it,
    It kills me.